Not Such A Tough Choice, After All

The latest attack ad by Obamas crew says that John McCain is too old and out of touch to be our president because he can’t use a computer.

It is true that he cannot use a computer.

He can’t because he can’t even raise his arms high enough to comb his hair, because of the injuries he received as a result of his war wounds and years of being tortured at the hands of the Vietnamese.

He can type and does when it’s necessary, but doing so is painful and repetitive exercise involving his arms is painful, and he avoids it when he can. Naturally.

Obama, who approved that message, knows full well the reason why McCain never learned to use a computer, but he’d rather lie about it if it can make John McCain look bad. It’s simply not possible, with all the vetting and research that both parties do on each others people, that Hussein doesn’t know this.

The only person this makes look bad is Barack Hussein Liar Obama. Not that he needed more help. This is the man who equivocated all over the carpet when he was asked if he would try to conquer evil if he were president by pastor Rick Warren, in their now-famous TV interview, and ultimately stated that evil can never be defeated. That’s not the view I want my president to have. John McCain was far more direct and straightforward in all his answers, including his one to this question, when he stated that yes, we can and must defeat it.

Of course there will always be evil in the world. This is exactly why the fight against it must always continue. Evil can be defeated. Certainly. More will arise. Certainly. Then that must be defeated. If we just say, “Oh well, it’s a losing battle”, and give up, our civilization will revert to chaos.

The primary source of evil in the world today is Islamic terrorism, designed to spread the blood and death worshipping cult of Islam, and it is being spread, right here in America, by Saudi financed mosques. McCain is out to fight it. Obama wants to sit down and talk with it and work together with it and he said so right out in his interview with Bill O’Reilly.

You have a choice to make on Election Day. Remember that evil speaks with a facile and oily tongue and ask yourself which of the two candidates that most describes.

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4 Responses to “Not Such A Tough Choice, After All”

  1. monkey says:

    This just goes to show what kind of man he is, to make fun out of peoples disabilities and even worse war vetrans.
    Islam is slowly taking over britain with there latest move to sanction there sharia law, unfortunatly this has been aproved. If you want to see what will happen to your country when Obomber takes over just look at our country because its spiralling out of control.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I’ve also been aware of micro-expressions for many years. I first noticed that they tell what people are actually thinking, as often opposed to what they’re saying, about 23 years ago, and it was a revelation! It’s pretty amazing, too, that we either don’t notice or else simply ignore this rapid play of facial muscles, but the fact is, our faces change in time with our thoughts regardless of the expression we’re trying to project.

  3. monkey says:

    Obomber has a face you wouldnt trust full stop!