Here it comes… ( I told ya so )

BHObama has taken a hard line against Israel over the expansion of existing Israeli settlements in Palestine and East Jerusalem, demanding an utter and total halt to any new construction whatever.

He’s doing this as part of his stage setting for his upcoming speech to Muslims in Egypt, which is fully expected by all to be one of reconciliation toward the Muslims.

In the first place, America owes no apologies of any sort to Muslims or the world of Islam or the Arabs. They owe huge apologies to us and all others they’ve been harming with their acts of terrorism and mayhem in the goal of forcing us all to kneel to Islam. If our president is going to be making any speeches to the Arabs it should be without any regard to their religion. Treating a religion as if it were a nation is rediculous. If they choose to be Fascistic and exclude any other religion but their own, we should choose to wall them off from the rest of the Free World and let them fester in peace, not speak to their horrible and evil religion as if it was an equal.

We can buy either buy their oil without having to take part in their politics, and we can stop buying their oil by promoting the variety of existing alternative technologies we have now. We can also stop legislating that auto makers produce cars sometime in the next 20 years to use slightly less fuel, and go back to the 40 mpg cars we had in the 1980’s that the Big Bucks Oil People forced out of production. Aren’t you tired of the charade? I am. As for the Arabs, stop buying their oil and there goes all that nice money for sponsoring terrorism and the takeover of the world by Islamists.

What BHusseinO wants Israel to do by demanding the cessation of expansion, is to cease to exist. The expansions are slowly forcing out the Arab Muslims from a declared Jewish state, and forcing them out of East Jerusalem. This infuriates the Arabs as the whole point of settling there was to force out the Jews. Now BHO is siding with the Arabs, who already have all the rest of the Middle East tied up in all-Muslim states. If they can force their religion on such a huge area, and that’s okay, why isn’t it okay for the Jews to have one tiny little Jewish state?

Why? Because the Arabs want it all, and they hate Jews, and Obama is on the side of the Arabs and the Jews are accepting this fact. Watch for it, all this is going to spill over when he gives his Mmmm kissy love love speech to the Muslims. Is anyone a bookie? Because I want to place a grand on Obama saying something bad about Israel to the Arabs during his little speech.

Israel is either going to make a clean break with the Obama administration after this, or Obama is going to find himself cornered like the sleazy little rat he is, and back down from his Israel position. Because with or without the U.S., Israel is going to attack Iran. They have zero choice. They have to or be wiped out. But what ‘Bama will do first is dump all sorts of sanctions on Israel for ignoring his truly assine and arrogant orders to self-destruct, and cause an enormous rift not just in American politics but global politics.

Obama comes on as a man of peace, but so do the Muslims, and we all know what a canard that is. His entire presidency rests not on Universal Health Care or The Environment. It rests totally on his relationship with Israel and what he does to destroy that relationship and our one island of friendship in an otherwise totally hostile Middle East. Israel is the one force that keeps all those Arabs from going to war with each other and one nation from coming out on top, which would then be an oil tyrant far, far worse than OPEC can ever be. In the process of their wars, there would be ecological disaster on an unprecedented scale, something we got a real good taste of during the Gulf War when Iraq set all Kuwaits oil wells on fire and oil was running in rivers into the Atlantic as enormous clouds of black toxic smoke filled our skies.

It’s funny. All this is so clear, all the facts are out there for anyone to look up and read, yet people still voted him in, they still approve of what he’s doing, I still get comments that I’m being too harsh on him or that maybe something positive this or something positive blue sky that. No. Sorry but no. Obama is a disaster for the world and he’s happening now.

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