Fooled me… Almost

UPDATE… It’s looking like I was right but not in the way I expected. Obama’s dumping on Israel came in the form of re-writing history. He referred to the displaced Palestinians as being the result of Israeli aggression when in fact those people were asked to leave Palestine voluntarily by the 5 nations of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria to make room for their invading armies. It was the Arab Muslims own attempt to wipe out the brand new little state of Israel in 1948 that caused the Palestinian problem, and they got their asses handed to them by tiny little Israel.

No doubt they don’t like to be reminded of that and were very happy to hear our shameless president twist history in their favor. The Israeli Jews, however, are variously described as being “upset” to being “in shock” over this, from our president. He also repeated his impossible demand that they stop all new housing construction.

I had to dig for this info as our media isn’t reporting it. Even though Obama keeps calling Israel our friend and ally, he in fact is steadily undermiining them as a nation and setting them up for attack from their enemies, and they know it.

Obama’s Cairo speech was filled with glowing words and lofty oratory and pretty much said nothing at all, as far as I can find out. He reiterated his demand that Israel stop new construction in their settlements, something that will never happen, and called Holocaust denial “ignorant”, but otherwise walked very much the middle road. It was a speech of appeasement to Arab Muslims and Israeli Jews alike and not the sellout of Israel that I’d genuinely expected.

I find it impossible to trust this man, considering the enormous mass of lies he told during the election campaign and all of his dark, nefarious, criminal-type friends, entirely besides the fact that he’s a Left-Wing Liberal. It is beginning to look, though, like he will prove ineffectual as a world leader who can bring about any sort of significant change other than economically.

Leaders who effect change are militant and aggressive. The conciliatory appeasers only make it easier for the aggressive ones to carry out their plans, as exampled by Hitler versus Chamberlain.

So it looks so far that I was wrong on this one unless some specific phrase comes to light later that our media hasn’t revealed so far. I didn’t stay up for the speech.

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