It’s Not Racism That Bothers Me…

It’s the double standard. When blacks attack whites, racism wasn’t involved. It certainly was when a black gets attacked by one or more whites, however.

My last two posts have been about that nasty little racist professor, one Gates, Jr. and how he’s abused this double standard in defending his horrible behavior. By doing so, as a prominent black person, he demeans all black people with his craven posture.

Far too many prominent blacks have been up on their soap boxes whining and crying about the awful, racist whites every time some black runs afoul of the law. They play the Race Card at every possible opportunity and ignore the constant racist attacks by blacks on white people. Moreover, so does our media. Absolutely none of our media is willing to step up and say it like it is, that black people are far more racist and hateful toward other races, than any other race is.

Blacks are also far more violent. It is a plain fact that blacks commit 51% of all murders committed yearly in the United States, yet blacks are only 13% of the total population. Blacks commit most of the drug crimes, the majority of political corruption crimes, most of the robberies and most of all other forms of crime, than any other race, yet are only 13% of the population.

Then, when they’re caught at it, many of them cry “Racism, racism.” 

Orientals of all sorts don’t do this. Whites don’t do this. Hispanics are starting to, being the second largest single group of lawbreakers in the United States, being primarily Illegal Aliens, and second only to blacks in violent behavior.

Racism is reasonable. We learn to dislike those of another race entirely because of the way they behave around us, the same as we learn to like others. If the majority of blacks were clean living instead of trashy, lived honest lives and respected others, avoided drugs and violent behavior, other races would find them much more acceptable. The same is true of the Illegal Alien Hispanics. If they didn’t all join gangs and do drive-by shootings and rape underage girls and push drugs and trash neighborhoods, which they do, the rest of us who don’t would find them a lot more acceptable too.

What the slang terms are for racist Hispanics and Orientals, I don’t know, but no doubt there are a few. White people who foam at the mouth about blacks, Jews and other races simply because they’re full of hate, are Crackers. Black people who preach hatred of whites, Jews and other races are Niggers. Obama’s preacher of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, is a nigger. Obama is a nigger. David Duke is a cracker. They’re all in the same foul, scummy pool.

The difference is that the prominent white racists are only a few now and seldom heard from, while the black racists are swarming out of every crack and cranny. Black racists like Al Sharpton and Lewis Farrakhan, Angela Davis, and Sister Souljah, our very own outspokenly black racist President, openly racist media like Black Entertainment Television… Can you imagine the outcry if there was a White Entertainment Television?

The more I interact with black people, while shopping or whatever, the more bad experiences I have with them and the less I want to. The same applies to Hispanics, who, like the blacks, give me snotty looks and curt, rude responses. Being nice to these people just convinces them that you’re soft and an easy target.

There’s a reason why people of different races prefer to live separately from each other. We don’t play well together. Black people have always wanted to move into white neighborhoods, just as Hispanics do, also, and you know why? Not because they prefer the company of whites. Far from it. They’re SCARED! They want to live in white neighborhoods BECAUSE THEY’RE SAFER! White neighborhoods have very low crime rates, black and Hispanic ones have very HIGH crime rates. So in they move, and pretty soon the white neighborhood is a mess of trashy homes, drug crimes, violent crimes, robberies, rapes, murders…

Racism is valid. Blacks are right, whites don’t want them around, and for damned good reason. Hispanics don’t want blacks around, either, only their way of dealing with it is to kill the blacks. Orientals don’t want to be around any of us, and form exclusive enclaves to insure that.

Racial hatred is stupid and unthinking. There’s good ones and bad ones in all races, the primary difference is in the level of social evolution. Some of us are less violent and more capable of living peaceably with others, regardless of our race. Unfortunately, some races are, taken as a whole, more violent and less civilized than others. Maintaining a separation from them is definitely racist and the intelligent, reasonable thing to do. It isn’t racial hatred to want to be with your own kind.

The way California and New Mexico are being taken over by Mexicans, I fully expect to see those states doing battle with Federal forces sometime in the future, over attempts to secede from the Union and become states of Mexico. If we’re going to allow tens of millions of Mexicans to dominate the populations of those states, then we should expect to lose them entirely. And once the precedent is set, there goes the nation, state by state.

Liberalism is Double Standards. Take from the rich, who earned it, and give it to the poor, who didn’t. Take away the rights of white people and expand the rights of non-whites. Diminish the rights of citizens and give rights to non-citizens. Decrease the rights of our military and increase the rights of enemy combatants. All this is happening now and all of it is contributing to the destruction of America.

The double standard of race is a symptom of the disease of distruction.

2 Responses to “It’s Not Racism That Bothers Me…”

  1. thud says:

    Like you, my many dealings with black people have been unenjoyable….best for both sides we do not meet.


    Wow…you wrote that blacks committ the majority of the crimes in the US…ummm lets see… Who kidnapps more children? Whites. Who are the serial killers? Whites. The pedophiles, child molesters? Whites. The people who are having incestious relationships? Whites. I am astonished that you think that most blacks live in unclean, trashy environments in poor areas..there are more whites on welfare and in trailer parks than blacks in the “hood”. You really need to check your any city where there is a sufficient black population and look at the demographics about who is living below the proverty certainly isnt all black. Yes, we have a BET, yes we have the ability to speak publicly about racism becuase for most of the US’s history, we werent able to do so, so its in due time that we are heard. You say you have all bad experiences with blacks, well I guess then you must have met every single black person in the world in order for you to say the things you’ve stated above. You seem to be the ignorant one. Blacks dont want to move into White neighborhoods, they want to move UP into better areas than where they may have come from, just like any other race, so to think that whites are just so great that blacks just need to be near them..not the case. It just happens that white america is given every opportunity in the world to better themselves that blacks have to fight for. Trust me, if we were allotted those same opportunities to improve our on neighborhoods, we would gladly stay.
    I am from a black city and currently live in a predominantly white city and I can tell you that their are many more racist, ignorant whites that I encountered than any other nationality. You stated that blacks are drug dealers and users..please I live in an area that is considerably wealthy with an 92% white population and the things that these rich white kids and teens do are beyond anything I have seen, heard, or imagined growing up in a predominantly black city. They are all addicted to coke, heroine, meth, and all sorts of drugs at ages as early as 12 or 13..this is not happening in the black community. Blacks sale the drugs that whites import into the country, so the biggest drug dealers are actually white, not blacks.
    It does not suprise me that whites dont like blacks. You all dont like each other. Rich whites dont like poor whites, city whites dont like rural whites, educated whites dont like uneducated whites, successful whites dont like unsuccessful whites and so. However, whites like what blacks have, which is why there are so many white women having lip injections, but implants, and taning like crazy. Every invention that a black created, a white stole from him..denim, enigne combusters, street name it. This country was built on the backs of blacks becuase europeans white were too damn lazy to do it themselves. So dont give me that crap about how blacks are drug dealing, lazy, and dirty…we are the epitome of strength and courage as shown in our nation’s history.