It’s now coming out, thanks to Fox News anchor Glenn Beck, that the so-called Universal Health Care that Obama is trying so hard to jam down our throats is actually part of his plan to give blacks the reparations they’ve been after for years, for the slavery of centuries past.

Obama has admitted that health care “reform” would disproportionately help minorities, since a lot of blacks have no health insurance. At the same time, his health care bill provides that blacks get money for tuition to become doctors over other races and that black doctors will treat black patients. This is more than just Affirmative Action, this is racism at its worst.

In 2004 Obama wrote, “I fear that reparations would be an excuse for some to say we’ve paid our debt and then avoid the much harder work.” What harder work, you ask? The harder work of taxing the rich white people to pay for benefits for poor black people, the much harder work of turning America into a socialist state that favors blacks. Obama was against the reparations bill because he felt it didn’t go far enough. He wants to turn the entire country over to blacks.

Quoth Glenn Beck: “Barack Obama is setting up universal healthcare, universal college, green jobs as stealth reparations.” Why does he say Green Jobs? Because Obama’s Green Jobs Czar is a BLACK COMMUNIST AND ANARCHIST named Van Jones. Part of Obamas plan is to create millions of “green” jobs, and this Negro Communist would be the dictator of who gets those jobs. Guess who. Blacks. More reparations.

Many of Obamas “Czars” have dubious credentials and troubling backgrounds and all are carefully selected to carry out his plans to hand the reins of America over to our 13% minority population of blacks.

We’ve all seen what happens when blacks take over a neighborhood. Can you imagine what America will look like if they take over the whole country? Back in the 60’s when Affirmative Action was passed, the Federally-run Small Business Administration was directed to favor blacks in making business loans. In just one example, Atlantic Ave. in Long Beach, CA, a lot of blacks were given loans to buy existing businesses. The blacks took the funds designated for purchasing inventory and spent it on cars, jewelry and partying, while selling off the existing inventory of the stores they bought, and not replacing it. Inside of 6 months, Atlantic Ave., once a thriving white business district, was entirely boarded up and shut down. They did the same thing in Portland, OR and all up and down the West Coast, and caused massive financial hardship to many honest merchants whose business districts were devastated by this.

Now imagine all of America in the hands of blacks.

White people created this nation. The first blacks may have come here as slaves but their great and great-great grandchildren can thank their lucky stars they did, as they would otherwise have been born in Africa, perhaps be starving to death now or dying of aids, or living in squalor with flies crawling all over them. Instead of demanding payment for the supposed suffering of some ancestor, they should be praising America for giving them a home instead of shipping them all back to Africa to die.

360,000 Union soldiers did in fact give their lives to end slavery in America. I see media commentary belittling this, as if it doesn’t matter. It damn well does. That was the turning point for America, when our true course was really set, for Freedom for all.

That war didn’t end hatred of some whites for blacks or of blacks for whites, and wasn’t intended to. It was a war to right a wrong and it did do that. Only a brainless liberal asshole would say that it doesn’t count. Those people, back then, PAID the debt they owed, with their blood. I personally have never owned a slave and I’ve never met a slave. This means I owe no black anything and no black is owed anything. Reparation claims are for racist, white-hating assholes.

Glenn Beck has it exactly right.

2 Responses to “Health Care? NO! REPARATIONS!”

  1. xoggoth says:

    If he does go the route of affirmative action he really will be doing blacks no favours, they need to see his success as a sign that they can succeed and go for it.

    If he goes the route of a welfare state with universal health care he will be doing nobody any favours. Incentive is not just about the able succeeding but the less able failing. While most are happy enough to subsidise those who make a reasonable effort comensurate with their ability or lack of, the experience in the EU, and especially the UK is that only need is assessed and effort is not required.

    Even the archetypal lefty Karl Marx had more sense. “From each according to his ability” I don’t think the USSR had much time for welfare scroungers either.

  2. In Brazil, the Lefties are trying the same thing. the same fucking shit. Since 2003.

    Obama is the American Lula. And USA is turning an North Brazil. Sorry.