Robert Rosas, a three-year agency veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol was fatally shot while pursuing a bunch of illegal aliens in a remote valley about 60 miles east of San Diego, triggering a manhunt by federal, state and Mexican authorities, Homeland Security officials said Friday.

Rosas was responding to an invasion Thursday night just inside the steel border fence when one or more motherless Mexican filth opened fire, authorities said. He died at the scene.

This was the first Border Patrol agent to die like this in over 10 years and he wouldn’t have if our Border Patrol had more, a lot more, agents and equipment to deal with the lousy fucking Mexicans. We need to set up armed patrols and instruct them to fire immediately upon any person or vehicle that attempts to evade them, and to kill on sight anyone seen sneaking over our border. We need to declare WAR.

Southern California is a filthy ghetto from end to end now, crawling with crime and drugs and violence, and all because of all the shitty Mexicans who come in and live in drainpipes and under bridges and behind Safeway and anywhere they can. They shit where they live and don’t wipe their asses. The Mexicans coming here now are filthy scum, the dregs of the earth. All the decent ones here, who were given educations and taught morals and cleanliness as they grew up, came here a long time ago and became American citizens. What we’re getting now and have been for the last 10 years are the ignorant, illiterate, immoral, filthy pigs who never saw a flush toilet in their lives.

These are the people both Bush and Obama and most of the rest of our traitorous politicians have blatantly left the gates open to. We need to give them all a free years vacation in Mexico. It might seem nice for the first week, until they start getting attacked on the streets, kidnapped for ransom, beheaded by drug gangs, raped, sodomized, spit on, mugged, jailed for no reason, cheated, overcharged and shortchanged.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If we exercised our sovereign right to repel invaders, and started shooting dead anyone sneaking illegally across our borders, it probably wouldn’t take more than 3 dead Mexicans to, if not stop the flow, reduce it to the barest of trickles. If they know that they’ll be killed trying to cross, they won’t try to cross. We have the right to do it, why in the fuck aren’t we doing it?

Oct. 23, 2010: Notice— Any comment referring to “Mexican” as a race instead of a nationality will be deleted.

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  1. Natsuru says:

    Even though I am a pretty proud democrat, I can’t stand mexicans anymore

    Anyone who disagrees with this needs to go work retail in a southern state for just a week

    If one more of those little fuckers looks at me funny while swiping a goddamn food stamp card that they don’t even deserve, i’m going to choke them the fuck out

    Seriously mexicans, why on earth do you think you can intimidate people by looking at them like complete fucking retards? I swear to shit, the fact that all of you are 5 feet tall makes it even better to a gigantic fucking aryan like myself

    Also, turn off that fucking mariachi music. A lot of people hate blacks in this country, but honestly, they aren’t even remotely as bad as you people. At least they will fight fair most of the time, and won’t recruit all 14 of their cousins to jump innocent people.

    Seriously mexicans, plz go

  2. Danny says:

    Now you all should stop being racist, mexicans are a race. And anyone who cant see that, needs to go back to 1st grade to learn that “EVERYONE is the same!”

  3. Black Sheep says:

    Why, absolutely, and that includes the Japanese, Chinese, European whites, Spanish whites and everyone who lives in Mexico. They’re all the same race. Everyone is the same, we all murder each other in drug wars, we all enter other countries illegally, why Hell, everyone knows THAT.

    Righto, Danny, got another good one? Maybe it will take more sarcasm like that to get the half-breed Aztec types to stop lumping in all their countrymen, you think?

  4. noname says:

    Not racist
    But mexicans are hypocrites they act like their better then everyone when the come from a fucked up country, every fucking race has flaws so dont act like your shit dont stink
    Coming from a proud american

  5. Black Sheep says:

    What is it with so many people, like the person above, who just can’t understand that Mexico is a country with as much racial diversity as the U.S.A.?

    “Mexican” is a NATIONALITY. I understand that who they’re really referring to are the Indian-Spaniard types and the straight-out Mayan or Aztec or whatever descendants, because they’re mostly the ones who can’t even use a flush toilet properly, but it’s the apish national attitude of all Mexicans that this post refers to.

  6. juan, two, three says:

    Another wimp bitching about some mexicans looking at him at some store. what a fag

    Half of the US was mexican territory that the US stole from us. We’re taking back whats ours and there’s nothing you can do anything about it. Stop selling guns and consuming drugs before bitching about killings and drug cartels and shit. because that’s whats supporting drug cartels in mexico. thanks to your guns and junkie asses.

    We’re going recruit all our cousins and take over this country full of wimpy ass mother fuckers

  7. Black Sheep says:

    Another suckass Mexican, not that we needed further verification from you.

  8. Larry Miller says:

    Actually, every politician who ever advocated freebies to Mexican illegals is guilty of treason. They get no pass simply because they were voted into office. Treason can be committed by anyone including politicians. There was a time in the not too decent past, when the law abiding majority of this country would not tolerate treason. Treason was and remains a capital offense against the United States. Death by hanging is the only appropriate punishment for anyone who advocates illegal immigration for Mexican border jumping illegals in my opinion.

  9. Carlos U says:

    “Most”? Gee, thanks, motherfucker, your racism sure was invalidated when you implied that a couple of mexicans you met aren’t total white-killing shit. Makes me feel REAL good about every other state that isn’t Southern California.

    Let’s see here…they “don’t wipe their asses”. Seriously, that’s some nit-picking. I’m sure there’s some naked-ass african over at the wilderness that at least has some leaves at hand. If mexicans are such savages, how come you’re worse than Gargamel at catching grinning, skittish people?

    Seriously, it’s all part of a cycle. It’s give or take: Mexico GIVES you easily accesible and affordable drugs. In exchange, Mexico is in a rut thanks to all the corruption and crime that makes that possible. So, mexicans TAKE jobs and resources that they can’t get in Mexico.

    So, why don’t you try something new? Instead of trying something stupid and ignorant and inhuman, like, say, SHOOTING POOR PEOPLE ON SIGHT, why don’t all of you stop taking so much drugs, like, just stop completely. Forget about the inmigration problem, move every resource to stopping illegal drug consumption. Mexican drug dealers are out of a job, corrupt politicians get exposed, and Mexico finally has some bearing to try again without all that corruption.

    What’s that? You DON’T want to quit drugs? Can’t blame ya. Hey, at least you’ll always have the internet to complain about your impotence at all the scary people outside.

  10. Black Sheep says:

    Ahh. It is the fault of Americans who become addicted to drugs that Mexico is in such a terrible state. NOW I understand. Why did I not see that before? Oh, those poor, maligned Mexicans.

    Isn’t that strange? Here I always thought that breaking the laws of other countries was wrong and all this time it was just me. My excuse is that I didn’t know that Mexicans have the right to invade our country, commit violent crimes, push drugs, and wreck our economy.

    How could I have been so mistaken?

  11. Carlos U says:

    Mexicans don’t have the excuse to break the law, national or otherwise. I never even implied that this was the case. My point was that sociological events made the reality that we live in today, and that the only remedy (by “remedy” I mean the scary, poop slinging mexicans going away for good) is an event of an equal magnitude (the “solution” I proposed on my previous comment).

    Other than that, you might want to know that a sarcastic response does not make a good argument. My favorite hobby is discussing with racist bloggers because you at least have enough of a semblance of a point to dedicate your time to make a whole blog dedicated to racist shit. If you’re gonna throw a temper tanthrum and repeat everything I say, then I might as well take my stuff and go away, since you evidently only made this page to hear your own words echo in the form of ignorant commenters.

  12. Black Sheep says:

    I’m going to make an exception in your case and not delete your comment for playing the race card. You seem to be somewhat, at least, capable of comprehending what you read but you apparently cannot comprehend my repeated statements that Mexican is not a race. It’s a nationality, and this is about the crappy attitude of Mexicans, and not whether they are Hispanic, Native American, Oriental or whatever.

    If your “favorite hobby” is harassing racist bloggers, you don’t belong here. This isn’t about race. You need to go be racist with other racists like yourself, and you clearly are one since you insist on attempting to inject a racial issue into the discussion.

    For all who are too stupid to understand, let me say this s l o w l y….

    Mexican is not a race. Go there and look around. Lots of white people. Lots of Hispanics. Lots of Native American and a smattering of Orientals. Mexico is a nation. Mexican is a nationality, and this is about the ATTITUDE OF MEXICANS.

    Carlos U, you try to come across as an intelligent and erudite speaker but you only succeed in proving that you’re one of the dumbest sons of bitches to ever comment here. Get honest or get out. As for your point, it’s asinine. The problem isn’t sociological and never was. It’s political. It’s the result of corrupt politicians on both sides of the border and for no other reason, and your “solution” is equally dumb. “All the drug addicts will now stop using drugs. Thank you for complying. Now Mexico will stop being corrupt and become a wonderful democracy where everyone is happy and prospering.”

    What drug are YOU on?

  13. spam, spam, spam, more spam says:

    in America, we speak this thing called English. I can’t tell you how many times a Mexican and all 900 of their siblings have tried to tell me something in some bullshit language. If you want to live here in America, learn our fucking language at least. You’re obviously not just on vacation if you are living in the trash in my front yard. I will never condescend someone who has no control of their problems but 99% of Mexicans have no clue what they’re doing smoking crack while the biggest kid watches all 900 of his siblings shit on our lawns and piss on our country.

  14. spam, spam, spam, more spam says:

    @juan two three

    yes, we stole your land because in our country we can blow any stoned mexican’s brains out so checkmate jackass

  15. Mike says:

    Within the last couple years I’ve been especially more hateful with Mexicans, the thing is I’m not prejudice against Hispanics in general, just Mexicans. Even many other Hispanics dislike Mexicans, because they’re just low, ignorant, stupid, ungrateful, manipulative pieces of shit that no one gives a fuck about. I can’t even stand the way they speak Spanish, they butchered a beautiful language with their god awful annoying loud voices and accents. Not to mention every Mexican I’ve given trust to has been nothing but dirty backstabbers and you really can’t trust them. Mexico has great soil and great land you can make a paradise out of, yet Mexico is a fucking wreck, why? It’s ran by stupid fucking Mexicans

  16. New Zealand says:

    I am a kiwi a new Zealander and I met a Mexican girl here she was granted a holiday visa here. I can tell you she was fucked up tried to manipulate me everyway she could to get citizenship. they are liars backstabbers and arrogant as fuck

    she was so ungratefull . And she would complain that Mexican men are better etc etc so I left her sorry ass and she is back in mexico. I will never ever again date a Mexican or even associate with these fucked up people leave them in that shit hole

  17. I am mexican too says:

    MEXICO CITY 061213 17:00

    Since I’ve been born here and without knowing a lot from other countries, in my personal point of view Mexico is corrupted in general terms by 30 percent of its own pritty criminal population and thus the rest is corrupted too. Let me tell you what I think: “we have the worst criminals inside our mexican society and they would be like 10 percent of our population, that if a foreing enterprise is set down in Mexico’s land during a few years it will be controled by Mexicans in a corrupted and dirty way”.

    The enterprises in Mexico are performing let’s say 70 percent of its capability in a normal productive way, the 30 percent less is to commit our mexican’s crimes and I tell you: “our”, because I am mexican. I’ve realized that inside an enterprise there are a lot of mexican workers who almost know each of their co-employees, but what it is bad, because this nations has been build from divided groups of power and we never have had a real unified mexican identity.

    The only thing that we do Mexicans have in common are that we are the same corrupted.

    And there is a motto that I’ve heard and I like it: “Mexico is the snake that eats itself” that is also why the USA takes out our petrol and Canada our gold, and other nations our resources.

    I’m sick of stupid mexicans who simulate they are working while they are looking what are they going to rob starting from whispering each other about one person who will be attacked. You can see them in the streets like if they were doing their job, yes they do it in a 70 percent, but at the same time they are watching who could they fuck. At school they do the same it is a practice that we learn from childhood and we practice it and teach it to each other.

    The rest 70 percent of decent mexicans are in appeasement letting criminals to put our mexican flag as a cartel flag. I tell you this not because I hate this mexican coward custom, I’m telling you this because it is a perception that I feel about what is going on in Mexico.

  18. Black Sheep says:

    Most Americans of Mexican descent feel pretty much the same way. They aren’t real proud of a lot of their Mexican heritage. Being of Mexican descent is not the same at all as being born in Mexico. For many, the bad attitudes are passed down through the generations, but some like you reject the poor attitudes that make so many Mexican immigrants so unwelcome here, and good for you that you do so.

    In the past it was a lot more true that corrupt officials allowed the rape of Mexico’s natural resources by US, Canadian and other corporations. Today it’s a lot different and the exports are being fairly paid for. The problem is that all the money is still going to corrupt officials instead of helping the people.

  19. I am mexican too says:

    Mexico City 061213 13:14 P.m.

    “In the past it was a lot more true that corrupt officials allowed the rape of Mexico’s natural resources by US, Canadian and other corporations. ”

    I will tell you what I think of this: first of all you are partially right, but there are much more details that I want to add, such as some agreements that Mexican State has sign with developed countries or with companies from Canada and USA in the past are still into force, also so many regulations, internal laws that Mexico has had to make and sign in the past just because the orders from world power countries such as the USA, but please stop here and do not get into controversial matter about political interests. I mean mexican corrupted officials follow orders from abitious groups of economic or political entities from those developed countries or the same world power countries who buy mexican officials.

    So from my personal point of view the big fish eats the small one, and we are still living in times of “survival of the fittest”

    Another thing that I want to express is that I’m still proud of being a mexican, because I know where I come from and I know the good and bad of my society, so I recognize all the wrong done by some stupids mexican citizens which are the minority, but they harm to much mexican society, even though I can tell you Mexico is not just one behaviour it has different ways of being. If we look into history we will find that our culture is made of several descendency and so our mexican idiology is not totally defined in stupid attitudes.

    Well I hope you widen your view about Mexico and its culture or its people. I would like to thank you for your answer and I hope you never have to deal with thos mexican stupid bastards that as I told you they have to be the minority but all the mexican people know about them and do nothing to get rid out of them.

    One last If you come to Mexico never be alone because those mexican criminal and coward minds act taking advantage of the number of people who they could are able to fuck. well I have to go right know because one of those bastards are hitting my wall and that bothers a lot, I hope you just find some honest mexican people in your life.

  20. I am mexican too says:

    ¡Look What I’ve found!

    Foreign Relations Bureau
    There are a number of factors contributing to the great proportion of crime by a certain element of the Mexican population. Among the contributing factors are those of economics, lack of employment, and small wages that cause certain ones to commit theft and robbery for the purpose of obtaining the means to own and drive automobiles and to have money to spend on their girl friends, liquor, clothes, etc., also to obtain the wherewithall to live.
    Mexicans as a whole in this country are restricted in the main to only certain kinds of labor and that being the lowest paid. It must be admitted that they are discriminated against and have been heretofore practically barred from learning trades, etc. This has been very much in evidence in our defense plants in spite of President Roosevelt’s instructions to the contrary, and in the great majority of the occupations and trades which are unionized, the Mexicans are automatically barred from, as they are not allowed to belong to the union, thus keeping them from remunerative employment.
    Economic conditions in their home life is of course not conducive to a higher standard of living and consequently a lower perspective of responsibility and citizenship is the result. Lack of recreation centers is another factor.
    Discrimination and segregation as evidenced by public signs and rules such as appear in certain restaurants, public swimming plunges, public parks, theatres and even in schools, causes resentment among the Mexican people. There are certain parks in this state in which a Mexican may not appear, or else only on a certain day of the week. There are certain plunges where they are not allowed to swim, or else on only one day of the week, and it is made evident by signs reading to that effect; for instance “Tuesdays reserved for Negroes and Mexicans.”
    Certain theatres in certain towns either do not allow the Mexicans to enter or else segregate them in a certain section. Some restaurants absolutely refuse to serve them a meal and so state by public signs. The Mexicans take the attitude that they pay taxes for the maintenance of the public institutions the same as anyone else. Certain court actions have been brought by them to force the admittance of their children into certain public schools. All this applies to both the foreign and American born Mexican. Broken homes, liquor, loose morals, are also contributing factors. All of these, and other factors, are the cause of the Mexican youth remaining within their own racial groups, resulting in what is now practically gang warfare—not only among themselves but also between them and the Anglo-Saxons.
    But to get a true perspective of this condition we must look for a basic cause that is even more fundamental than the factors already mentioned, no matter how basically they may appear. Let us view it from the biological basis—in fact, as the main basis to work from. Although a wild cat and a domestic cat are of the same family they have certain biological characteristics so different that while one may be domesticated the other would have to be caged to be kept in captivity; and there is practically as much difference between the races of man as so aptly recognized by Rudyard Kipling when he said when writing of the Oriental, “East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,” which gives us an insight into the present problem because the Indian, from Alaska to Patagonia, is evidently Oriental in background—at least he shows many of the Oriental characteristics, especially so in his utter disregard for the value of life.
    When the Spaniards conquered Mexico they found an organized society composed of many tribes of Indians ruled by the Aztecs who were given over to human sacrifice. Historians record that as many as 30,000 Indians were sacrificed on their heathen alters in one day, their bodies being opened by stone knives and their hearts tom out while still beating. This total disregard for human life has always been universal throughout the Americas among the Indian population, which of course is well known to everyone.
    Now to have a true perspective of the problem we must realize that it would be a mistake to classify the Mexican nation in this category, as being Indian, any more than it would be right for us to classify the United States as being Indian, because as we well know, all Indians in our country are Americans, but all Americans are not Indians. In Mexico all Indians are Mexicans, but all Mexicans are not Indians. The percentage of course, is greater in that country. Mexico has a population of approximately 20,000,000 people, of which less than 20% are pure Caucasions or White. The remaining population are Indian and Mextizos, or a mixture of the Caucasion and Indian.
    For 400 years the Mexican people, including their forefathers from Spain, have been confronted with the same problem that we are confronted with today, and they have given just as much study and thought to the problem as we have. In fact, the revolution that started in Mexico under Madera in 1910 had as its objective the freeing and betterment of the Indian, and also much of the Mextizo element, from peonage. Many social experiments were tried out, some of them running to the extreme in their good intentions, but all ending in apparent failure. Mexican authorities state that in spite of every well meant social reform and leniency shown to a certain element under the program of rehabilitation the said element has not responded to their hopes, and that even from the economic standpoint, when higher wages are given and an opportunity for a higher standard of life is opened to them, instead of availing themselves of that opportunity they prefer to work half a week instead of a whole week, and we find that same condition here in a great many instances among this same element.
    Beginning in 1910 there has been a great influx of Mexican labor into our country that had as its inception the demand for it by agricultural, mining railway and other interests. However, the Mexicans did not remain in their fields of activity but in ever increasing numbers they settled in the cities and towns where they are now living in colonies, many of them much as they did in Mexico, speaking their own language, clinging to their own customs, etc. In Mexico the authorities have always adopted a firm hand in dealing with criminals, or those given over to forms of violence. They have stated that which we are now learning the hard way, the Mexican Indian is mostly Indian—and that is the element which migrated to the United States in such large numbers, and looks upon leniency by authorities as an evidence of weakness or fear, or else he considers that he was able to outsmart the authorities. Whenever this element is shown leniency in our courts, by our probation officers and other authorities, and is released from custody without serving a sentence, being put on probation, etc., he becomes a hero among his own gang members and boasts that the law was afraid to do anything to him or else that the authorities were dumb and that he put it over on them. However, whenever this Mexican element receives swift and sure punishment such as proper incarceration he then, and then only, respects authority. It is just as essential to incarcerate every member of a particular gang, whether there be 10 or 50, as it is to incarcerate one or two of the ring leaders. In other words—take them out of circulation until they realize that the authorities will not tolerate gangsterism.
    They adopt far more severe measures in Mexico in dealing with them. All those 18 years of age and over should be found a place in the armed forces of our country at this time. All those under 18 who will not attend school should work, and even if they do work, if they resort to such crimincal acts as evidenced lately by these gangs, then they should be incarcerated where they must work under supervision and discipline. Many of these young gangsters have comparatively good jobs, so economics is not a determining factor in their case. In fact, as mentioned above, economics as well as some of the other features are contributing factors, but basically it is biological—one cannot change the spots of a leopard.
    The Caucasion, especially the Anglo-Saxon, when engaged in fighting, particularly among youths, resort to fistcuff and may at times kick each other, which is considered unsportive, but this Mexican element considers all that to be a sign of weakness, and all he knows and feels is a desire to use a knife or some lethal weapon. In other words, his desire is to kill, or at least let blood. That is why it is difficult for the Anglo-Saxon to understand the psychology of the Indian or the Latin to understand the psychology of the Anglo-Saxon or those from Northern Europe. When there is added to this inborn characteristic that has come down through the ages—the use of liquor, then we certainly have crimes of violence. Offtimes the element of jealousy enters into it.
    There is a feeling among the Mexican population that they have not even the control over their children that they would have in Mexico, because if they try to restrain their children and punish them for going out nights, a complaint is made against them and they are hailed into court for punishing their children. Therefore, the youth is allowed to run wild—both boys and girls. There is also a notable lack of cooperation on the part of the parents with the authorities. Certainly the curfew laws should be strictly enforced, and if they are not broad enough, then other laws should be passed in order that the youth might be kept off the streets at night, unless properly chaperoned and supervised.
    Certainly the legality of fingerprinting everyone taken into custody whether for prosecution or merely for investigation should be clarified, and if it is not legal to do so then it should be made legal to do so, as it has been found a splendid deterrent to crime. We all have to sign our signatures whenever occasion demands it, such as in banks, registrations, and many other ways. In fact, we cannot vote without signing our signature, and one’s fingerprints is nature’s best and most natural signature.
    A law enforcement officer can only work with the tools he is furnished with—he does not make the laws. If drastic measures are not taken to put an end to gangsterism it will increase, with resultant murders, and that which none of us want to see—race riots—especially at a time like this when we need the friendship and cooperation of Latin-America. You can quite understand the seriousness of such a condition and how it would be played up by the ever willing Fifth Columnists who are even now working so hard in Latin-American countries and making use of the discrimination, or apparent discrimination, by certain elements of our society who in no represent the sentiment and will of the American people.
    Again, let us repeat,—the hoodlum element as a whole must be indicted as a whole. The time to rehabilitate them is both before and after the crime has been committed, as well as during his incarceration, but it appears useless to turn him loose without having served a sentence. As stated above, he considers it an act of fear or weakness on the part of the authorities, and due to his exaggerated ego he believes that he has outsmarted everyone. We also recognize the fact that the great majority of the Mexican people here are law abiding, and are just as anxious as we are to prevent crime among this element, as they rightly consider that it is a reflection on the Mexican population as a whole. They state they are most anxious to cooperate with the authorities to end this intolerable condition. They state it is a shame and a crime that a certain small percentage of the entire Mexican population should jeopardize the friendly relations and good will that so long have prevailed. They consider, and rightly so, that they are an integral part of American society.
    Representatives of the Mexican colony may claim that the contributing factors mentioned, and others, are the sole cause of this crime wave by this particular Mexican element, and they will loathe to admit that it is in any way biological—for reasons one can quite understand, pride of race, nationality, etc., but the fact remains that the same factors, discrimination, lack of recreation facilities, economics, etc., have also always applied to the Chinese and Japanese in California, yet they have always been law abiding and have never given our authorities trouble except in that of opium among the Chinese, and that of gambling among both the Chinese and Japanese, but such acts of violence as now are in evidence among the young Mexicans has been entirely unknown among these two Oriental peoples. On the other hand, among the Filipinos crime of violence in proportion to their population is quite prevalent, and practically all of it over women. This is due to the fact that there are so few Filipino women here, and also the biological aspect enters into it, as the Filipino is a Malay, and ethnoligists trace the Malayan people to the American Indian, ranging from the southwestern part of the United States down through Mexico, Central America and into South America. The Malay is even more vicious than the Mongolian—to which race the Japanese and Chinese, of course belong. In fact, the Malay seems to have all the bad qualities of the Mongolian and none of the good qualities. As the Negro, we also have a biological aspect, to which the contributing factors are the same as in respect to the Mexican—which only aggravates the condition, as to the two races.

  21. I am mexican too says:

    ¡And also I have found this!

    Anti-Mexican sentiment is an aversion of people of Mexican descent, Mexican culture and/or accents of Mexico found in the United States.
    Part of a series on

    In general it is closely associated with Mexican and United States Independence wars, and the struggle over Southwestern territories that once belonged to Spain through the establishment of building Catholic Missions. This eventually would lead to war between the two nations and the defeat of Mexico which came with a great loss of territory. In the 20th century, anti-Mexican sentiment continued to grow after the Zimmerman Telegram incident between the Mexican government during the Mexican Revolution and the German Empire during World War I,[1] and again the secret talks with the party of Germany in the 1930s and early 1940s to invade the Southwest. And most of all, anti-Mexican sentiment in the USA stemmed from illegal immigration. Anti-American, militaristic and purported separatist Mexican nationalist groups in the United States such as MEChA and the Raza Unida Party which have been characterized as calling for annexation of the Southwest United States into a Mexican republic called Aztlán have contributed to the backlash against Mexican immigration.




    Some private citizens groups have been established to apprehend immigrants that have crossed into the United States illegally. These groups have also been accused of discrimination like the Minuteman Project and other anti-immigration organizations because of their aggressive and sometimes illegal tactics.[citation needed]

    According to FBI statistics, the number of anti-Latino hate crimes increased by 35 percent between 2003 and 2007 and doubling in California.[23]
    Additional recent incidents

    On May 30, 2009, US citizens Raul “Junior” Flores, 29, and his daughter, Brisenia Flores, age nine, of Arivaca, Arizona, were murdered by Shawna Forde, executive director of Minutemen American Defense, and her accomplices.

    In July 2008, Luis Ramirez, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, was beaten to death by several young men in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania while walking home one evening. Witnesses reported that the assailants yelled racial epithets at Ramirez as they attacked him.[24] Luis’ (white) fiance and mother of his two children, Crystal Dillman, was quoted as saying of the four teenagers, “I think they might get off, because Luis was an illegal Mexican and these are ‘all-American boys’ on the football team who get good grades, or whatever they’re saying about them. They’ll find some way to let them go.” [25] Brandon Piekarsky, 17, and Derrick Donchak, 19, received sentences of 7 to 23 months for their roles in the murder of 25-year-old Mexican immigrant Luis Ramirez.[26] Piekarsky and Donchak were subsequently convicted of civil rights violations in federal court and sentenced to 9 years in federal prison.

    In 2008, Mexican Rodolfo Olmedo was dragged down by a group of men shouting anti-Mexican epithets and bashed over the head with a wooden stick on the street outside his home, the first of 11 suspected anti-Hispanic bias attacks in the Staten Island neighborhood of Port Richmond, Staten Island in that year. Port Richmond is a predominantly African-American neighborhood that has seen a large influx of Mexican immigrants.[27] Rolston Hopson, William Marcano and Tyrone Goodman, all age 17, were charged in the assault.[28]

    In California, the state with the largest Mexican and Mexican-American population, the number of hate crimes against Mexicans has almost doubled. The anti-Mexican feelings can also be directed against other Latino American nationalities in the USA.[29][30] This statistic has been challenged by the anti-immigration Federation for American Immigration Reform for selecting a base year (2003) in which anti-Latino hate crimes were reported at an unusually low level and for not indexing the increase with the corresponding increase in the Hispanic population.[31]

    Since Alabama’s immigration H.B.56, Birmingham, Alabama delicatessen owner Steve Dubrinsky “has been ‘under attack’ since speaking out for his restaurant’s documented immigrant employees.” [32]

    There have been many criticisms toward ICE and various politicians on what has been perceived by some as anti-Mexican speech or actions.[citation needed] In modern times, organizations such as neo-nazi, white supremacist, American nationalist, and nativist groups have all been known to and continue to intimidate, harass and advocate the use of violence towards Mexican-Americans.[33][34][35][36] Ethnic slurs such as “wetback”, “dogs” (as described by a member of the Houston Independent School District’s Board of Trustees), “spick” or “spic”, “dirty Mexican”, “beaner”, “illegal”, “alien”, “cucaracha”, “bandido” or “bandito” (a derivate of English “bandit” emulating aspects of West Iberian languages rather than a misspell of Spanish bandido) have been used.[citation needed]

  22. Black Sheep says:

    Too much to read. Brevity is the soul of wit, always was, always will be.

    Studies schmudies, in any case. If crimes against Mexicans in the US are increasing, obviously there’s a reason for that. You don’t hear about crimes against Filipinos or Chinese or Koreans, do you? That’s because those people aren’t running around behaving like worthless assholes.

  23. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Pure logic:

    crimes against Mexicans in the US are increasing because the population of ILLEGALS Mexicans in the US are increasing.

    …specially criminals Mexicans killing Mexicans.

    Just like Blacks killing Blacks.

  24. Black Sheep says:

    Yep, that’s exactly right.

  25. I am mexican too says:

    Please read first of all, later if you please give your opinion.

    for example:

    “On May 30, 2009, US citizens Raul “Junior” Flores, 29, and his daughter, Brisenia Flores, age nine, of Arivaca, Arizona, were murdered by Shawna Forde, executive director of Minutemen American Defense, and her accomplices.”

    whether or not people from Mexico or from USA do those crimes, the thing is irrational hateness…

    …you put order by doing the same horrible things so you are the same criminal… so the chain never ends for stupid people from all over the word…

  26. Black Sheep says:

    Oh come on. Don’t you have any notion whatever of the difference in violent crimes committed by Mexicans and Americans? What’s the count now in Mexico of drug murders? 40,000? 50,000? Oh wait. It’s over 60,000 now!!!

    Don’t give me this bullshit that we’re all the same. We aren’t. For every crime committed by Americans against Mexicans, I can cite you 150 committed by Mexicans against Americans.

    Mexico is corrupt and so are the people, and they have been since the first Spaniards landed there. Mexico is a Third-World nation, much of the population is ignorant and uneducated, most of them are greedy and violent, and all but a handful are selfish, uncaring, stupid and hostile.

    People who vacation in Mexico need to be aware that they’re visiting a lawless land where anything can happen to them. The only protection they have is the desire of the locals for more turistas to keep stealing money from. If too many turistas get raped and murdered, they stop coming.

    Mexico is a paradise populated by shitheads.

    I delete snotty personal remarks, by the way. Sending them is a waste of time.

  27. I am mexican too says:

    I see you have got your own personal idea fixed about Mexico and mexicans, any way for some reasons I know that Mexico is not a criminal land but corrupted in its political and social system I would agree with you, also it is true the selfishness and greedy of the government and the people is the cause for that corrupted State in which mexicans are involved, but a criminal mexican State is too much false to say that we are all mexican criminals, that we rape and murder north american citizens from the USA, just because we mexicans are violent and stupids, as to say that people in the E.E.U.U. are drogadicts, jerks and they provide arms to Mexican criminals.

    List of countries by Failed States Index

    Mexico is not a failed State, we have got a lot of problems, we are Third-World nation,

    our iliteracy round about a little bit less than 30% of the whole population, I wouldn’t say that those are our main problems, but corrupted system is our poison vicious cycle

  28. Black Sheep says:

    Complain all you like, you’re accomplishing nothing. If you want to do something useful, then stay in Mexico and work to make things better where you live. Don’t come over here and cause trouble and then gripe about the way the world sees you.

  29. I am mexican too says:

    Ok, but remember be open mind and do not generalize just because your previous experiences or your personal point of view.

  30. Black Sheep says:

    This person insists on teaching his grandmother how to suck eggs when he can’t tell an egg from a golf ball. (The “he” is assumed. Hard to tell, really) and being open minded means overlooking Mexican’s behavior. Sorry, NO.

  31. Larry Miller says:

    When I was in the US Navy my job was SHORE PATROL. Duties included driving across the border in a Navy Truck to bring drunk sailors that ended in Tijuana jails. Shittiest job I ever had in the world. At that time, almost 60 years ago, I swore I would never step foot inside mexico again. It was a shithole then and it is a shithole now.

  32. I am mexican too says:

    Just cause I mexican and like little girsl is no reson to say we all suck.

  33. I am mexican too says:


  34. mexicanos chinguen a su madre says:

    Edited by Black Sheep: The original text has been removed except for the “name”.

    “mexicanos chinguen a su madre” means “Mexicans fuck your mother”. Wow, that’s really intelligent, who would have thought that any Mexican, all of whom are noted for their gracious manners, excellent breeding and refined characters, would say something like that, huh? This person must be some sort of throwback to a more primitive time. I hope other Mexicans don’t read what this one said, I mean, the embarrassment…..

  35. blackshit says:



    Yes, of course I am going to edit this faget, blackshit faggot. I deleted your other 6 rants, of course, but I had to save this one to edit. I mean, now that I’ve got your panties all in a bunch, why would I quit now?

    Faggot is the correct spelling, by the way. If you weren’t such a stupid faggot, you’d know that. You give your name above as “blackshit”, you must be a mulatto, huh? Well, we’re all proud of you for coming out of the closet and telling the world that you’re a FAGET, I mean faggot. Now you may suck off. Black Sheep.

    This guy is a typical Mexican. All attitude and no brains. They keep coming here posting the same crap over and over. Tiresome assholes.

  36. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    Thank You for so much fun, Webmaster!

    It’s hard to believe this people is SO stupid to came here thowing soooo many shit into THEMSELVES.

    Damn, all mexicans are mental dumb like that?

  37. Black Sheep says:

    There must be a few smart ones but in all my trips to Mexico I never met one.

    So to answer your question, probably YES, probably.

  38. Jake M. says:

    I believe that not all Mexicans are bad, but 99% of the Mexicans I’ve come in contact with in the U.S. are not trustworthy, incompetent, violent, barbaric, lowlife liars, naturally stupid, and/or lazy. The Mexicans who rent my house destroyed it and skip rents. The Mexicans in my neighborhood defaced our city with their destructive practice of tagging. The Mexicans in my neighborhood broke in people’s cars and homes. The Mexicans in my town juice the system by staying on welfare for decades while pumping out more babies. The Mexicans in my state have destroyed the school system, bringing down the quality and high standard of education. In fact, because of this large number of Mexicans (mostly from illegal parents) have no intellectual capability or desire to thrive in school. But they prefer to cause trouble in school and excel in gang activities.

    In other words, the Mexicans are worse than the parasites that are eating away what once a healthy and prosperous country. Today, the Mexicans are bringing the garbage culture from their failed state to the US, destroying the quality of life of American people.

    It’s time the US saves itself from the infectious diseases attacking the US from Mexico.

  39. Not a Mexican says:

    I have a brother-in-law who is a Mexican. The guy has no intellect. He sits on his ass all day and collects money from our government. He is about as worthless as they come. Has no manners what so ever and no respect for anyone. I live around Mexican’s. I used to give them the benefit of the doubt until one day some people told me Mexican’s hate American’s. That took the cake for me right then and there. They hate us, but yet come here, take our jobs, make their money, and send their money or should I say our American money back to Mexico. They send the money back to Mexico and build new homes, buy new cars, etc,. all using our dollar. These people are so damn worthless. Our government only wants them here as they are cheap labor and also they allow them to become citizens so Obama can get the vote from them. That is the only reason they are here. I wanted to go to Mexico to just see what their country is like, but I won’t now after all the crime I hear of. Some say me being female I would be raped and killed the minute I got over into the Mexican border. Raped and murdered because I am a full blooded American citizen. But they sure can bring their sorry asses to our country and we treat them well. What a bunch of freaking jerks Mexican’s are. I don’t trust them and can you blame any of us for hating. Look at the crap they pull and then they wonder why we dislike them. If they acted like respectful people maybe we would change our minds. But then I would never change my mind after all the shit they pull. They are worthless and our government won’t do a damn thing about it because they want cheap labor, pay taxes, and want the votes. Mexican’s fall for this shit to from our government. Our government doesn’t care. They just want them here to use them and the Mexican’s are idiots as they fall for it. They say they hate us, but they sure as damn well take and take. Greedy bastards. Big time hypocrites. I have a Mexican living next door to me at this very moment and he is illegal in our country. I should call ICE. I am seriously considering it. If we are shit American’s than why the hell are the Mexican dirt bags even here? They are users.

  40. Not a Mexican says:

    Mexican’s go back to your country. We don’t want you here.

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