Robert Rosas, a three-year agency veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol was fatally shot while pursuing a bunch of illegal aliens in a remote valley about 60 miles east of San Diego, triggering a manhunt by federal, state and Mexican authorities, Homeland Security officials said Friday.

Rosas was responding to an invasion Thursday night just inside the steel border fence when one or more motherless Mexican filth opened fire, authorities said. He died at the scene.

This was the first Border Patrol agent to die like this in over 10 years and he wouldn’t have if our Border Patrol had more, a lot more, agents and equipment to deal with the lousy fucking Mexicans. We need to set up armed patrols and instruct them to fire immediately upon any person or vehicle that attempts to evade them, and to kill on sight anyone seen sneaking over our border. We need to declare WAR.

Southern California is a filthy ghetto from end to end now, crawling with crime and drugs and violence, and all because of all the shitty Mexicans who come in and live in drainpipes and under bridges and behind Safeway and anywhere they can. They shit where they live and don’t wipe their asses. The Mexicans coming here now are filthy scum, the dregs of the earth. All the decent ones here, who were given educations and taught morals and cleanliness as they grew up, came here a long time ago and became American citizens. What we’re getting now and have been for the last 10 years are the ignorant, illiterate, immoral, filthy pigs who never saw a flush toilet in their lives.

These are the people both Bush and Obama and most of the rest of our traitorous politicians have blatantly left the gates open to. We need to give them all a free years vacation in Mexico. It might seem nice for the first week, until they start getting attacked on the streets, kidnapped for ransom, beheaded by drug gangs, raped, sodomized, spit on, mugged, jailed for no reason, cheated, overcharged and shortchanged.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If we exercised our sovereign right to repel invaders, and started shooting dead anyone sneaking illegally across our borders, it probably wouldn’t take more than 3 dead Mexicans to, if not stop the flow, reduce it to the barest of trickles. If they know that they’ll be killed trying to cross, they won’t try to cross. We have the right to do it, why in the fuck aren’t we doing it?

Oct. 23, 2010: Notice— Any comment referring to “Mexican” as a race instead of a nationality will be deleted.

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  1. xoggoth says:

    Hear, hear.

    It may not be their fault, maybe we were once the same when we had similar poverty but it does not alter the fact that third world immigration brings with it disease, backward beliefs and practices and crime. Why, when our forebears have spent centuries trying to evolve our societies beyond this are we expected to see them dragged back by those who refuse to stay and seek to evolve their own?

    If adults make decisions they abide by the consequences. Provided only there are big signs in Spanish saying “Illegals will be shot” I can’t see the problem.

  2. xoggoth says:

    You are back in the bloggoth coven.

    PS That will $500 please.

  3. xoggoth says:

    Improbable though it seemed until I went looking for it, maybe these people represent an Islamic terrorist threat to the US too.

  4. Mexicans are considered the lowest of the Latinos by Latinos other than Mexicans.

    I know this for a FACT because I’m a Spanish major.

    I’ve found Mexican men to be pigs for the most part. The women are hard working and virtually enslaved.

  5. xoggoth says:

    On last it is odd how women of any problem group are often much better than the men.

    In the UK there is the usual problem with black men in terms of crime, low acheivement and irresponsible parenthood. On the other hand, single black mothers are statistically much more likely to be in jobs than white women in the same circumstances.

    Actually, us men cause most of the world’s problems.

  6. Black Sheep says:

    Us men? No we don’t, it’s poltergeists what do that, cause all kindsa sortsa problems. a.

    Okay if I email you the $500? Huh? I can’t email money? Damn. Well, my intentions were good (more paving for Hell).

  7. fuck mexico. they bought the swine flu, ruined our streets, killed our people, act stupid, threatining people with knives, being raciest, jump borders, crappy lawnmowers, and drug addicts.

  8. I want a wetback in my rifle scope says:

    Mexicans are nothing but filthy,disease ridden,over breeding,wage devaluing,and welfare program stealing walking pieces of the foulest shit to ever walk the earth,Hell,I’d rather live next door to niggers then fucking spics. At least niggers don’t cram 50 people into a 3 bedroom apartment.
    And the so called “radical” ones who keep believing the lie that us evil “gringos’ stole “their” nation of Aztlan…..Guess what you bean eating,food stamp consuming breathing piles of garbage. Back in the 1830’s/40’s there was a war. It’s properly called the Mexican-American war,and while Mexican soldiers were only able to kill REAL warriors by flooding the Alamo with 5000 cockroaches in military uniforms. A few months later,Santa Ana got his ass handed too him in SPADES and America won ownership of the southwestern states,BUT,to make that little horse riding turd Santa Ana look beter in the eyes of his inbred countrymen,we still gave him a sizable financial renumeration for the land we kicked his ass to get.
    Now if you food stamp collecting cerveza and tequila swilling pigs actually tried to reclaim the southwestern USA,your gonna find your sorry little asses wishing you stayed where you belong…the Cesspool known as Mexico. And lets just say all of us Americans here,living on AMERICAN yes,AMERICAN land ,and let you try to live the lie of Aztlan,you stupid fuckers couldn’t make it work because all the freebies you illegally get would go bye bye too. In parting,I will say this,God does have a sense of humor…..It’s not a coincidence that Mexicans and Shit are both basically the same shade of brown. Viva La Wife Beating,Animal Abusing,and CHILD MOLESTING members of the group known as La Raza. If I had been born Mexican…I’d have killed myself as soon as possible after I was born. They ain’t nothing but fucking wastes of needed resources. FUCK EM ALL

  9. phil says:

    .(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’..’./
    ..”…………… _.·´

  10. no se espanol says:

    damn mexicans, i once got into a collision on a ski slope with one, the fool was drunk too the result was an unharmed beaner and a 14 year old with chipped teeth, and a major concussion leading to an airlift and ambulance ride. beaner did not pay for shit and insurance did not cover all the funds either. fucking mexicans need to stay away, take responsibility for their actions, and another stop believing they are superior to other races. of all the mexicans ive met 75% of them thought they were better looking and more intelligent than the whites, the blacks, and the asians. phew that was some steam out of my ears. thanks for reading

  11. Erik says:

    Look at it this way, the type of Mexican your describing is just the same as the drug addict white people without shit of a life and white woman that kill their babies, the blacks that kill and rob people, and of coarse the other races that all have some sort of a bad reputation.

    You shouldn’t judge just by the sight of the type that live near you or that you happen to know. Most of the “bad” Mexicans aren’t even Mexican at all, they’re decendants of Aztec shit. I’m Mexican and I really don’t like it when people confuse us with Indians, they have worse reputations then the blacks in the U.S.

  12. Black Sheep says:

    Sorry Erik but that’s just racist bullshit. I agree that many of the “Aztec descendants” are among the shitheels swarming in on us, but there’s just as many white ones and they are ALL Mexicans.

    The problem isn’t racial, it’s attitude. When you grow up in a totally corrupt society, you grow up corrupt. Mexicans as a nationality have attitudes that can be totally at odds with those of a people used to a higher level of prosperity and a lack of gang-type domination.

    Over here, our police go to prison for taking bribes. In Mexico, bribery is just part of daily life, just for one example. One thing about my posts on Mexico, they’ve made me realize just how very racist Mexican society really is. Like India with their various castes right down to the poor Untouchables. You people need to grow up in a lot of different ways.

  13. GABRIEL says:

    I stood in a line last night behind a VERY obvious illegal alien family who used a Lone Star card to purchase their groceries. The mother swiped the card and then took the 5 kids away and then the father, pushing a seperate basket, pulled out a bank roll of cash and bought 4 – 12 packs of Bud Light, the guy obviously had over $1000 in his pocket EASY! The black female clerk who then waited on me said “Doesn’t that just piss you off, we just bought their groceries!?”. As I went out into the parking lot I noticed they were loading into a brand new Dodge truck. After seeing this I can’t help but think about the taxes I have to file when I get home. I think about how much I have had to pay this last year and where that money is ACTUALLY going. I also think about my friends and family members who are unemployed. I think about the numbers, the millions that are unemployed in our country and their daily struggle to TRY to get Gov’t and Social assistance, most being denied because there is just not enough to go around for the huge numbers of citizens asking. Then I think about the number of illegal foreign nationals who undeservingly DO get it and at the same time work underground “cash in hand” jobs, DON’T pay taxes, and send the money to their families in their homeland. How did we get here? Why do we allow it to continue? We are being ROBBED by the people of other countries! We have created, allowed and even endorsed and SUPPORTED allowing illegal foreign nationals to use and abuse our laws, Constitution, rights, social services, education, medical services, our jobs, our property, our streets and freeways, economy, etc. without paying for anything, with an intentional careless disreguard for our citizens, our country, our morals, values and culture (We’re told WE need to adopt theirs, in OUR country, if not we are not DIVERSE and are RACISTS and NATIVISTS. Add to ALL of this that people from their homeland, that in our past have achieved or been granted citizenship, have, like a Trojan Horse, created civil and lobbying groups to INSIST we bow down to their illegal activity and ongoing invasion of our borders and disregard our right to sovereignity. Why are we purposefully destroying ourselves and giving our country away?

  14. Black Sheep says:

    Because people keep believing the seditious lies that almost all our media pumps out. Why do you suppose over half the population voted for Obama? Too many of us don’t bother to think, don’t know how to think, and wouldn’t if the opportunity arose.

    Seeing reality is a minority occupation. Congrats, you are a member of a minority regardless of your race. Seems to me we should be able to claim minority status ourselves, it would sure put us on better competitive footing with the Mexicans.

  15. tee rob says:

    i agree; being racist against people for their skin color is wrong, bad. Hating a race of people for their inability to learn and gain skills necessary to develope modern societal skills and values is normal and a reaction by most towards mexicans in the us illegally. i have lived in san diego, ca and now live in the northwest and the difference between the two is that the legal residents of cali were decent, hard working americans; regardless of race. the one’s up here in the northwest illegally are dirty, knife-weilding scum-bags who steel, cheat, and have 9 kids. look at their pride for their mexican heritage, even though they take all the benefits the us gives them and show no gratitude. sure, we need cheap labor and are greatful for guest worker’s from coutries like mexico; but, the illegals who constantly avoid taxes, take well-fare, and commit criminal acts (look at our prison system: 50% is hispanic inmates) and rob americans of their soverenty and wealth. note to all mexican-loving illegals living in the us currently- GO THE FUCK BACK TO MEXICO AND WAVE YOUR MEXICAN FLAGS, DON”T FORGET WHY YOUR HERE AND GO HOME AND DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!!

  16. Luis says:

    ok 1. I do hate most mexicans cause they’re disgusting, dirty, and wont respect american property. 2. im like 30% mexican but i dont give a shit cause the rest i’m spanish. 3. Not all mexicans r beer drinkin, house craming idiots cause i no of some mexicans that work hard through school graduate become legal citizens and pay taxes like every other american so u cant say that every mexican is the same. 4. Some us mexicans hate the mexicans u people r talkin bout the dirty, lazy, house cramin,beer drinkin idiots. and trust me the mexican goverment is tryin to do everything it can do to mak jobs in their own mother fuckin country so they dont hav to take over america…….finally

  17. Mr. not stupid mexican says:

    THANK YOU for using “most” because not all of us are bad i am mexican and i despise those ones that you describe



  20. Black Sheep says:

    If you “love Mexico”, then stay there and fix it, you illiterate, raving jackass.

  21. Bo Duke says:

    Here is just some of the facts that we’ve all heard over and over, but they’re true.

    1. 90% of the drugs funneling into the U.S. come through Mexico. I’m all for the legalization of marijuana. Let’s grow the best pot around, tax the growers and gain a new revenue base. It won’t remedy all the violence around the border, but it’s a step towards cutting off the head of the snake.

    2. The majority of the prison population is occupied by Latinos. Many are just plain thugs. The Lakers win a championship the Mexicans want to riot, break store windows, loot and run wild in the streets. Pure thugs that we just don’t need.

    This isn’t the great melting pot of a country anymore…it’s time to become a little more hard nosed about the problems raging out of control instead of walking on eggshells about the Mexican’s feelings..too bad!
    It just makes me sick that we’re letting in not only Mexicans, but El Salvadorians with MS 13 tattooed on their eyelids. This is one of the most vicious street gangs that we just let waltz into our country. These gangs need to be exterminated like the fleas and roaches they are. And as far as their anchor babies go…I say we punt them back across the wall like footballs because chances are they’re going to grow up like the filthy, thieving parents.

    This is going to be tough people, but we need to make a strong united stand. It won’t be long before the violence that’s happening in Juarez and other cities is on your doorstep as well.

  22. Bohemiangirl says:

    I don’t understand how people can say Mexicans are hard workers when they are drunk 24/7. I know all Mexicans are not idiotic, but we are tired of getting the trashy people from other countries!!!

  23. redrum69 says:

    mexicans do suck hard.they are the most illiterate people that were ever created! they will live in any shit hole all they do is drink and live in poverty and get taxpayers to give them welfare and foodstamps.
    they have one of the highest school drop out rate and are just a fucked race of people.the only thing they are good for is a quick piece of ass.just go to any bar after 1.3o and find a drunk one and tell her if she wants to go eat.they are the cheapest dumbest fucks that there are all because of the drinking they do.

  24. Black Sheep says:

    Lot of hate out there. This is a tiring repeat… “Mexican” isn’t a race. It’s a nationality and it also seems to be an attitude. People born and raised in Mexico have a different take on what it means to be a decent person, than we here in the US generally have. With Mexicans it seems to be that whatever you can get away with is good. That does tend to piss people off who worked hard for a better life and then see it wrecked by a horde of illegal aliens, invaders, that our feckless politicians then cozy up to because these aliens vote. That they vote illegally is something those same politicians completely ignore. Our Hispanic politicians ignore this the most, too. Gee, what a shock, eh?

  25. Im Mexican and PROUD says:

    Look,I’m half mexican and I think it’s wrong for you guys to call us pigs,drug addicts,ect….I bet half of you gringos have Mexican friends.It’s not right to judge people because of their race.

    Here I as editor of this blog must interject, since I’m so damn tired of saying this as a separate comment I could spit: MEXICAN IS A NATIONALITY, NOT A RACE! Okay? Using the race card in this discussion is a cheap shot and unworthy of anyone who actually has something valid to contribute.

    The remaining portion of this rant has been deleted, and future remarks referring to Mexican as a race will be deleted in their entirety. Fair warning.

  26. John says:

    I agree 100% with the person that wrote these comments below.
    As a rule of thumb between Latinos (I’m one of them) mexicans score the lowest at ALL levels. The “machos” as they call themselves (men) are true pigs and the women just take their crap without hesitation because they are raised with a sense of loyalty towards their husbands. The way they talk, even at the highest sphere will tell you how low they are. From inventing their own words to always adding cursing remarks, there is no way to maintain an intelligent conversation with most of them. Unfortunately, their low IQ is now mixed with many other races and I’m seriously concerned that as years and centuries pass on, Humanity will become more like them (have you watched Idiocracy? we might have a “President Camacho” in couple of centuries).
    Seriously, their Government should invest more in Education and other areas of improvement. How come we don’t hear this BS from Chileans or Argentinians? Think about it.
    Mexicans are considered the lowest of the Latinos by Latinos other than Mexicans.

    I know this for a FACT because I’m a Spanish major.

    I’ve found Mexican men to be pigs for the most part. The women are hard working and virtually enslaved.

  27. Carli says:

    John is right. Let me give you a bit of story. When the Spaniards developed their conquering plans in the 1400’s they decided to send out “probing” population as part of their expeditions, meaning the worst of the worst (thieves, convicts, etc) were offered either to stay in prison or to get on the ships. This makes sense because the Spaniards never thought that these ships would actually make it at all. Bottom line, when the “crap of the crap” arrived the Americas, they mixed up with the already existing indian-native population. Think about what the result is. In one side most Mexicans’ ancestor were the worst human beings from Europe and on the other the low-IQ unhygienic natives of the region. What can you expect?. Spaniards created a disgusting monster.
    To answer your question about other Latin American countries, Argentina, Chile etc were not discovered with the first waves of ships. Educated Catholic Missions were bigger and better in those regions. Also, throughout the years there’s been an enormous influence of other cultures (Italian, Yugoslavian, German, etc) into those countries. This is why their level of education is higher. Those countries also practice common sense in terms of birth control while mexicans have been triplicating like rabbits for centuries. One more thing, the “mexican” we are used to in America is the immigrant that comes here with the so-called BS label of “looking for a better life”. Give me a break. If they defect their country is because they didn’t make it there. So the phenomenon that I described earlier today keeps repeating itself over and over again. The worst crap comes to the U.S. with a mentality of stealing, robbing, raping, etc while the educated ones stay in mexico. There are, like anything, exceptions to the rule. But the reality is that mexicans will never be able to get rid of their stigma because it’s on their DNA.

    Thank you.

  28. Sharon says:

    Wow thanks so much for the history lesson.
    I always thought that was the case with these Mexicans. I disagree about the “Nationality” vs. “Race” dilemma because what they really are is a plague. We had a Mexican housekeeper a few years ago. We gave her and her Family everything. I even drove her sick kids to the Hospital all the time and helped her paying the bills. Breaking our trust, she and her husband stole $12000 in jewelry from our house. They were caught, prosecuted and deported. The cancer didn’t stop there. The girl confessed that she would do mean and unnecessary things to us like making our mail disappear, disconnecting our cable service and she even caused a second floor flood in our house that ended up costing us $7500 in repairs. When she was asked WHY? she literally answered “This is the way we are raised” W”e hate you because you have everything and we have nothing and we continuously look for ways of getting back at you”. As terrible as it sounds, it gave me another perspective about them. Don’t trust them. Sooner or later, they will try to hurt you even after the fact that you have done nothing but good to them.
    As the last post pointed out: It is bigger than them. It’s on their f—ed up DNA

  29. Polo says:

    Actually, Mexicans dont suck, its just the government, and not EVERY mexican move to USA, Mexicans dont exactly suck, just because we, on the USA, beleive that all the mexicans are niggers, nope, check several places on Mexico and ull see that they are white.

  30. Polo says:

    The mexicans cant fix their county, because the stupid governors are extremely Lazy, ill tell ya’something, they are kicked from Mexico by their own governors.

  31. Black Sheep says:

    Mexico has had a string of revolutions and every one resulted in another corrupt government. Corruption is endemic in Mexico. Mexicans are famous for being thieves. I agree race is not an issue, it’s the mindset they’re raised with that makes Mexicans suck.

  32. kool says:

    I am mexican I cry that my raise is tthe worst crap ever, we are considerd the worst,trash, shit of the latinos, even other latinos hate us, I really wish mexicans would change sometimes I wish I wasnt even born so I would be a mexican, I am not like the rest of the mexicans I am different, but seeing all this comments makes me want to make my self dissapear, 🙁

  33. ricky says:

    Im Mexican , Im learning english cause Im working in a company with bussiness in USA

    after read several post in this site I conclude follow:

    1.- mexican living in US are loosers cause they cant achive their dreams in MEXICO

    2.- white trash

    EDITED: Black Sheep says: No. Illegal Aliens, most of whom are Mexicans, are criminals who don’t belong here and achieving their dreams in Mexico is a great idea. Try it.

    You dickheads think it’s your right and our responsibility to give you your dreams for free that we fought and died for and worked our asses off to create.

    White trash? Eh? You must be referring to most Mexicans.

  34. Kokkie says:

    Mexicans are the plague of this century. It’s not only in the US but all over the world. Whenever and wherever those alcoholic-good-for-nothing SOBs arrive the local culture fades out. They just stand in the f’ing corners like idiots, steal, rape and f–k the neighborhoods. I can’t even stand the way they talk like singing…it’s disgusting. They should be ban from entering our country. We created the problem in the first place because we pay that trash of mexicans such low salaries that we have gotten used to them. Make no mistake, they will take over

  35. Frank says:

    What the hell is wrong with most of you here??? Ever realize this was not* your country in the first place? Umm, newsflash…you were all immigrants!!! Our ancestors lived here before all of your ancestors…see the problem with some Americans today is they still have that greedy “everything is mine and I take what I want” attitude. I was born in America and have 100% Mexican lineage and I cannot believe what I am reading, killing human beings? Believe me, go down to the DNA and we are all pretty damn similar. So before you go shooting like uncivilized brutes, remember that you took was not yours…maybe it is karma knocking on your doors???

  36. Black Sheep says:

    Oh Frank, grow a brain. This is about violating the laws of this country, not whose ancestors were here first. People can’t break laws in Mexico just because they have Indian ancestry, can they? This wasn’t your country in the first place either, and your ancestors were most likely Spanish invaders who came in and killed off millions of Indians. So where does that leave you?

    I get so sick of this specious crap. Anything to justify what they know is wrong and what they would fight like hell over if it were done to them instead.

  37. Alex says:

    Everytime I see little mexican kids I feel like vomiting. It’s a sign of an infestation and a worsening plague on this earth.

    How to destroy a nice neighborhood? Let a mexican family move in. Your neighborhood will go to shit in few years as they start breeding like cockroaches and leaving their shit everywhere

  38. fighter says:

    We should do to the Mexicans (and a lot of blacks for that matter) what we did to the native american Indians. Reduce their population to a 10th of it’s current size and then stick them on tiny plots of land and make sure they keep the breeding in check. Some may call it genocide but I call it progress. Assimilate or die motherfuckers! The population of the earth needs to be about QUALITY, not quantity. And I am not a racist, I think Asians are awesome. If we ridded ourselves of the millions of useless mexicans and blacks we would have lots of room for the cool Asians to move in, and the hot Ukranian girls. It’s just my opinion but you know I’m right…..

  39. suburban Barbie says:

    oh kmon leave them alone im sorry about the situation described but that doesnt mean all mexicans are out to shoot ppl or so….
    besides im dating a kool mexican for several months and all has been OK so far

  40. Black Sheep says:

    Good luck, Barbie. No doubt there’s a few good ones out there somewhere but I don’t believe you’ve had the astounding good luck to find one. Meanwhile be sure to have an escape route planned for when he starts beating the crap out of you.

  41. dont hate says:

    Ok first Mexico is not a place for people to go to U.S and make money its a place to enjoy life. Second Mexicans aren’t immigrants every one of us comes from an immigrant that moved to the U.S. for a better life

  42. Black Sheep says:

    That’s got to be the dumbest, least appropriate to anything, worst utter nonsense comment ever left on this blog.

    “Mexico is not a place for people to go to U.S”. What? Huh?

    “Mexicans aren’t immigrants every one of us comes from an immigrant”

    What? Huh? What in HELL are you trying to say?

  43. dont hate says:


  44. Black Sheep says:

    Yes and they go there illegally and take diseases with them, pack in tons of illegal drugs, take away all the Mexicans jobs, and commit lots of violent crimes, right? Wow, why do all those wonderful Mexicans put up with that shit? You’re either a complete fucking idiot or you think everyone else is.

  45. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    native american Indians was better human beings and lived even better than the filthy genociders pigs stolen the land.

    Since Mohammed, the Muslims also say the same to their 270 MILLION victims they exterminated (includding 82 million Christians): “Assimilate or die motherfuckers!”

    now, you’re swallowing your own poison.

    PS: I love America, bur genocide always will be a untolerable crime against innocents. the progress could be made with no killing, once white Europeans are so superior.

  46. NoName says:

    I am Mexican. Let me just tell you that the Mexicans that you are describing are the bad kind of Mexicans. Most of the people I know are good people, they have good families and they respect other each other. And yes, I am in one of the best schools here, I studied one year in the U.S.,and I have a good education. My friends are also good people, not the poor drugdealers and loosers you are describing; I am not saying some Mexicans are not like that, I am just saying (you have heard it a million times) it is not a good thing to judge without knowing.

  47. Black Sheep says:

    Judge without knowing? Who’s doing that? I’m pretty sure everybody knows.

  48. Mexicans were given a bad name says:

    Well, I read the article and I must say that I kind of despise Mexico’s mindset. Humans in general act as animals, can’t deny that, but I can’t stand that Mexicans are hungry of money and power. You can also blame Argentinians for that along with many other Latino groups, Argentinians want to take over every place they go to.

    I’ve met Mexicans and they’re actually NOT bad people, well, depends on what kind of area do they live in and in what kind of family they grew in. They’re even charming sometimes, this proved me wrong as I was generalizing about them, but the human mind generalizes to avoid the “complex” action of dividing a large group within groups.

    In my opinion, Mexican gangs are a plague, making general Mexicans have a bad name, but ALL humans are stupid enough to replicate their same mistakes.

  49. Black Sheep says:

    It’s the general mindset, not this or that individual, or “all humans”. Prison gangs are just as ugly and violent, the black Bloods and Crips gangs in L.A. have always been bad news. It happens that this particular article isn’t about prison or L.A. gangs, it’s about the attitude of most Mexicans from their scumsucking jerk of an El Presidente on down.

    There’s a level of hypocrisy here that evades description, when Mexicans demand respect for themselves and their country, yet treat our borders, our citizens and our nation with such gross disrespect, and frankly, I return the sentiment in spades.

  50. Black Sheep says:

    Tell you what… Stop making excuses for them and just go spend some time in Mexico. If you aren’t a Mexican yourself, which I suspect, that is.