Robert Rosas, a three-year agency veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol was fatally shot while pursuing a bunch of illegal aliens in a remote valley about 60 miles east of San Diego, triggering a manhunt by federal, state and Mexican authorities, Homeland Security officials said Friday.

Rosas was responding to an invasion Thursday night just inside the steel border fence when one or more motherless Mexican filth opened fire, authorities said. He died at the scene.

This was the first Border Patrol agent to die like this in over 10 years and he wouldn’t have if our Border Patrol had more, a lot more, agents and equipment to deal with the lousy fucking Mexicans. We need to set up armed patrols and instruct them to fire immediately upon any person or vehicle that attempts to evade them, and to kill on sight anyone seen sneaking over our border. We need to declare WAR.

Southern California is a filthy ghetto from end to end now, crawling with crime and drugs and violence, and all because of all the shitty Mexicans who come in and live in drainpipes and under bridges and behind Safeway and anywhere they can. They shit where they live and don’t wipe their asses. The Mexicans coming here now are filthy scum, the dregs of the earth. All the decent ones here, who were given educations and taught morals and cleanliness as they grew up, came here a long time ago and became American citizens. What we’re getting now and have been for the last 10 years are the ignorant, illiterate, immoral, filthy pigs who never saw a flush toilet in their lives.

These are the people both Bush and Obama and most of the rest of our traitorous politicians have blatantly left the gates open to. We need to give them all a free years vacation in Mexico. It might seem nice for the first week, until they start getting attacked on the streets, kidnapped for ransom, beheaded by drug gangs, raped, sodomized, spit on, mugged, jailed for no reason, cheated, overcharged and shortchanged.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If we exercised our sovereign right to repel invaders, and started shooting dead anyone sneaking illegally across our borders, it probably wouldn’t take more than 3 dead Mexicans to, if not stop the flow, reduce it to the barest of trickles. If they know that they’ll be killed trying to cross, they won’t try to cross. We have the right to do it, why in the fuck aren’t we doing it?

Oct. 23, 2010: Notice— Any comment referring to “Mexican” as a race instead of a nationality will be deleted.

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  1. Black Sheep says:

    Comment by “Melissa” deleted for referring to Mexican as a race. Read the rules, all you Liberal Leftards, If – You – Don’t – Mind. Okay? Cheez.

  2. DOUGIE FRESH says:


  3. mp says:

    Damn right ! Fuck all you mexicans!

  4. pablo coje gringos says:

    Dougie fresh: Fuck you asshole, like it or nor we mexicans are all over US and very many of us, like me, have incomes that are above the americans standard, so keep saying all your bullshit, who cares hahahaha

  5. pablo coje gringos says:

    So taking advantage that my previous comment was not removed, I ‘ll just post another one hehe. We mesicans undestand that all these shitty pages and comments are from ignorant americans, I have many american friends who are smart and are not represented by the assholes writing on this page, so….United States… we goooooooo!!!!!!! hehehehehe

  6. Black Sheep says:

    There ya go, Pablo, that’s why we don’t want you here. The attitude of Mexicans totally sucks. Some of the comments here are pretty ignorant, all right, but a lot of them are from Mexicans like yourself.

  7. Leo says:

    You made me laugh. Mexicans are all over this filthy country. You know what would happen if the U.S. ever tried to do that? Mexicans will rebel and that wouldn’t be so pretty since we’re already inside your borders. So shut up and deal with it like a man, you priss. If you don’t like it, then too bad. Move, or shoot yourself in the head for all I care. Do you think anyone is going to take advice from an internet addict like you or me? You have deep issues if you think shooting people like animals is the right thing to do. It is really ignorant when people take Mexicans by the stereotypical side like you did. I am Mexican, and I am classified one of the brightest kids in my school. My friends are Mexican, and they’re smart.
    From a concerned reader, ~TheVolcaronaMaster

  8. Black Sheep says:

    In fact, other Mexicans are your ONLY friends, do I have that right? With a craphead attitude like yours, you don’t deserve any better. By the way, if you think this country is filthy, why are you here? Oh, that’s right, because even though you wallow in the filth you and your friends brought with you from Mexico, being in Mexico is one helluva lot worse.

    Dumb bastards like you bring your negative, criminal attitudes here from Mexico, trash up the neighborhoods you move into, and then complain about the dirt. Yeah, you’re a real bright kid.

    Mexicans would rebel. Ooo. You dimwit. Dead Mexicans don’t rebel, all they do is lay around, stinking and drawing flies, just like they do when they’re alive.

  9. UTURN says:

    Ya right! You dumb asses talk about how you are so damn proud of your heritage and your country of orgin, If you hate Americans, then take your ass back to mexico! I’m so damn sick of hearing you bitch and whine about the country we live in. I fought for my country. Many of my brothers and sisters died for this country! What have you done for our country? Accepting wellfare and being a burden on society does not count as being an honest American citizen, how about paying your damn taxes, paying to send your children to school. You say that you will rebel against the U.S. HAHAHA your funny, your dumb asses wouldent even last a day. If you had any pride for your heritage, you would go back to mexico and rebel against your own damn country and try and make it a better place. LEO YOU ARE THE DUMBEST MEXICAN EVER!!!

  10. TICKED says:

    Time for the trash like Pablo and Leo to be TAKEN OUT.

  11. UTURN says:

    What a bunch of loosers, I can’t figure out what is worse, illegal trash from mexico or the liberal punks that stand up for them. We ought to send them all to mexico. Like “Ticked” said time to take the trash out!

  12. black rifle boss says:

    mexicans rebel against the us lol!! try it ill use u as a bayonet for my AR

  13. UTURN says:

    Hey “black rifle boss”, good to see you on other sites, got any more good ones? And to all my American brothers and sisters MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! To all the wet backs, i wish you all a happy deportation and a big FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

  14. black rifle boss says:

    hats off to uturn

  15. goawayhispandex says:

    Hispanics; California isn’t your northern trash receptacle. Go home. When I’m not wanted somewhere, I leave. You should too.

  16. black rifle boss says:

    spics r like ther cars all flash no balls

  17. HARUN says:


  18. Black Sheep says:

    Yep. I’m totally against anchor babies. I think we’re the only nation in the world that has such a law and our Constitution needs to be revised to put an end to this anchor baby crap. As far as those illegal parents of their anchor babies being unable to get food stamps, I have a plan: GET A JOB IN MEXICO. It is NOT our responsibility to feed their kids, it’s theirs, and they’re here illegally to begin with. They have no right to complain, they should be damn glad they aren’t already on a bus back to their crummy country.

  19. James says:

    After 60 years of working in California, for the first time I am told by scumb ag American businesses they refuse to hire me because I don’t speak Spanish. Americans like these need to be deported along with the millions of illegals their hiring practices have foisted on us. I will cast my vote for anyone who is anti mexican. They are like cockroaches. All they do is fuck the white man out of everything he’s ever sweated to accumulate.

  20. James says:

    After 60 years of working in California, for the first time I am told by scumb ag American businesses they refuse to hire me because I don’t speak Spanish. Americans like these need to be deported along with the millions of illegals their hiring practices have foisted on us. I will cast my vote for anyone who is anti mexican. They are like cockroaches. All they do is fuck the white man out of everything he’s ever sweated to .

  21. Lucky says:

    Mexican means “SHIT” in english

  22. The truth says:

    Let’s be gangs, sell frikin drugs, and have more babies!! Anyways it’s their life so why should we even care??they are who they are so just let them frikin be.

  23. The truth says:

    How do you hide money from a Mexican? Put it under a bar of soap. Haha!

  24. The truth says:

    Haha lol, let me rephrase that: how does a Mexican hide his money? Puts it under a bar of soap. Lolol.

  25. Justin Beaner says:

    okay you just made me laugh bitch! dougi fresh and mp really ghetto you probably come from the projects. unlike most mexicans we have nice cars house cause we work hard for our shit! unlike you lazy ghetto dumbass, all you probably do is lay down smoking yo weed and relying on social sucruity. bitch let me tell you something im not ignorate and neither are my parents bitch my dad is a surgon brain/heart doctor he makes a lot of money, thats the reason that i live in a 3 story house and drive a 2012 mercadez benz yeah bitch i get the last laugh hahahah! mudafucker!!

  26. Black Sheep says:

    If you drive a Mercedes, why is it that you don’t even know how to spell it? Just wondering…..

    Stupid is as stupid does, thass whut muh muther allus used to say.

  27. The truth says:

    Justin beaner:Hahaha, relax dude. I’m just making a joke. You don’t have to get on your period all of a sudden. It’s great that you work or whatever for your stuff, no one said you didn’t, right? Don’t go criticizing me all of a sudden- you don’t know who your talking to or yet who I am! Don’t judge people before you don’t know them, and learn how to spell Mercedes ass wipe!

  28. Mickey Jones says:

    Just for conversation – do any of you know about the Mexico City killing spree of peasents/peasent workers – I think this was in 1963 – but you’ll have to look this up to be sure.

    Anyway – the point is – the Mexican Government is a dirty piece of garbage – hell, mexico is a dirty piece of garbage: something like – .08% of the Mexican Population own 98% of the wealth — while the remaining % of the population are so poor, its a wonder they survive.

    But in this view of Governments being garbage – I personally think we Americans need to take a good look at our own Federal Establishment.

    You see – I personally dislike Mexicans with a passion – I can-not stand the little brown Bastards – but thats my view, and doesn’t mean others have to feel the same way as I – its all up to ones personal views and values.

    Now – In my mind – one the one hand – I can’t blame these dirty brown bastards – I mean really, they can enter the US without resistance – get handed everything under the sun for free: such as Housing, Food, Medical Care, Education, electrical service — excedra – and then all they have to do is sell some drugs on the side, steal a few cars to fence south of the border, take what they want from the local walmart – and work some peddy-anne job: sheeeeeesh, the Illegal Mexicans have it made – they should be happy and content.

    But – on the other hand – I am a patriotic American – A veteran Of Foriegn war – and the son, brother, and Nephew of Veterans. My father was a kinda hero in WW2 – Navy. My sister was an RN at Balboa Hospital San Diego – My Uncle was Navel Intellegence at the Great Lakes – Communications Officer.

    On any account – I am a Patriotic American and a Veteran of Foriegn War – as this is true – I have a very hard time understanding how we as American Citizens can sit-back with our thumbs up our asses – watching the Illegal Mexicans come in and rape our nation — The WORD on this — The American Citizen is the Nation.

    So-and in conclusion: We Americans have a choice: A or B

    Choice A = Should we put blame on the Illegal Mexican?
    Choice B = Should we put blame on the US Federa Government?

    Myself – and in MY OPINION — I choose the Latter!

    Ya – Screw the Illegal Mexican — but if the American Citizen would simply get off of our asses – and control our own Federal Government – this Mexican Problem would not exist.

  29. Justin Beaner says:

    im just saying that i am better and then all of you bitches saying stuff about mexicans they only reason that you say shit about them is because your so fucking insacure about yourself!!

  30. Mickey Jones says:

    Greetings: Justin Beaner.
    No – I disagree – I don’t think that I’m insecure – nor do I think that white americans – black americans – or any other non-mexican is insecure: we are not the ones with a short “Male Point” – and we are not the Invaders.

    Well – I just don’t know – you and the other Illegal Mexicans seemingly have a hard time understanding that you are not wlcome in the US – that you are viewed as an illegal invader – a race of beggers and bums who beg the american people for free everything – simply because you know what you and mexico is: But yet: I have seen Illegal Mexicans drive around with bumper stickers that read — “””VIVA MEXICO”””.

    Well ok then: Bean – why are you and the other mexicans so dumbed-out – what in the world do the american people have to do – just to get some peace?

    You know – I honestly think you/your people are so stupid – you will actually push this nation into a revolution and civil war: at such time – Bye Bye Bean – with a bang…..

  31. The Truth says:

    No, beanbag, I totally know that I am secure in myself and whatever you say is not gonna change that. I just tell things just the way they are. That’s it. Face the truth, because truth is ugly.

  32. W.Carson says:




  33. Astrid says:

    Not all Mexicans are illegal! Those are just stereotypes! Is like what people say about whites. That all of us are a bunch of fuckin’ racist people! Please, dont make them think that, we are better than that… (:

    EDITED by Black Sheep: No, of course not. The ones who stay in Mexico are legal. Come on, no one said they’re all illegal. But legal or not, their behavior when they come here is horrible. Again, no, not all of them, but MOST OF THEM. That’s the problem. That’s not racism on our part, if anything, Mexicans are the racists. They openly hate blacks and the dark ones hate whites. Mexicans divide themselves up by race worse than we ever did over here.

  34. asshat honky says:

    fuck taco benders!

  35. asshat honky says:

    Everyone knows its Butters!

  36. barry hussein says:

    America should have a hunting season for those little, greasy shits. It could run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year and take place anywhere along the U.S./greasepit border. We could call it “DRUGMULE” Olympics. If any liberal, democrat, muslim, terrorist freaks get in the way–so much the better. EXTRA POINTS!! Now where’s my DRUGMULE gold medal?

  37. Keegle says:

    I stumbled upon this site by accident and I love everything it stands for! I have much reading to do!

  38. Ben Franklin says:

    They are destroying our country like 30 million 120 pound termites. California used to be a decent place to live, now it’s completely doomed to third-world status as it’s over-run by these human vermin. Worse the evil corrupt mexican politicians like Villaraigosa use their advantage in numbers, to increase their destructive power in the entire country.

    You can be sure any state run by mexican politicians is on its way out – they are incapable of running anything and never fail to prove it by their complete corruption and incompetence, and their inability to run anything more complicated then a taco cart.

  39. mexicans stink says:

    Mexicans suck and can suck my ****.

  40. boss says:

    i always say to my friends thank the goooood olllld lord i wasnt made to be a fing mexican ,im proud to be siccilian i will admit their are some good and some bad in evry race but most mexicans suck ,they drive with out respect for anyone or anything , their unfriendly as hell , their work quality sucks , they look mean and try to imtimadate people of course i laugh , their too quite making me leary and 90% of them cant speack any english , and they all sound the fing same old boring crap language their people who dont bring anything good to the table of any situation , dont beleive me go to stockton calif and youll see a mexican bankrupt dirty ass dump with nothing but mexicnas killing each other raping each other stealing from each other and running each other over and the bastrds breg about it all gesssus even blacks and american indians offer more goodness then these ratts

  41. boss says:

    and mexicans are just as fing racists as whites ive seen it in calif the bastrds stare and look mean and i know wtf their thinking i know for a fact the grease balls want to completely over run calif but they forgot one thing their uneducated and broke theirs a reason the best parts of calif are mostly white or itlaian or black ,mexcinas arent educated enough to make the big bucks and it drives the bastrds insane that their tooo stupid hahahahaha it shows in their insecure driving bulllsheeet i see daily

  42. boss says:

    let me rephrase im sorry whites arent even as racists is which i mean as i lived in the nw and whites werent any thing near as racists as mexcians and are alot better to live around way more pleasant

  43. Amber says:

    I agree that mexican;s need to stay in Mexico. I live in oregon, and it is terrible. Try being a girl? every time i go anywhere, they talk in mexican to me, and laugh! They are filthy. I do no want to go to their country, and sit on the streets and go to people’s from door asking in english if they want to buy a a hamburger? why do they come here and do this to me? They suck!!

  44. Omg says:

    Mexico mostly sucks Bc of the people. It’s very negative an all the women there are mean haters. The phone system sucks Bc the people never protest to change anything. Here is ONE cellular company there that sucks but no one objects. The police are corrupt….supposedly the drug cartels run everything but from my personal experience inside Mexico, it’s the people and their horrible attitudes that make it such a Disgusting place. There is ridiculous teenage looking graffiti all over the place that’s been there for YEARS…I asked someone “why doesn’t someone just paint over it?” They really told me that the government doesn’t have he money to do it, so it stays. Wow. That’s the mentality there. They overcharge Americans for everything and try to steal from you left and right. THe police are no exception. It’s. horrible country, they aren’t civilized decent people there.

  45. Choco_Taco says:

    Hey hey, uturn n black rifle boss
    Good to see someone’s dedicated
    Alright 1…2….3…

    Nasty ignorant pieces of shit
    Seriously, if they’d understand what respect and showers are than they might not seem so bad
    They’d still be the scum of the earth but at least they’d move up a notch in civilization from Iranians
    Fuck, Iran is shitty ass 3rd world country and they have a nuclear program. What the fuck Mexico? You lazy wetbacks gonna let some stone throwing sheep fuckers get ahead of you on the evolutionary ladder?
    Not like they’re any different
    Hell, most of those goats are probably less hairy and smelly than the nasty fat ass Mexican girls that get knocked up at 14 to start having their 14 little beaner spawn

  46. el asso wipo says:

    The only good Mexican is a dead Mexican.

  47. el asso wipo says:

    The dope smuggling Mexicans that they catch at the border. Should be forced to eat the drugs, especially if its Meth, cocaine or heroin!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. el asso wipo says:

    Your Mexican women are ugly toads and the males are sheep.ducking gays.

  49. el asso wipo says:

    Any illegal Mexican trying to cross.the.fence to go north should be shot on sight and to the death.