Arabs Are Stupid

From the sticky, date-sugar encrusted lips of Saudi King Abdullah come these words of peace, love and acceptance of Israel, no doubt greatly encouraging Israel to beat their swords into plowshares and kiss and make up with the Palestinians: “I’ll be honest, brothers. The criminal enemy (Israel) could not over long years of continued aggression have inflicted as much damage to the Palestinian cause as did the Palestinians themselves in a matter of a few months”.

He’s bitching out the Hamas leadership for their constant squabbling and infighting over who gets to be Hot Shit Number 1 instead of getting together and aggressively attacking Israel.

I guess he’s too goddam stupid to realise that his outspoken hatred of Israel has also inflicted severe damage on the Palestinian cause. Not that any more was needed considering that Hamas has also decided to blame Israel for the death of Yasser Arafat when there’s evidence that Arafat, the little faggot, most likely died of complications of AIDS, and this accusation will undoubtedly bring all that right back out into the news again, which is the very last thing that the Palestinians want. Good thinking. Smart.

Saudi King Abdullah isn’t just the king of Saudi Arabia. He’s also the Protector of Mecca and one of the grander mucky-mucks of Islam, and if that doesn’t explain why Arab muslims are such a fucked-up mess, nothing will. Fourteen centuries of socially mandated incest does wonders for brain function.

Human Rights Watch has just condemned Hamas for committing war crimes, for all the rockets they fired into Israel indiscriminately and often from civilian areas, and are still firing off.

If I tell a neighbor that as soon as I get the deed for my house from him, I’m going to burn his house down and kill him and his family and take over his land, what do you think? Think that neighbor will give me the deed? Do you think Hamas or Fatah or any other bunch of Palestinian Arab maniacs will ever be given their own country by Israel? Do you think pigs will fart green apples?

Inbreeding results in brutal stupidity. Stupid, brutal people, easily filled with hatred, easily inflamed, eager to destroy innocent lives, and not worth the powder to blow them all to Hell.

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    The KGB’s Man

    Moscow turned Arafat into a terrorist.


    Mr. Pacepa was the highest ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc. The author of “Red Horizons” (Regnery, 1987), he is finishing a book on the origins of current anti-Americanism.

    The Israeli government has vowed to expel Yasser Arafat, calling him an “obstacle” to peace. But the 72-year-old Palestinian leader is much more than that; he is a career terrorist, trained, armed and bankrolled by the Soviet Union and its satellites for decades.

    Before I defected to America from Romania, leaving my post as chief of Romanian intelligence, I was responsible for giving Arafat about $200,000 in laundered cash every month throughout the 1970s. I also sent two cargo planes to Beirut a week, stuffed with uniforms and supplies. Other Soviet bloc states did much the same. Terrorism has been extremely profitable for Arafat. According to Forbes magazine, he is today the sixth wealthiest among the world’s “kings, queens & despots,” with more than $300 million stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

    “I invented the hijackings [of passenger planes],” Arafat bragged when I first met him at his PLO headquarters in Beirut in the early 1970s. He gestured toward the little red flags pinned on a wall map of the world that labeled Israel as “Palestine.” “There they all are!” he told me, proudly. The dubious honor of inventing hijacking actually goes to the KGB, which first hijacked a U.S. passenger plane in 1960 to Communist Cuba. Arafat’s innovation was the suicide bomber, a terror concept that would come to full flower on 9/11.

    In 1972, the Kremlin put Arafat and his terror networks high on all Soviet bloc intelligence services’ priority list, including mine. Bucharest’s role was to ingratiate him with the White House. We were the bloc experts at this. We’d already had great success in making Washington–as well as most of the fashionable left-leaning American academics of the day–believe that Nicolae Ceausescu was, like Josip Broz Tito, an “independent” Communist with a “moderate” streak.

    KGB chairman Yuri Andropov in February 1972 laughed to me about the Yankee gullibility for celebrities. We’d outgrown Stalinist cults of personality, but those crazy Americans were still naïve enough to revere national leaders. We would make Arafat into just such a figurehead and gradually move the PLO closer to power and statehood. Andropov thought that Vietnam-weary Americans would snatch at the smallest sign of conciliation to promote Arafat from terrorist to statesman in their hopes for peace.

    Right after that meeting, I was given the KGB’s “personal file” on Arafat. He was an Egyptian bourgeois turned into a devoted Marxist by KGB foreign intelligence. The KGB had trained him at its Balashikha special-ops school east of Moscow and in the mid-1960s decided to groom him as the future PLO leader. First, the KGB destroyed the official records of Arafat’s birth in Cairo, replacing them with fictitious documents saying that he had been born in Jerusalem and was therefore a Palestinian by birth.
    The KGB’s disinformation department then went to work on Arafat’s four-page tract called Falastinuna (“Our Palestine”), turning it into a 48-page monthly magazine for the Palestinian terrorist organization al-Fatah. Arafat had headed al-Fatah since 1957. The KGB distributed it throughout the Arab world and in West Germany, which in those days played host to many Palestinian students. The KGB was adept at magazine publication and distribution; it had many similar periodicals in various languages for its front organizations in Western Europe, like the World Peace Council and the World Federation of Trade Unions.

    Next, the KGB gave Arafat an ideology and an image, just as it did for loyal Communists in our international front organizations. High-minded idealism held no mass-appeal in the Arab world, so the KGB remolded Arafat as a rabid anti-Zionist. They also selected a “personal hero” for him–the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, the man who visited Auschwitz and reproached the Germans for not having killed even more Jews. In 1985 Arafat paid homage to the mufti, saying he was “proud no end” to be walking in his footsteps.

    Arafat was an important undercover operative for the KGB. Right after the 1967 Six Day War, Moscow got him appointed to chairman of the PLO. Egyptian ruler Gamal Abdel Nasser, a Soviet puppet, proposed the appointment. In 1969 the KGB asked Arafat to declare war on American “imperial-Zionism” during the first summit of the Black Terrorist International, a neo-Fascist pro-Palestine organization financed by the KGB and Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi. It appealed to him so much, Arafat later claimed to have invented the imperial-Zionist battle cry. But in fact, “imperial-Zionism” was a Moscow invention, a modern adaptation of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” and long a favorite tool of Russian intelligence to foment ethnic hatred. The KGB always regarded anti-Semitism plus anti-imperialism as a rich source of anti-Americanism.

    The KGB file on Arafat also said that in the Arab world only people who were truly good at deception could achieve high status. We Romanians were directed to help Arafat improve “his extraordinary talent for deceiving.” The KGB chief of foreign intelligence, Gen. Aleksandr Sakharovsky, ordered us to provide cover for Arafat’s terror operations, while at the same time building up his international image. “Arafat is a brilliant stage manager,” his letter concluded, “and we should put him to good use.” In March 1978 I secretly brought Arafat to Bucharest for final instructions on how to behave in Washington. “You simply have to keep on pretending that you’ll break with terrorism and that you’ll recognize Israel–over, and over, and over,” Ceausescu told him for the umpteenth time. Ceausescu was euphoric over the prospect that both Arafat and he might be able to snag a Nobel Peace Prize with their fake displays of the olive branch.

    In April 1978 I accompanied Ceausescu to Washington, where he charmed President Carter. Arafat, he urged, would transform his brutal PLO into a law-abiding government-in-exile if only the U.S. would establish official relations. The meeting was a great success for us. Mr. Carter hailed Ceausescu, dictator of the most repressive police state in Eastern Europe, as a “great national and international leader” who had “taken on a role of leadership in the entire international community.” Triumphant, Ceausescu brought home a joint communiqué in which the American president stated that his friendly relations with Ceausescu served “the cause of the world.”
    Three months later I was granted political asylum by the U.S. Ceausescu failed to get his Nobel Peace Prize. But in 1994 Arafat got his–all because he continued to play the role we had given him to perfection. He had transformed his terrorist PLO into a government-in-exile (the Palestinian Authority), always pretending to call a halt to Palestinian terrorism while letting it continue unabated. Two years after signing the Oslo Accords, the number of Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists had risen by 73%.

    On Oct. 23, 1998, President Clinton concluded his public remarks to Arafat by thanking him for “decades and decades and decades of tireless representation of the longing of the Palestinian people to be free, self-sufficient, and at home.” The current administration sees through Arafat’s charade but will not publicly support his expulsion. Meanwhile, the aging terrorist has consolidated his control over the Palestinian Authority and marshaled his young followers for more suicide attacks.

  2. jay renaud says:

    In spite of its snarly language, the writer is correct. Many Arabs are suffering from the effects of inbreeding and now expect the world to accept the mentally defective thinking that is linked with consanguine genetics. It would be interesting to know what percentage of Arabs are inbred, taking as a benchmark the fact that it takes seven generations, from the time of marriage to a first cousin to restore genetic diversity.

    The genetic counseling service in Bahrain was instituted just before my arrival in 1996. It is interesting to note that a) a genetic counseling service was even needed and b) if it was needed, then when will the effects of previous inbreeding be bred out of the population. Bahrain is a relatively forward thinking Arab state. Other Arab states hold it as a cultural privilege to marry your first cousin, to keep wealth in the family, for instance. This question should be examined more closely.

  3. marwan says:

    ARABS are the worst people at the world because they have a new brain they didnt use it in anything but i think they use it in three things like eating and sleeping and fucking each others more over they shit everyday and the toilet is their own place and their special place even though they have a nice cars and alots of money and petrol etc
    but they stil ignorance and idiot stupid people who knows maybe those countries will be an animals for israel and usa and uk
    with best wishes
    signature : arabs hater

  4. marwan says:

    in the gulf countries like saudi arabia and kuwait and qatar etc
    the president is the king and the god and the leader for them and the warship him even if he a bad guy and all the presidents there are so stupids and asshole because they havent a brain to lead their countries like the king of saudi arabia he is a stupid person with no qualifications and i dont know how can he lead his country without anything and there are a holy words in those countries ” god.THE KING.THE population”
    and if anybody insult the king he will be excuated and killed
    there is rules there nothing good everything there is bad thats because the kings and the president god damn them and fuck to them

  5. arab says:

    I LOVE ARABS!!! They are so awesome, i love their beards.

  6. Complex Variables says:

    Arabs are NOT stupid. They are retards. They are close to a billion of them but there aren’t any scholars among them.

  7. Karlos says:

    Large percentage of Arabs are stupid, but not all Arabs. The percentage of stupidity in Arabs is much higher than other people of other ethnic background. let me give you some examples, Someone told my manager, who is a Bahrani nappy head that, when a women says no, she means yes. so this idiot put the theory to the test till he raped her and this story was published in the newspaper in Arabic. He is called Naji Al Mahdi. Is this man ok or mentally deranged.

    other problems with the Arabs is that they believe they are superior to other races. So they behave accordingly and this causes them issues. let me tell you another one. A man asked an Arab is fucking fun or work. the Arabs said it must be fun. the man asked why is it fun ? so the Arab said if it was work someone else would do it. Arabs need to get off their lazy backside and work and of course, think !!!

    I can say a lot more but i ‘ll stop here.

  8. Claude says:

    A lot of them keep their women covered yet they chase other women usually just to sleep around and because of this the divorce rate has gone sky high in Middle East countries. Then they say we are muslims. They go to cheap countries like india, Egypt marry for fun and when they finish they leave.

    Many Arabs come to Europe for ‘fuck’ you know what happens the prostitution increases. so what kind of muslim are you.

    Housemaids are treated ‘badly’ and any bad treatment the maid has no where to turn. If she goes to authorities she is accused of crimes.

    Homesexuality amongst men and women is extensive in the Arabic culture. Also Paedophilia is very common, a boy is more valued then a man.

    HIV/AIDS is big in Arab countries but it is secretly big.

    Now, tell me what you think ?

  9. stewman says:

    I just think that part of the world is fucking backwards in general. This very moment, my indian housemate is giving some arab chick a makeover in the kitchen, and I’m not allowed to go in there and see her with her burka removed. In my own home! In Australia! Take your stupid fucked up muslim shit back to your own country. I know it sounds racist, but these people come over here and all they do is talk war and religion. I don’t have a problem with all middle-eastern people, for example, Australia now has a large population of indian people, and they are the most beautiful peaceful people, and they love the Australian way. But all you other towel head war hungry motherfuckers, get fucked. Arabs are fucking stupid

  10. Smiggle says:

    I think arabs are fucked up. They come here for peace because of war….but then they make war. They are fucked up people who bully the innocent. I tell you what. You are strong on the inside but weak on the inside. You arabic Osama Bin Ladan Bastards are going to town. War is breaking. And it’s because of you….

  11. anonymous says:

    iactually i dont know what is the best way to begin with in talking about arabs
    but the only thing which im gonna to have it said
    that the arabs were grqnted a very great prize which is my prophet mohammed ( peaqce be upon him)

  12. Black Sheep says:

    There ya go. Living proof.

  13. Antas says:

    Everyone is fucking Arabs politically, socially and all other known ways. Israel and USA is fucking them coz they are so damned nappy headed assholes. Let look at it this way let Israel and USA fuck them and we should support Israel and USA so they might eventually learn some sense and begin to wake up… they are asshole, lazy thick as shit, damn sad niggers.

  14. naz says:

    They are stupid because they eat camel shit and shag donkeys

  15. DixieSkumLord says:

    I think the problem is that the vast majority of sane, sensible, intelligent, moderate arabs fled the middle east 80-90 years ago. The ones who remained behind are poor, stupid, inbred fucktards who are easily manipulated in to suicide bombings to escape their shitty lives of no beer, women or xbox….

    After this embassy bullshit we need to permanently end muslim immigration to the USA…if you hate america so badly we shouldn’t let them live here….

    The various kings, sheiks, imams and ayatollahs have stolen 60 years of oil wealth from their pitiful crap hole countries while blaming america and israel for all their problems…since america’s creation in 1776 far more arabs have been killed in muslim on muslim violence than by america and israel combined….i’m glad i got to live long enough to see arafat, saddam, bin laden, sheikh yassin and a bunch of other jihadi fanatics cocksuckers sent to their 72 virigns

  16. Iam Araby Iam Not Stupid says:

    Arab is not stupid, the arab everyday killed by america and isreal
    basher kill the syrian people , and i always see blood every where
    when america attacked afghanistan osama benladden go to deffend for
    this country and for the god
    osama benladden is not terrorist , america is the terrorist
    and we are not stupid , we are everyday killed by america.

  17. Black Sheep says:

    You are? Killed every day, huh? And would that be because you’re a bunch of terrorists? Hmm? And you keep getting killed instead of going home, taking care of your family? But you’re not stupid? Really?

  18. Firas Moussa says:

    “do not judge on somebody before you get to know him well”

    where did you get this information?
    Dear writer, I am a Palestinian refugee living in Lebanon which has no oil, no money with shitty internet and electricity.
    even so, you may look at my portfolio “”, I am an android, iphone, vb6 and web developer and a guitarist. where are the terrorism and stupidity now?

  19. Black Sheep says:

    Firas, in the first place, there are no Palestinian refugees. That’s Muslim propaganda and total bullshit.

    Second, if Lebanon is all that bad, then you must be stupid to live there, so stop whining or move.

    Third, when did you come to represent all Arabs? Fourth, what makes you think that you do? Fifth, you MUST be a lousy Muslim because you’re denying the terrorism that you Muslims indulge in constantly.

    Sixth, fuck off. People like you bore the hell out of me.

  20. Firas Moussa says:

    I are really stupid, sorry but it’s true.
    I told you before “do not judge on somebody before you get to know him well”

    And that’s why:

    First, my ID card starts with “Palestinian refugee”, and my passport’s cover starts with “Travel document for Palestinian refugee”, also we refugees don’t have the right to buy houses, we can only rent, because we are not civilians. This is because we Muslims want to maintain the illusion that millions are still alive after the 1947 exodus from Palestine, even though it was only thousands who left, when it was our choice to leave or stay, so we can make Israel look like the oppressors instead of us.

    Second, I am a stupid asshole, I’m trying to get the hell out of here since I was 22 years old, and now I’m 27, and I still can’t get off my ass and simply leave.

    Third, I do represent all Arabs.

    Fourth, who told you that I do not ? Tell me and I will kill him.

    Fifth, who told you that I’m Muslim ? Tell me and I will kill him.
    I know there are too many idiot people in the Arab societies, but not all of them. Just most of them.

  21. Black Sheep says:

    I did a massive edit on the above comment, something I always enjoy doing with really abusive attacks on yours truly. Also I checked Firaj’s IP address and it is Lebanon, so at least part of his rant is true.

    In this last comment of his, he denied being a Muslim and proceeded to express great hatred for the United States, which is consistent with typical Muslim rants, made excuses for Arabs and denied Muslim terrorism. Said he was an atheist. In Lebanon, where Christians are fleeing for their lives? An atheist? Yeah, right.

    The Muslim Arabs want to maintain the lie of “Palestinian refugees” rather than simply taking the people in as citizens of their various countries, because it puts an onus on Israel. This way they get to keep claiming that Israel is oppressing all those people when in fact it’s the Arabs themselves who are using all those other Arabs, regardless of how much those people might suffer, to pressure Israel to keep giving up more land, more land, more land until there’s no Israel left.

    When this guy calls himself a “Palestinian refugee”, he’s buying into the bullshit at his own expense, so if he’s suffering for it, then he must be stupid. Even if he’s locked into that “refugee” status and can’t change it if he wanted to, he should know better than to excuse his abuse at the hands of other Arabs by saying that the U.S. and Europe are bad people too, and he did say that before I edited his blather out.

    Get honest, Firaj. No one over here is causing your problems. All your troubles are because Arab Muslims don’t give a crap about you and are just using you.

  22. Firas Mousa says:

    I didn’t mension Europe.
    Yes, you did. You referred to the U.S. and to “France, and EU”.

    and you changed most of the message and removed many sentances.
    Well of course. It’s my blog and you cussed me out. What did you expect?

    you know they were true, so that you removed them.
    Oh right. No. See above.

    also you added “kill him” to make me terrorist by force and added other things.
    You’re not? Then why are you so supportive of the Islamic agenda and so hateful toward us? Hmmm?

    this is your cheap blog after all, do whatever you want.
    Not all that cheap, I pay a fair price yearly for hosting. But yes, it is my blog and yes, I will do whatever I want on it. After all, I pay to do so. You don’t.

  23. Firas Mousa says:

    Forgive me for my many comments.

    I forget to tell you:
    First, the UN says we are refugees not muslims, and here is the link:

    Screw the UN. In the first place, it’s been overrun by Islamists and we both know it. The UN is horseshit. How can you be a refugee at the age of 27 when the refugees ran out of Palestine in 1947? I don’t give a crap what the UN calls you or what you buy into, most of those who claimed to be refugees have died of old age.

    Second, not all of the arab are muslims, there are muslims, christians, jews, communists and atheists. yes, there are jews palestinians and lebanese and egyptions.
    There are no Arab Jews. None. All the rest, yes. But no Jews. Who do you think you’re fooling?

    Second, I told you i’m atheist and you didn’t believe me, well… I will give you my favorite atheism site: my account name is : iFiras
    search for my posts and see their date.

    bless you

  24. Black Sheep says:


    We both know what the word Taqqiya means, don’t we?

  25. Firas Mousa says:

    yes I remembered now, I really mentioned it,

    Your blog is not cheap? kidding me?, your alexa ranking is blah blah blah. Whatever that is. My hosting cost is much more than you think, but also none of your business. If you think so little of my blog, why do you keep coming back?

    I say bless you because my friends are muslims, and I born muslim and used to say these words.
    I left islam several years ago with leaving the bloody prophet, but still saying these words.
    Atheists DO NOT say “bless you”.

  26. Black Sheep says:

    Enough of this crap. All future comments from you will be deleted. You avoid my points and keep spouting insults and bullshit and I’m through with trying to reason with you. There’s no reasoning with Muslims and you still are one, like I said at the very start of this useless conversation. Now go away.

    Several points: There are literally millions of blogs and most of them receive little or no traffic. This one used to get about 150 hits a day, but blogging has pretty much died in favor of Twitter, MySpace and so forth, and the successful blogs now are almost entirely ones devoted to celebrities. The rest of us just blog to have our say whether anyone reads it or not.

    I’ve had hundreds of comments from Muslims and every last one had the same knee-jerk response set. America is bad, the blog host is insulted, faults, real or not, are made a big issue out of while the actual topic is ignored, there is no terrorism, Americans are the terrorists, 9/11 was our fault, Islam is peaceful, and so on. The truth is twisted when it can’t be ignored. Trying to have an honest and open conversation with a Muslim is impossible. They don’t know how. They’re taught to deceive and lie, argue, insult and threaten as their way of communicating with each other from the day they’re born, because that’s the heart of Islamic teachings. Islam is a cult of blood, hatred and death and when they can’t kill each other they look for a Christian or a Jew to slaughter.

    I let this go on with Firas only because he claimed to be an atheist. He may think he is, but he still behaves like a Muslim.

  27. Kail says:

    You know what is the definition of stupidity….it is extreme dullness of perception or understanding, insensibility and sluggishness….i don’t think you will understand the definition why?
    The one who describe a 1 billion human being by stupidity is…..(read the definition again).
    Keep reading the definition again and again maybe in one million year your rudimental brain cells will start to evolve.
    Go and think of your fucked life rather than thinking of 1 billion musilm they don’t even think you are existing on this planet.

    Black Sheep here: Spoken like a true Muslim. You people never offer any defense of your behavior, attacks are the only response you know. And that’s stupid.

  28. Shun says:

    So true…

  29. Stephen says:

    Naji Almahdi, a rapist, a criminal, a gypsy from a gypsy family. For full details email me;

  30. Vincent says:


  31. Abbey says:

    Warning all Ladies. Pass this information onto as many females as possible.

    Warning all Ladies. Pass this information onto as many females as possible.The next victim could be your daughter, sister, mother, wife, and friend.

    What kind of UAE are we living in ? This is shocking information !!! This is a perfect example of a CORRUPT education system, educators with criminal records and dubious educational qualifications in UAE.

    What kind of educational system, education policies and experts do we have in Dubai/UAE? Now the question is, how is it possible in UAE, for Naji alMahdi to be involved in such very bad/criminal activities to be a director of a governmental college and also organisations i.e., education authorities of Dubai (KHDA) that employ and support him. In any first world and civilised countries this would not be possible.

    This is information about a person Naji Al Mahdi, a Bahraini national, Shia, adopted Kuwait as home, works as an executive director of a college in, Block 1, Academic City, in a college called NIVE, National Institute Vocational Education, (NIVE) Dubai, UAE. ( This college is under Knowledge and Human Development Authority, KHDA ( or ( in Dubai. The Director General of KHDA is Abdulla Karam,

    1. In this webpage you will find information written by people about this college. or google, naji almahdi rape.

    2. Everyone be careful of Naji al Mahdi, nicknamed, ‘the rapist’ He likes to collect personal information about ladies. He gets other people to follow you, gets females to collect personal information about you, like your phone numbers, information about your friends and family members, your place of work and addresses. He is surely a criminal and can be described as a, ‘grossly perverted psycho’. Naji perfectly fits into this category type.

    He was charged and convicted of RAPE and theft of large sums of money in Bahrain. This news was published in a Bahraini newspaper see link below. This link has been hacked, tampered and altered so that the article is not readable. If you wish to read the contents of the above mentioned article in Arabic, kindly email me,

    Naji AlMahdi, an ex car mechanic and son of a fisherman, has various sites on the web, promoting himself, do not believe them they are all LIES and his educational qualifications are FAKE. He claims he holds a Ph.D and Fulbright Scholarship. His Ph.D and other qualifications do not exist. All Ph.D’s done in UK are kept in the archive university where the Ph.D was done and also kept in an archive for all to see at the British Library, Naji alMahdi’s Ph.D does not exist. He is clueless about education and vocational education. The University of Manchester has confirmed that Naji almahdi’s educational degrees are of ‘dubious character’

    3. He was fired from Higher College of Technology (HCT) /Dubai Women’s College, UAE. A written confirmation is provided by HCT of his termination.

    4. What kind of educational organisation is KHDA. KHDA inspects and issues licenses to schools, colleges and universities in Dubai, it ensures quality and standards are achieved, yet it needs to inspect its employees and it’s practices to have credible status to issue licenses. Other newspaper articles have been published in Arabic regarding lack of teaching, useless management and refusal of accreditation.

    What kind of background do other managers and directors have in KHDA and secondly in other government departments. It seems KHDA is a fragmented governmental organisation and it needs to get serious, certainly it is a broken education establishment. KHDA has knowledge of Naji AlMahdi and is supportive of him. Is it nepotism or cronyism ?

    If you wish to see Naji AlMahdi’s ugly face go to,

  32. Maya says:


  33. Mansoor says:

    Naji AlMahdi is a RAPIST & a PEDOPHILE. I know him very well. All Women warning!!! Read full article on this webpage.

  34. Cosmic says:


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