The news has just come in that Ted Kennedy has finally died. Thank God and Good Riddance!

Expelled from Harvard in 1951 for cheating, his long, gin-soaked career as a senator has finally come to an end.

The article below was posted May 17th, 2008 on another blog of mine that is now what you might call quiescent, as opposed to Ted Kennedy, who is now moribund:

Ted Kennedy’s brain fart has been diagnosed as a malignant tumor, brain cancer. Inoperable. Well, hey, we all gotta go sometime and sometimes that’s just not soon enough. Why is it that our media treats these power-mongering dirtbags like they were rock stars?

Rock stars bring happiness into our lives. Rock stars make us DANCE. When did that fat asshole ever make anyone except the illegals and homosexuals dance? He’s always pushed his own Leftist, Extreme Liberal agenda for the benefit of the fringe few to the great detriment of Mainstream America. He’s so addicted to power that even at 74 he was unable to take a break from giving cancer to America.

Now the cancer has come to him. How sad.

Ted Kennedy, grossly obese Democrat senator, extreme left-wing liberal and the man who has done more than anyone else to give America away to everyone except Americans, is in the hospital with a stroke. This over-eating pig of a creature has grown so heavy that he waddles like a duck and weaves a course like a drunk when he walks. Not long ago he had surgery to clear an almost total blockage of his carotid artery, to prevent a stroke, but you just can’t fix revolting.

Ever hear of Chappaquiddick? That was the place where Ted Kennedy was driving away drunk from a sex and liquor party his wife did not attend, with a young lady in his car with him, when he drove off a bridge into a river. He saved his own worthless ass and left her to drown, and afterward told so many different lies about what happened that everyone gave up on finding out the actual truth. He avoided prosecution because of all his and his families political connections, even though he should have been slammed into prison for involuntary manslaughter at the very least. He endorsed Obama.

Ted Kennedy has been against every attempt to rein in the illegal alien invasion, preferring instead to have open borders and give them all drivers licenses and free health care. While he was at it, he has promoted marriages between people of the same sex in violation of the basic nature of our society. Traditional marriage is not for the benefit of government or the couples involved. It is for the benefit of the ISSUE of the marriages, the children. Marriage is for the protection of children.

Childless couples can adopt, and childless couples have always been composed of one male, one female. How many straight people, which are by far the majority of us, want homosexuals getting their hands on little kids? These people don’t bear children and have no business taking other peoples kids to raise. Anyone who has ever gone to any “gay” bar, anywhere, and watched how queers behave, would never leave children in their care. This is okay with Ted Kennedy though. Ted likes queers. Obviously, I don’t.

His promotion of amnesty for every foreign criminal who invades our nation is enough by itself to render him despicable in the eyes of everyone who honestly cares about the future of America.

What is it about these minority groups that their votes should be considered important? By bending over and kissing their asses, politicians legitimize them instead of ignoring them and concentrating on the majority concerns of us majority of Americans. They try to include every whacko cult to not offend anyone and lose any votes and in doing so they defeat their own purpose for being, which is to represent the will of the people. The will of the people is NOT to see Mexican drug gangs ruling the neighborhoods of Southern California, and male couples wearing wedding dresses and kissing in crowded elevators and picking up tender little boys from the orphanage to make sexually abused little faggots out of, but that kind of disgusting crap is Ted Kennedys gift to America.

Is he dead yet?

9 Responses to “YES! YES! HE’S DEAD!”

  1. hahahahahahaha

    ” He’s so addicted to power that even at 74 he was unable to take a break from giving cancer to America.

    Now the cancer has come to him. How sad.”


    Black Sheep is back!

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Ernesto… I see your website is blocked again. I’ve been getting your emails, thanks. I plan on doing something with all those poster images but haven’t made a decision as to what, yet.

  3. That’s my pro-America website — showing the lies from MSM and reveiling the truth about New York Times, Michael Moore, Democrats, hurricane Katrina, etc…

    I made that in 2005. But I have others…

  4. xoggoth says:

    The bastard defended funding for the IRA too.

    Read Moore’s best known thing once on a plane. Can’t remember a darn thing about it, even the name, except that it was total drivel. Not read any of Hurricane Katrina’s novels but they must be better than Michael Moore’s.

  5. monkey says:

    haha great post, what a great year we are having first Jade Goody, then Wacko anf now Teddy if only brown would drop dead it would be perfect.

    xoggoth im curious about ernesto website being blocked.

  6. Well, I have 5 websites blocked — 2 anti-Islã, 3 anti-left.

    But this year would be GREAT if we had filled this Death Shit List:

    Hussein Obama

    Michelle Obama

    Nancy Pelosi

    Harry Reid

    George Soros

    Nikki Giovanni

    Osama Bin Laden

    Mamoud Ahmadinejad

    Louis Farrakhan

    Jeremiah Wright

    Al Sharpton

    Ian Gibson

    Oprah Winfrey

    George Clooney

    Sean Penn

    Woopy Goldberg

    Harrison Ford


    John McCain

    Bildeberg Club

    Hugo Chavez

    Fidel Castro

    Raul Castro

    Rafael Correa

    Evo Morales

    Lula da Silva

    José Sarney

  7. Black Sheep says:

    I’d add Ayatollah Khomeini and Putin to the wish list. Good list, though.

    Who or what is it that’s blocking your websites? Government, or just the server?

  8. BOTH. and particular enemies — Leftists, Islamists, Nazists.

    anti-americans at all.

    The blocked website #6 — ZION : pro-Israe and Jew People

    about Putin: yeah, I’s forgot.

    about Ayatollah Khomeini: he died in 1989.

  9. Black Sheep says:

    Right. Misspelling. Khamenei, not Khomeini.