WHY Mexicans Suck

I live in Washington state, okay? We’re not a real populous state, we have a fairly short summer and the rest of the year is cold and mostly wet. You wouldn’t think Mexicans, from a hot climate, would like it here much and they probably don’t, but that doesn’t stop them from coming here, illegally, finding places to live and then spreading out their disgusting lifestyle and habits to the rest of us whether we want to share in them or not.

YAKIMA, Wash. —
Police say the 17-year-old killed Tuesday night in Yakima was a known gang member, and the drive-by shooting is being investigated as gang-related.
A witness told police a car pulled up along side the Yakima teen, Yobane Ortiz, and shots were fired.

Responding officers found him on a street corner with one bullet wound to the head and several to the torso. He was pronounced dead at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. The shooting was the 15th homicide this year in Yakima County and the first since July 19.

Yakima is a big town by Washington standards, of about 250,000 people but certainly not anything as large as Los Angeles or Chicago or the other gang-infested cities, but they’ve had 15 murders this year, so far, and while the article doesn’t say so, I bet nearly all were gang killings.

I went to a large discount grocery store yesterday in the nearest large town to me, which is just under 100,000 in population, and got glares from the minority types doing their shopping there, as if they, even though incapable of speaking any English at all, had more right to be there than me. At one point the aisle was blocked by 3 of them, teens to early 20′s, with their shopping carts while they blithered away at each other in Spanish, as I and an elderly lady waited for them to disperse. I finally asked them if they were going to let us by, and it turned out that one actually spoke enough English to get it. The others looked at me stupidly, even while they knew exactly why we were standing there waiting on them. They finally moved.

Twice I passed another huge Mexican male who looked constantly angry and who pointedly glared at me each time we happened by each other. I frequently get glared at by Mexicans and I’ve about reached my limit on that crap. The next time I get a nasty look from one of those illegal assholes I’m going to make a scene and see what happens.

These ASSHOLES come here looking for a better life and better wages and then sell drugs, commit murders and all manner of other ugly crimes, refuse to learn our language and then act like assholes out in public. It’s like they’re barely restraining themselves to keep from shooting up the goddam store, they’re so full of hostility.

Which is exactly why I get full of hostility every time I get it dumped on me. When someone smiles at me that’s wholly different than when someone who very likely has no right to even be here tries to intimidate me. I refuse to cave in to this crap and I’ve had it up to here.

Oct. 23, 2010: Notice— Any comment left after this date referring to “Mexican” as a race instead of a nationality will be deleted.

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  1. Ronnie Ray says:

    yes mexicans suck

  2. trish says:

    I am Fucking OVER iT

  3. Doc says:

    Not only are they rude but can’t even spell their own name and do not even know what “deletrear” (to spell) means. Ask them a yes or no question and they give you paragraph after paragraph of nonresponsive excuses. No wonder nobody likes them.

  4. KKK lover says:

    Instead of making mass generalizations why don’t you just use constructive criticism? Personally, i dislike Hispanics yes, because they tend to be trashy. But not all of them are that way. Would you like if if i said all white are insecure racists? Probably you would be annoyed by that

  5. KKK lover says:

    *whites. sorry for the typo.

  6. hitler says:

    Mexicans are niggers, they smell like shit.

  7. hitler says:

    White power

  8. unhappy american says:

    i still cant believe mexicans drive around blasting polka music and think that its cool .they need to stop copying american habits because they suck at it .next thing you know they will be playing lawerence welk type music.

  9. neo nazi says:

    im so tired of this shit, you know when i first moved here to oregon in 2008 and bought my own house it was wonderful nothing but whites just how i like it but now through the years its nothing but those fucking beaners coming here illegally messing up my mother fucking neighborhood, my good friend who lived near me moved because he couldn’t take those assholes anymore and neither can i, i swear to god the next fucking mexican i see messing around my property will get a fucking beat down of the century, i swear to god i cant take this shit anymore, i think im gunna take out my swastika flag outside and hang it out on my porch to send a message. WHITE POWER, HAIL HITLER!!!!!!!

  10. A white dude says:

    I am sick of hearing the continuous whine of American naive folk using the term illegal immigrants. You are missing a lot because what you see here is only the shit RIT in front of your face. Look out beyond and you will find a country full of Legal branded and gooks. Regardless of their legal status they will always be poor and ignorant. What do the poor and ignorant do the most? Hmm …. fuck? Isn’t sex with a hot woman the greatest thing, well what if this country continues to allow the poor to experience sex? People unable to for see the obvious are stupid, and 90% of the Mexican population make under $40 k annually so it appears that all Mexican people will be doing is stupid people jobs and fucking. How many Mexicans do you know only have one sibling? If you do know one then I can assure you their the 10% of intelligent/educated. Did you know that Rodriguez and Gomez families have more siblings than the entire west coast population of whites. To top off the stupidity in this country our government even pays them an salary for fucking and procreating. Sad, huh? Were really fucked up and do you think that the founding fathers who established our constitution had any idea that a establishing free country who ever have negative repercussions? To myself and many others the only chance this country will survive another 200 years is by updating the constitution. Borders closed and no vacancy signs placed everywhere along the border. No more visiting to get fucked and pregnate. All the tricks the Mexicans have used, abolished. Anyone making $100 k or less is allowed to have two children …that means every beaner will have two children. No welfare programs and the funds saved from welfare goes into abortion and vasectomies and hysterectomies. Does this seem Harsh? What’s really harsh is someone being forth generation AMERICAN and seeing the great difficulty my two children will face finding a home. The neighborhoods were bout out by Gomez and Rodriguez.

  11. All Of You Need To Shut The Fuck Up! You Need To go Back To Eating Fucking Hamburgers. We Were Here Fist And “white people” took or land You Dumb Fucks. It was Ours. You Are The Stupidest people. We Have To Work Our Ass Of While You Spend Money On The Stupidest Shit Ever. Fuck White People And There Greedy Asses.?

  12. Black Sheep says:

    “here fist”. “took or”. “there greedy”.

    And you’re calling others stupid and dumb? LOL. You fucking moron. P.S., Mexican isn’t a race, it’s a nationality. Dumb bastard.

  13. unhappy american says:

    another thing dumbass we bought the land from you poor lazy dumb ass mooching third pieces of shit mexicans and we really didnt want it .ur lucky we just dont take the rest of youre country all the money you ow us.

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