WHY Mexicans Suck

I live in Washington state, okay? We’re not a real populous state, we have a fairly short summer and the rest of the year is cold and mostly wet. You wouldn’t think Mexicans, from a hot climate, would like it here much and they probably don’t, but that doesn’t stop them from coming here, illegally, finding places to live and then spreading out their disgusting lifestyle and habits to the rest of us whether we want to share in them or not.

YAKIMA, Wash. —
Police say the 17-year-old killed Tuesday night in Yakima was a known gang member, and the drive-by shooting is being investigated as gang-related.
A witness told police a car pulled up along side the Yakima teen, Yobane Ortiz, and shots were fired.

Responding officers found him on a street corner with one bullet wound to the head and several to the torso. He was pronounced dead at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. The shooting was the 15th homicide this year in Yakima County and the first since July 19.

Yakima is a big town by Washington standards, of about 250,000 people but certainly not anything as large as Los Angeles or Chicago or the other gang-infested cities, but they’ve had 15 murders this year, so far, and while the article doesn’t say so, I bet nearly all were gang killings.

I went to a large discount grocery store yesterday in the nearest large town to me, which is just under 100,000 in population, and got glares from the minority types doing their shopping there, as if they, even though incapable of speaking any English at all, had more right to be there than me. At one point the aisle was blocked by 3 of them, teens to early 20′s, with their shopping carts while they blithered away at each other in Spanish, as I and an elderly lady waited for them to disperse. I finally asked them if they were going to let us by, and it turned out that one actually spoke enough English to get it. The others looked at me stupidly, even while they knew exactly why we were standing there waiting on them. They finally moved.

Twice I passed another huge Mexican male who looked constantly angry and who pointedly glared at me each time we happened by each other. I frequently get glared at by Mexicans and I’ve about reached my limit on that crap. The next time I get a nasty look from one of those illegal assholes I’m going to make a scene and see what happens.

These ASSHOLES come here looking for a better life and better wages and then sell drugs, commit murders and all manner of other ugly crimes, refuse to learn our language and then act like assholes out in public. It’s like they’re barely restraining themselves to keep from shooting up the goddam store, they’re so full of hostility.

Which is exactly why I get full of hostility every time I get it dumped on me. When someone smiles at me that’s wholly different than when someone who very likely has no right to even be here tries to intimidate me. I refuse to cave in to this crap and I’ve had it up to here.

Oct. 23, 2010: Notice— Any comment left after this date referring to “Mexican” as a race instead of a nationality will be deleted.

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  1. man in black says:

    I’m telling you all Mexicans are to oure government is a vote.now our government is starting to realize their vote is not worth the shitstains Mexicans have painted across this great country .But after the election year theres gonna be alot of changes that the hispanic popultion gonna hate.The free ride gonna be over .Its gonna be nice for u to goto work and know that a big chunk of ur check not paying for the mexicans huge familys welfare bill.I didnt fuck their wives why the fuck am i paying for their piece of shit loser kids.HEY MEXICANS IF YOU CANT AFFORD KIDS CLOSE UR FUCKING LEGS OR SELL THEM TO THE DOG FOOD COMPANY OR SMTHING FUCK!!!!!!!

  2. unhappy american says:

    L.O.L if they sell their kids to a dog food company i wanna know witch company. theres no! way im feeding that greasy shit to my dogs but im not worried all dog food companys have standards they dont use diseased ,tainted or low grade meat in there products unless its a better quality animal then mexican like cow,pig , horse or chicken

  3. man in black says:

    OUCH!!!!! that one even stung me lol

  4. bri says:

    funny how u guys are all talking shit but yet, your ones on food stamps.
    funny how Mexicans are doing all the hard work and their not out there begging for money like other people. how many times have u ever seen a Mexican begging for money.
    funny how most of our military are Hispanics and fighting for this country
    so shut the fuck up.

    Editor says: Funny how wrong you are, funny how the majority of illegal alien Mexican wetback asshole criminals are on welfare here, funny how their crime rate is through the fucking roof compared to American citizens. Most of our military are WHITE PEOPLE, dimwit. Take another look. You shut the fuck up.

  5. unhappy american says:

    ok then explain to me why when i went to the welfare office to getv help with my insurance paperwork 90% of the people in the lobby were mexicans ? hey why is it oure county jail pcked to the rim with 88%mexicans why is it in this same town all the homicides in the past year and half in the same town have all been done by mexicans ? why is it all the gang problems in this town is mexicans ?all this from a town that is only 45% mexicans .and im sorry to say there is only a very small amount of mexicans in the service and most of them are there to get training for gang purposes.most of the money doese not goto oure economy it gets shippet back to mexico.and the last ten years mexicans have become lazy and worthless and not much worth their keep anymore.SO BRI AND JOSEPH WHY BDONT YOU OPEN UR EYES DUMBASSES AND START LOOKING AT THE COMPLAINTS AND STOP FIGHTING THE COMPLAINERS THIS COUNTRYS GOING TO SHIT AND ITS LOSERS LIKE YOU THAT ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM UR JUST ANOTHER PIECE OFF SHIT THAT KICKS THE PEOPLE THAT LOVES THIS COUNTRY AND LOVES THE PEOPLE THAT KICKS IT.

  6. unhappy american says:

    OH BY THE WAY BRI .ive never been on food stamps my whole life as a matter of fact i dont think anybody in my whole family has and of all my hundreds of friends i have 1 that has used foodstamps and thats because he is 33 and has kidney cancer but i think he stopped getting them out of pride .pride a mexican will never have but mexicans fart out 5or6 kids and mow people over running to the welfare office.and with the new laws coming up welfare gonna stop paying mexicans to breed anymore .the white people will be ok and work together mexicans will probably starve too death or invade another country and feed off them.

  7. MXSeagull says:

    Really, all I see here are a bunch of ignorant, scared hillbillies. Many of you like to talk tough over the internet with the benefit of staying anonymous of course, but I bet if you see one Mexican, you’ll be running the other direction like a little wimp. I find it laughable and entertaining. Keep crying and complaining, it’s very amusing.

  8. unhappy american says:

    nope! never backed away from anybody 16 years in the service trained me not to .ive even shot a few Mexicans and been acquitted as a matter of fact just got one of my pistols back from police impound and tomorrow im getting it re registered and ready for the next dumbass that tries to come on my property and steal. And believe it or not I’m a pure breed Hawaiian redneck you know the people that come to this country invited and treat this country with respect you dont see us flooding the country ,jails and welfare offices.

  9. unhappy american says:

    Mexicans are a failure breed of human. and Hawaiians hate them more than the white people do.because there afraid that whats there doing in the states could happen on the islands.

  10. a person says:

    Bri, surprised you said that I saw one today with a baby in a holster and a sign asking for money.her sign said pease need money to feed ‘mi’ family. Didn’t give her none I know she gets walfare

  11. corriendo says:

    Because of finances, I lived in a Mexican dominated neighborhood in CA for several years. I was respectful to my neighbors, minded my own business, and didn’t cause trouble. To them, that made me a target. As a white person, I was the regular target of vandalism, burglary, and extortion. What disgusted me most was how they would use kids to steal. It happened several times. One time—the only window in the house that wasn’t barred was so tiny only a small child could have fit through it. So, the fuckers sent one of their little bastards through that window to unlock the doors so they could clean out my house while I was gone. That’s just one example of many. And people wonder why white flight happens.

  12. unhappy american says:

    well its the first of the month again (MEXICAN MOTHERS DAY)(WELFARE DAY)the few day’s crimes are down but the walmarts are flooded with Mexican welfare moms and there 7 family members.(this is when i stay away from the stores for a few days)let the breeders and mooches have there day on my dime i guess.bvetter enjoy it why they can its coming to a stop soon.

  13. Affluent Latino says:

    Well, this is interesting. Yakima does suck because it is PLAGUED by Mexicans (about 90% of hispanics here are mexican so YES, let’s call them what they are) and to be fair, also by a large number of uneducated and overly religious backwoods hillbillies. Will it ever get better? NO, do I care? FUCK no, I have a home on the west side (Redmond….oh night and day let me tell you). So to all you bitches and cholos, let me wish you a Good FUCKING night.

  14. jjjackson says:

    Anyone who is white and has lived around a bunch of poor Mexicans knows how much contempt so many of them have for white people. They make their feelings very clear. They show it by how they treat you and by stealing from you whenever they get a chance. You have to keep everything locked up tight at all times. I’m from a poor family. I’ve been very poor, and even when I was damn near starving, it never occurred to me to steal or have a kid for foodstamps and housing.

    Their gang activity is fucking stupid, pointless, and deadly. I so fucking tired of these fucking dolts and their gang crime. And when we call them on it ,,,we are being “racist” and “stereotyping”. Of course it’s the “system’s fault” (((whatever the FUCK that means–i guess they mean capitalism, but if we had outright socialism they would REALLY milk it and still behave like animals))) that they can’t figure out how to have only 1 or 2 kids, don’t value education, and feel the need to kill each other and turn any neighborhood they take over into a dirty, rundown violent 3rd world shithole unfit to live in. Of course it has nothing to do with their own culture and values.

    What are the solutions to the gang activity? When we tried in Yakima to make parents take responsibility for what their little vatos do out on the streets, that was “violating their civil rights”. Parents won’t be personally responsible for their kids. So what then???? Well for one, don’t do illegal drugs and give your money to these assholes and their cartel connects. Don’t meet their supply with demand. Also, maybe it’s time to demand that the gov. take some military actions against these gangs. Other than that, there’s not much you can do for people who will not take personal responsibility for themselves.

  15. Black Sheep says:

    Every cloud has a silver lining, and the positive side of gangs is that they kill each other. The police avoid going near gang areas because they’re afraid of getting hurt, but someone needs to thin their ranks. Fortunately, they do that themselves.

    Of course, they don’t do it nearly fast enough as the females pop out replacements faster than they can be killed off. I’d like to see their rat warrens cleaned out, but not at the expense of all that real estate, so bombing them seems impractical. My solution is to gas them, wait until the breeze and weather are right and release some well-placed Sarin cannisters.

    Of course, this will never happen, it’s just a happy fantasy, but there are other ways. The problem with those “other ways” is that it would take a temporary suspension of our Constitution to implement them. Martial Law, in other words.

    I do think that there’s just cause for declaring Martial Law now in areas where gangs have taken over, and then troops could be sent in to round them up, execute any who resist on the spot, and pack the rest into camps prior to deportation. Since we’ve already declared war on terrorism, and our open border with Mexico is an ideal place for the entry of terrorists, we could start shooting anyone who’s caught trying to sneak across, as being a potential terrorist, and we can start doing that now. We don’t need to declare Martial Law to do that.

  16. man in black says:

    The only reason oure goverment fails to do anything is because the fear of loosing the latino vote otherwise they are just as worthless and pose as a large financial and large cancer to them also.But i think after this election year there will be some large changes and its not gonna favor the latino community.BUYING THE LATINO VOTE WITH WELFARE CHECKS AND FOODSTAMPS IS GONNA STOP!!!!And yes that would be nice if we could sit at the mexican border with oure rifles picking those sonofabitches off when they come across the border.,

  17. Eric Miller says:

    Illegal immigrants use much more welfare in proportion to American citizens. Look it up and you will see who uses the most welfare. Look at the bankrupted hospitals along the border that are bankrupt because illegals are not paying for services. Why are the emergency rooms clogged up? Illegals. By the way, almost one third of the federal prison population is illegals. They get free food, free clothing, free housing, send money back to Mexico tax free and get things that US citizens cannot get. The illegals may be hard workers but they work for low wages, often get paid in cash and therefore qualify for taxpayer assistance. The birthrate of latinos is higher too so they often need to rob the American taxpayer for their “programs.” How come the illegals get treated better than our veterans? Happy Veterans Day! We treat illegal immigrants better than our troops.

  18. A Person Comments says:

    The mexicans are so retarded and arogant in middle school I was harrased by the infirior race to the point when I told my mother she litteraly yelled at a mexican at target, embarasing but now my family hates this infirior race of fools.

  19. unhappy american says:


    Admin says: No, I won’t jump your ass. Mexican isn’t a race, tho, it’s a nationality. They come in all colors.
    Being Mexican is an attitude more than anything else, doesn’t much matter what color they are.
    I was deleting comments that called Mexican a race, but people keep doing it. I’ll let you people sort it out.

  20. unhappy american says:

    I went shopping at fiesta foods the other day (NEVER AGAIN)my god how can people act like that they even fuck each other over .getting that many mexicans together shopping was bad .i couldnt even get around .ther were so so many kids running wild ,people in the way just crazyness.(IM SO PROUD OF WHITE PEOPLE AND HOWE THEY ACT IN LARGE GROUPS ITS A LOT DIFFERENT MORE ORANIZED AND FOCUSED)

  21. jjjackson says:

    Frankly, I agree with what many of you say about Mexicans and their culture; I unfortunately lived around them for many years. But for crying out loud, learn how to spell and punctuate in proper English and you would be much more credible. I dislike street-level Mexican culture immensely, but I also have a special space of contempt and loathing in my heart for low-end whites who, despite compulsory elementary education and access to public libraries, can barely read and write.

    In other words, if you are going to rip on beaners, please do so in proper written English.

  22. Black Sheep says:

    You ask too much, jjjackson. The level of education in our public schools these past years is abysmal. Be glad they can type anything at all.

  23. Alfonso mountaintop says:

    whole life in So. Cal. Almost fifty. Its dirtier now. The schools have got much worse.

  24. jjjackson says:

    Bull. Stop blaming it on schools. I went to shitty barrio schools that were really just babysitting centers for Mexican kids. Of course the education was a joke. And then an intelligent white kid, I was actually discouraged from learning and excelling. I learned because I wanted to. I read books on my own and learned to read and write properly because I wanted to do it. I actually spent time in libraries.

    If people want to learn, they will. If they don’t care or don’t want to, they won’t. It really is that simple.

  25. Satan says:

    Let me count the ways in which Mexicans suck. Actually….I don’t have enough time or space to really do that so I’ll just mention a few. The flood of Mexican nationals into the Western U.S. brings with it the most uneducated, unskilled, unmannered, and poor that Mexico has to offer. They bring their disgusting 3rd world habits.

    They throw their shitty asswipes on the floor, apparently not understanding that we actally have plumbing here. This is a huge problem in certain parts of CA and AZ.

    So many of them have no manners and don’t clean/control their kids. Whenever I smell a toddler with a diaper full of ripe shit stinking up a store–it’s a Mexican.

    They take no pride in where they live. The Mexican part of town is invariably a crime, violence, and gang infested cesspool with houses that look like shit. They park cars on their freaking lawns and do nothing to keep things looking nice.

    So many of the men are gross pigs. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen primitive looking Mexican men leering and being gross to white women, even with their wives standing right next to them.

    I’m guessing the enlightened Berkley crowd that preaches the joys of multiculturalism doesn’t have to live around these primitives.

  26. messenger says:

    I lived around Mexicans in the U.S. and Mexico for many years. They don’t believe in individual personal responsibility. Fuckups are always someone else’s fault–or noone’s fault at all. It’s part of mexican culture. Mexican culture is not individualistic–it’s more focused on groups. Mexicans are not taught to be free thinking individuals. They depend on groups (family, gang) to give their lives direction and meaning and to do their thinking for them. So, when mexicans fuck up or make bad decisions it doesn’t occur to them that it’s their own fault-their own responsibility. They simply can’t put the blame on themselves, they have to blame poverty, colonialism, whitey, the U.S., the “system”, the “man”, capitalism, the weather. WHATEVER, as long as it’s not them. It’s silly and childish–small children think that way.

    This is why they can’t take a good look at themselves, their culture and the problems in it, and why these problems never get fixed. Until they can hold themselves and one another personally responsible for their decisions–things like gang activity, teen pregnancy, having too many kids, not valuing education, etc. they will continue to be a problem to society.

  27. dbc says:

    lol trust me man, you think washington is bad go to san diego and see what amnesty has done… mexicans have like 5 kids they can’t afford the shit is crazy.. and the glares are real… truth is mexicans are the most racist, even my mexican female friend says so. the only difference is they always talk shit in spanish so nobody looks at them (my mexican female friend told me) she kept it REAL. and they are very narrow minded she said, cause she’s married to a caucasian guy. Mexicans suck man.. i can’t wait to move more north from san diego. the glares are real, the racism is real from them, and the hatred is real (why the hatred). Thery argue that they built this country but what about our proud military defending our country? So hypocritical but they’re catholic they don’t use condoms, OH BUT THEY’RE CATHOLIC they fucking hate EVERYBODY!!! yes, you are devout catholics… smdh.

  28. unhappy american says:

    U wanna hear smthing really really ironic It was a mexican women in the fiftys that invented the birth controll pill . WOW!!! some off the people that need it most are the people that invented it.

  29. El Voz says:

    dbc…..So they only have 5 kids in San Diego?! Wow. They’re really being judicious with their reproduction there. Because farther north in Cali, Mexican (nationals and cholos) women regularly have like 6 or 7 like its nothing. Life is cheap to them: cheap to make & cheap to take. But then, what do you expect from people that treat 15 yo girls like adult women with men that are perveted macho pigs. But even higher class Mexicans don’t want to hold ghetto people accountable because its easier to blame it on poverty than it is to take a good look at themselves and their culture.

    Their culture, beliefs, and lifestyle makes me sick. We should not be seeing this in a 1st world country like the U.S.A. I’m starting to tell Mexicans excatly what I think, I just don’t fucking care anymore if people call me racist. It’s the truth.

    It’s not all Mexicans….but it’s most of them. Never let them walk on you or bullshit you.

  30. messenger says:

    ……And they have no shame about having a bunch of kids from different people. Ever notice that? I’m not morally prissy or anything. I have no problem with adventurous sex lives….but for chrissake just use protection and don’t have a kid with everyone.

    I come from poor, uneducated, Catholic immigrants…and my family would be fucking disgusted if I had a bunch of kids from different people–especially out of wedlock. And they would have every right to be……because breeding that way is gross.

    But anyone who’s ever been around Mexicans sees Mexican women having a bunch of kids from different guys…..and guys knocking up multiple women and having kids all over town. Lots of Mexicanos in the ‘hood have a 90 year old grandma who had like 9 kids from 6 different dudes. And the tradition gets passed down. It’s a clusterfuck of poor, unsupervised kids from different dads who are angry, lost, and confused so they join gangs and chimpout in the streets causing problems for everyone.

    Even 2 parent Mexi families tend to have way more kids than they should. So being married doesn’t always make them more responsible.

    Their breeding habits are just so goddamn disgusting and shameful and its the root of alot the problems….but they have no shame.

  31. PissedOffItaliano says:

    Mexicans suck because they have no respect for others or for themselves. I am one of the very very very few white people left in what was once a decent neighborhood. I live in a part of California where the mudslide from mexico is settling. My town is now over 50% mexican. My neighborhood is now 95% percent mexican and it has turned to complete shit. Alot of the people moving in around here are cartel and gang affiliated. How do I know that you ask?? Because they make it very fucking clear by the the colors they floss and the way they carry themselves and the narcocorrido music they play. I really can’t and won’t take it much longer. I have to move.

    I really wish every illegal immigrant loving & gun hating idiot who defends fucking illegal mexicans could have been here at my house last night. My fucking mexican neighbors for miles around shot high caliber multi clip weapons into the air for 2 hours straight. I was very worried for the lives of my family, my animals, and myself. I was sure we were going to catch some bullets through the roof. It was like being in fucking Baghdad during a firefight. I heard several high caliber automatic and semi auto-matic guns with huge clips being fired ’till empty.

    It was just incredible. They are such fucking savages. They are unfit to live around. They are such a slap in the face to my people that come to this great country legally, follow the laws, respect their neighbors and live clean.

    What it also told me is that I need to beef up my supply to defend myself, because these fuckers pack some serious shit. And to all you fucking idiot assholes who brilliantly say “Let’s just make guns illegal” you are stupid as shit. Do you really think that people who have no respect for law and order are going to respect your gun laws?????

    I wish anyone who supports illegal immigrants so called “rights” and who hires these fucking shits to clean their houses could buy my house and live next to these savages since they love them so damn much.

  32. joe wheeler says:

    They will destroy this country. Turn it into a chevy lowrider shithole. Brahma bull breading ground of crumbgobblers. Pray for america it has died.

  33. Glans Von Deferns says:

    The entire Mexican culture is like kindergarten with people just doing whatever the hell they want and painting things in bright, garish colors with no artistic value. They’re a half-breed people that are underdeveloped as a society in general. Their so. american ancestors were SO STUPID that Cortez, with only 500 men, took over the entire Aztec culture of 25,000,000 (25 million!) in the 1500s.
    What we see today are the half-breed asshole idiots that are a result of dipshit aboriginals being raped by European Spaniards. These people are so stupid and childish that they, as a whole, still believe California and parts of the US belong to them. Their thinking is so infantile that they prefer to simply not believe in modern laws and borders.
    The idiots stream over the border, take our jobs, and then say, “well, you don’t want to do them! WE do the hard work.” Hard labor is the only kind of work they are capable of because their average IQ is like 85. These illegal pieces of shit take our jobs for the half the wage and then claim we don’t want the work anymore — ya, not for pennies on the dollar. It’s not that Americans are lazy — it’s because we aren’t willing to accept illegal wages and conditions that Mexicans will gladly take because they’re a bunch of hairy, stinking animals that haven’t fully developed into humans yet.

  34. vwq says:

    I hate getting stared at, hit on, and harassed by Mexi men. I’ve heard other women complain about this too. The way so many of them stare is fucking creepy and they make it clear, they want the woman to know she’s getting eye raped. It’s gross, and it’s even more awkward when their Mexican old lady is standing right there next to them looking pist and like she wants to kick my ass because her pig of a man is drooling looking at me. I’ve been stalked and followed in the grocery store. I’ve endured nasty gestures and comments. One dude recently followed me to my car and tried hitting on me in Spanish, after I made it clear I’m not interested and don’t speak Spanish.

    I dress cleanly and conservatively. I’m middle-aged. I’m probably average looking at best. I don’t draw attention to myself. But I guess I have physical attributes that they like. And I’m single so when I go to the grocery store or the gas station, I usually go alone, so maybe that’s what makes me a target for them. They are the reason I carry a knife and learned a martial art.

    It’s weird and disturbing, and it’s been getting worse over the last few years more of them have been moving in. I’ve never been treated like that by white guys, Indian guys, or even Arabs. I hear that it’s because Mexican guys think white women are sluts, which is kind of ironic considering that most of the teenage pregnancies around here are Mexican girls, most illigitimate births here are to Mexicans, and the women you see around here with like 3-8 kids from different guys are almost all Mexicans.

  35. unhappy american says:

    thats how mexican men are. ceaser chavez was known to rape women and fuck farm animals.

  36. Disappointed says:

    Contents of this rant about racism deleted by the blog master. “Mexican” is not a race. It’s a nationality. I keep repeating this and illegal alien wetback whiners keep complaining that they’re being racially targeted. I keep deleting that crap. If Mexican is anything more than a nationality, it’s an ATTITUDE, and one we don’t want or need here.

  37. man in black says:

    At this time you will notice a lot of talk by the politicians about immigration reform. at this time the politicians start making promises and spilling bullshit of reform to get the latino vote.thelatino people cant figure it out that the goverment dont want them here anymore then the people do.the goverment just wants the votes.Its not fair this country dont get alot of the valued immigrants like japanese or german and such. we would gladly trade thousands of worthless mexicans for a few dozen educated japs

  38. scary mary says:

    I think Mexican women need to swallow 100% of loads blown their way.

  39. scary mary says:

    9 million Mexican babies have just been created since you’ve read this post.

  40. X. says:

    …”Really, all I see here are a bunch of ignorant, scared hillbillies. Many of you like to talk tough over the internet with the benefit of staying anonymous of course, but I bet if you see one Mexican, you’ll be running the other direction like a little wimp. I find it laughable and entertaining. Keep crying and complaining, it’s very amusing”.

    @Mxseagull. FUCK YOU, YOU STANKING, NASTY, DISGUSTING, FILTHY WETBACK PIG!!! Spics like you are GARBAGE!!! Instead of trying to talk shit in defense of your fellow spic losers, take your stupid ass back to mexispic and clean up that festering roach hole! By the way bastard spic, I cuss spics out IN PERSON daily AND THEY KNOW BETTER THAN TO FUCK WITH ME!!!!!!!!! UNDERSTAND, MEXICAN STINK?

  41. unhappy american says:

    yeh . ive never back down from mexicans .You people are too stupid to be dangerous . Well, actually ur stupidity is whats made u really dangerous .but anybody that thinks chrome on cars,200 year old polka music,white cowboy boots and beans and rice is all great stuff .you just wanna feel sorry for the loosers .

  42. unhappy american says:

    Do mexicans even know that the rest of the world laughs at there style of music ? It’s so strange to think that they are so far behind the world in music mdern mexican music is a 200 year old form of german music .(cmon mexis get caught up ur falling way way behind) you dont always wanna be losers.Do you?

  43. I wish the Lord would have mercy on all of you. Just don’t forget you are not talking about a color, race or nationality, you are talking about PEOPLE. Breathing, thinking, feeling PEOPLE that are struggling to build normal lifes for their families, and no, I am not justifying mexicans, I know there are better ways to economic success. But treating them as animals? as if they where nothing but some kind of alliens? a plague that deserves “becoming pet food” or “dying inhumanely at the border” well that to me says much about america, you people deserve the same end that you wish for them, lets just hope you never find yourselves in a situation where you need the help of others and they turn their backs on yo. Where is the human race going when we wish for such horrible things to happen to our equals, what makes us think we have more right to live than others? have we lost our minds? what kind of beasts are we to say “those third world people” haven’t we learned enough throughout history? I believe that each of your words represent a step back to humanity, it just demonstrates that we are not ready to trascend, that despite all we have gone through we are no different than those primates years ago. It’s simple; if you dont like mexicans or anything about them as you say, STOP everything that has to do with them! stop buying gasoline, or diesel, stop hiring them to do the hard work YOU dont want to do! stop buying precious stones and metals, stop buying seeds an fruits (yes! like limes, avocados, mangos, bannanas) STOP IT THEN, if not, then dont complaint, because like it or not, the U.S.A needs them just as much as it needs Mexico

  44. Black Sheep says:

    Yeah, we need Mexico and Mexicans, like dogs need fleas, cattle need horseflies, America needs a bunch of drug smuggling rapists and murderers. Oh yeah. What a dumbass Liberal idiot.

  45. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Who “need” Mexico and Mexicans?

    F@#$%¨g Democrats who want KILL Amerian people by replacing American voters for Mexican ones.

    In other words: Perpetual Democrat voters in order to keep Democrat Party in power. Forever.

  46. Black Sheep says:

    Yeah, that’s the reason for it. They don’t care about all the damage to our country and our economy as long as there’s more Democrats voting them back into office.

  47. unhappy american says:

    That’s right!! What about our strained welfare system, my hometown crowded jail of 90% Mexicans ,the massively high Mexican hard high crime rate, the deterioration of my once nice city? Then they come here and bitch about immigration reform NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!THEY ARE FUCKING UP OUR COUNTRY AND ITS NOT WORTH IT.

  48. Rob M says:

    I was never racist or prejudiced.Grew up in an upper-middle class area hat included all races and religions. Everyone respected each other, their homes and education and even enjoyed the different backgrounds to share. I am a typical WASP that dated a Jew and had an Asian and Black best buddies. We were all-American and I could say proud of the Californian melting pot of assimilation that proved to be a pleasant reality. I had Hispanic friends too, the one’s who have been on this soil for 100s of years and considered themselves to be American and behaved just like anyone else in the community, just with an olive skin tone. They descended from the Californios-the land owners in California during the Mexican-American war who were trading with the US yet not getting support from Mexico City for squat, so,they decided to join the USA.because they were smart. Cant get any more red white or blue than that. (So you La Raza idjits should examine your own damn history-if education was of value, that is) They assimilated under the caveat that they can maintain their names and heritage, land too of course. To this day,Californians for the most part have no issue with names like San Diego or Los Angeles. (BTW-there is NO legally mandated language in the USA.) We don’t have a problem with Spanish, it is part of this states history and widely spoken here.We have a problem with coming to a new country and not giving a care to learn the primary language (English)-even when it will bring you the improved life you swam here for. My God! communication is what holds any society together! All immigrant groups now and in history to ANY country knew this and knew they had to assimilate to survive and succeed, while still holding their heritage. Even the sensible Californios knew this, and they were wealthy landowners! (they chose the winning side, and as immigrants, they did not have to move, as part of the deal was they keep their land and interests, most today still family owned, but even then, they knew it wasn’t going to be business as usual to become American) buuuuut . .. nope….not these chunti gypsies swarming here now from Mexico. My disgust started when a few years ago I started my own business and downsized to raise capital. Moved to a lower economic area.Big mistake. Moved to a “hood” and complex littered with Meximmigrants. From the get-go I was treated with contempt by the neighbors. Then, I really saw the truth-exactly what the chief complaints in this forum detail, to the tee. I’ll give one example-I work a lot from home, my home office is near a window near a walkway.Any day for 7 hours a day or so there are God-knows-how-many kids just inches away from that window screaming unattended at a jet take-off decibel. Not in front of their house-mine. Oddly,there is a safe park with playground, after-school adult supervision and taxpayer-paid programs for culture and sports,just across the street. Why bother with hat when these kids aren’t even in taxpayer-paid school-hell, thatgets in the way of being knocked-up or gang-banging by age 14. Even the landlord admitted their gathering at my place is free babysitting for the families-well,no it’s not, I’M babysitting and it’s costing me money and health. This is cutting into my peaceful enjoyment and income. It shocked me that it was OK to them, for THEIR noise to constantly pour over into my rooms. Not to mention the horrible oom-pah-pah music that has to be played loud enough to shake the walls, I had never experienced or heard of this kind of ting before. Neighbors just don’t do this where I come from. -yes I’ve had bad and noisy neighbors before, but there was communication, compromise and apology. It wasn’t every day 12 hrs+ a day either. S,I went to communicate the issues to the parents and was met with “If you don’t like it, move” My reply was “Big thinker you are, ok bitch I will once you pay fr the move,bitch” (Of course that got retaliation,how dare I try to reason with these bullies or even treat them in kind) They could give a shit that it was costing me. Didn’t affect them at all, even if it did, I suspect they still wouldn’t give a shit. Anyway, I started going to the police and landlady. When they came to question these shitheads, these spics flat out LIE. In their eyes and frame of reference, only drug dealers work at home so that’s what they called me and made up stories about ME having parties and noise. Well, my word is working against that-I have a formal education, clean background, partner in 2 companies-so It’s my word against the unemployed neighbor mom with the drug-dealer 19 yr old son. And I know lawyers. And I ‘ve collected evidence. And they are about to get a cease or be fined A LOT letter. Still, it won’t matter because they’ll either t a hit out on me or never learn from their own mistakes, or take any responsibility for diddly. That’s the problem and they cannot the see the importance of education, or English, or having more kids than you can care for ,they don’t give a fuck because 1-it’s everyone ELSE’s responsibility and 2-Our government is giving them a silver platter with no consequence to change 3-There is a saying “Insanity is repeating the same thing expecting different results” yes- so why come to this country to change your life without assimilating or doing one goddamn or respectful and community focused constructive and life-changing thing??? 3-This breeds dishonesty, laziness, ambiguity, sense of entitlement, selfishness, complacency, blame, false pride, disrespect and so on. I could go on how I despise these losers, but I’d rather just put them in jail and ICE their asses back.

  49. Gabacho says:

    Yep….that’s what poor (most) Mexicans are like to live around. I lived in a Mexican hood for a while out of economic necessity. Never again. Welcome to reality in the reconquista zone.

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