WHY Mexicans Suck

I live in Washington state, okay? We’re not a real populous state, we have a fairly short summer and the rest of the year is cold and mostly wet. You wouldn’t think Mexicans, from a hot climate, would like it here much and they probably don’t, but that doesn’t stop them from coming here, illegally, finding places to live and then spreading out their disgusting lifestyle and habits to the rest of us whether we want to share in them or not.

YAKIMA, Wash. —
Police say the 17-year-old killed Tuesday night in Yakima was a known gang member, and the drive-by shooting is being investigated as gang-related.
A witness told police a car pulled up along side the Yakima teen, Yobane Ortiz, and shots were fired.

Responding officers found him on a street corner with one bullet wound to the head and several to the torso. He was pronounced dead at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. The shooting was the 15th homicide this year in Yakima County and the first since July 19.

Yakima is a big town by Washington standards, of about 250,000 people but certainly not anything as large as Los Angeles or Chicago or the other gang-infested cities, but they’ve had 15 murders this year, so far, and while the article doesn’t say so, I bet nearly all were gang killings.

I went to a large discount grocery store yesterday in the nearest large town to me, which is just under 100,000 in population, and got glares from the minority types doing their shopping there, as if they, even though incapable of speaking any English at all, had more right to be there than me. At one point the aisle was blocked by 3 of them, teens to early 20′s, with their shopping carts while they blithered away at each other in Spanish, as I and an elderly lady waited for them to disperse. I finally asked them if they were going to let us by, and it turned out that one actually spoke enough English to get it. The others looked at me stupidly, even while they knew exactly why we were standing there waiting on them. They finally moved.

Twice I passed another huge Mexican male who looked constantly angry and who pointedly glared at me each time we happened by each other. I frequently get glared at by Mexicans and I’ve about reached my limit on that crap. The next time I get a nasty look from one of those illegal assholes I’m going to make a scene and see what happens.

These ASSHOLES come here looking for a better life and better wages and then sell drugs, commit murders and all manner of other ugly crimes, refuse to learn our language and then act like assholes out in public. It’s like they’re barely restraining themselves to keep from shooting up the goddam store, they’re so full of hostility.

Which is exactly why I get full of hostility every time I get it dumped on me. When someone smiles at me that’s wholly different than when someone who very likely has no right to even be here tries to intimidate me. I refuse to cave in to this crap and I’ve had it up to here.

Oct. 23, 2010: Notice— Any comment left after this date referring to “Mexican” as a race instead of a nationality will be deleted.

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  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Ruben, I KNOW how do you fell. And I am not White. But I am a citizen of Brazil. Man, I can subscribe ALL of your words about Mexicans and also Brazilians. Good luck, pal. We need it a lot.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Ernesto, I see you as being of Spanish descent, which to me is just kind of olive-skinned white. Many Mexicans are a mix of Aztec Indian and Spanish, and those who are, are not really white. But it’s not skin color, something I’ve repeatedly made a point of here. It’s attitude.

    I’ve known pure-blood American Indians who were really good, decent people. I’ve had friends of all colors, color has never mattered, it’s attitude that matters. As for me, I was born kind of olive skinned, tended to be a bit dark as a boy but that faded to plain white when I grew up. It could be from all the Jews among my ancestors, or the Indians, or who knows.

    It’s who we are that counts.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    Thank You, man… You got close… But my ethnicity is a bit different.

    I’m a typical Brazilian mix: a descent of 3 races: White European Latin Portuguese, Black and American Indian (my real physical type).

    What makes the difference is the MIND.

  4. Black Sheep says:

    Exactly right. Speaking of Portuguese, my father had 2 brothers, and Johnny, youngest of the 3, married a Portuguese gal. I remember that she was pretty dark and Johnny’s racist parents always looked down on him for marrying a girl who was probably part black, but I didn’t learn about that until I was a lot older. As a kid, I loved her, she was the nicest of all my relatives, and for sure the nicest to me. I wish I’d actually been related to her. My family basically pretty much sucked. My mother’s mother, my grandmother, was a good person but the rest of them including my parents and their parents and all the others were not who I would have chosen, if I could have. Maybe that’s why I feel the way I do about race. I look for the person inside, that’s the one that matters.

  5. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Beautiful words. Poetic statements.

    Still about my Family:

    The best joke is: my parents are WHITE.

    My grandmother was an American Indian. All of her sons and daughters are WHITE. But me and my cousins are Indian types, because we inherit her recessive genes which jumped over a generation.

    90% of the Brazilians descend from Indians.

    80% of the Brazilians descend from White European / Arabs.

    70% of the Brazilians descend from Black Africans.

    60% of the Brazilians descend from both three races.

    That’s why the most of us Brazilians have NO RACE. We are totally MIXED. It’s impossible to determine distinctive features in our physical types.

    Some anthropologists wisely say:

    “The vast majority of the Brazilians suffer na Identity Crisis: they just don’t know WHO they are.”

    he he he

    Bizarre truth.

  6. shut the fuck, fuckin assholes your just jealous cuz we mexican girls have ass not like the beckys who have a flat ass so shut the fuck up before i call el chapo to come kill your asses

    Edited by Blacksheep: LOL, that’s hilarious. Mexican girls are built like balloons full of lard. They have to marry young because they’re bloated pigs by 18 and no one wants them.

    • Nunyo business says:

      Ha-ha true, I’m Mexican and I get a kick out of all of these stereotypes, most of them true but you gotta focus on the new generation of teens. We don’t get offended as easily (if you do your a little bitch) so have fun trying to insult us????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Linda says:

      Love it!

  7. Linda says:

    I think they suck also!!! They are users, lazy, and almost the worst immigrants in the country!!! They lie , cheet and steal.. Great people to have have to dinner… Haha

  8. Lolnah says:

    Shut yo dumbass up Linda and continue making that dry ass macaronni ????????

  9. Matt says:

    I cant help but be angry. Im mexican, all my life l felt the sting of racism from all groups, even other hispanics. But whenever i hear about the child prostitution, cartels, and all this disgusting shit they do and its all true, im more mad at my people than the bigots. These spicks dont give a shit, both male and female. They’re ugly as shit, too. They look like an infestation. They’re fucking gross. Some of them dont know what afuckin toilet is. They dont assimilate to American way of life when they illegally come here, instead hail their ugly flag of their ugly nation, full of ugly fuckin rat people. I hate them and mexico. They embarrass me.

    • Black Sheep says:

      Don’t know how many times I said this to commenters here… MEXICAN IS NOT A RACE, IT’S A NATIONALITY.
      The problem with Mexico has NOTHING to do with race. NOTHING!. It’s ATTITUDE!!! It doesn’t matter what color of Mexican you are, there’s black, white, Native American, Oriental, all sorts of Mexicans AND THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME SHITTY ATTITUDE. That’s why they act the way they do and do the crap they do.
      Race has nothing to do with it.

  10. Dennis says:

    Many mexican men,if not most, fancy themselves ‘boxers’ or good fighters for some reason..MOst mexican males were taised in a macho mexican culture..imo it’s BS…Most Mexican womeni’ve ever met , are nothing but arrogant stuckup nitwitsas as well as high maintanence..funny thing is,they’re from a third world country wherein they didn’t act like that when living there..they come here to the USA and suddenly believe themselves to be ‘all that and a bag of gold’..Most latino women have FAT buts just like so many black women..ughhh!!! disgusting!!! out of shape..totally..But most men these days have no standards(i suppose,because thin women are so hard to find)..anything that has boobs is acceptable…notice btw i said most,not all in all these cases.

  11. LARZZ says:

    I hate when assholes talk about race as a whole, there are good and bad in evrey race. The white race is blah blah blah blah.
    Edited by Black Sheep. Yeah, I hate it too, which is why I must have stated a dozen times throughout the comments on this article that MEXICAN IS NOT A RACE, IT’S A NATIONALITY AND THIS IS ABOUT THE ATTITUDE OF MEXICANS. But these Mexican morons like LARZZ here still keep posting racist crap because of their attitude. They can’t be bothered with actually reading and understanding, for them, they’re the perennial victims and we invaded and innocent Americans are the bad guys. All that while they suck on our welfare tit and jack up our crime rate, costing us $billions$ while they send the money they get here back to Mexico.

    Vote for Donald Trump and clean these stinking cockroaches out of our society and our country.

  12. Mexican23 says:

    Well, it is true what you say, but give us a chance¡¡.. there are some mexican americans that are actually nice, polite, and educated, Hope you will meet some of them , and change a little your mind, Greetings¡, and have a Taco.. =)

    • Black Sheep says:

      Yes, there are. Just too few of them. Those who come in legally to make a better life for themselves, who obey the law and behave themselves reasonably well, that’s great, glad to have you for a neighbor. It’s all the illegal assholes who come here with their drugs, gangs, crimes… I’d kill every single one of them if there was a way to do it, a button I could push or an order I could give that would wipe them out and their children with them. That’s how I feel about it.

  13. Jim Rollins says:

    I’ve lived in L.A. all my life. I have watched this former paradise slowly transformed to the shit I see all around me everyday. Sunday afternoon city sponsored band concerts were the first to go so illlegals could be coddled while they passed their time screwing whitey out of jobs, stealing their cars, shooting innocents, etc. driving with no insurance. White politicians are now paying the price for encouraging this kind of rampant assholism. When Trump gets into office, all illegals better start packing because YOU ARE GOING BACK ON A ONE WAY TICKET TO SHITSVILLE WHERE YOU CAME FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  14. 2017 says:

    What is the point of this page. Everyone knows there is people from every race that are immigrants. I just ask myself if it wasn’t for the Americans buying drugs Mexican s wouldn’t have customer s. All these people need to stop hiding behind a computer and say these things to a Hispanic but it won’t happen because they will get dropped plan and simple .. White power

    “plan and simple”? Shouldn’t you have said “plan an seempul”? And what’s this “race” crap?” This is about MEXICANS, who are a NATIONALITY, not a race. You must be one of those fucking Mexicans because all you worthless cockroaches think that you’re a race regardless of what you look like. That just proves your general stupidity. And “White Power”, your ass. This isn’t about whites or blacks or browns, it’s about Mexico being lost in lawlessness and corruption. Fix your country, YOU stop hiding behind a computer and do something about that shithole you call home. Black Sheep.

  15. Anonymous says:

    First of all, it’s cheat*, not “cheet.” Second, you’re calling them lazy, when they make the dirtiest and hardest jobs in the U.S.A. and without those jobs, the United States would be lost. By your name, I can infer you’re Spanish (forgive me if you’re not, but keep in mind this anyway), so you should really stop commenting unintelligent things like that. They make no sense.

    Ah, another nit-picking Libtard. Hey Anonymous, your self-righteousness is showing. They do indeed MAKE the dirtiest and hardest jobs in my country, those jobs are held by the police and jail and prison guards who have to deal with those pieces of shit. It’s true, without them the U.S. would be lost. Talk about unintelligent comments, yours definitely goes up on the board with a star on it. You fucking cockroach-eating Mexicans are wrecking my country. Get the hell out. Black Sheep

  16. Beowulf says:

    Why does every Mexican male in America have a bad attitude,even my freinds. I have me hundreds all the same. They won’t even flush toilet paper in my bathroom at my house. Even before they go in i say plz don’t toss it flush it. They say ok but dont do it and make dumb lies. All of them, i plan on staying friends how can i adress this. Thanks for listening Nd hopefully replying.

  17. Black Sheep says:

    One solution might be to remove the wastebasket from the bathroom. Then the only place to dispose of toilet paper would be the toilet.

    I don’t think it’s a disrespect problem you have with them, it’s a habit. Most of them that sneak in here never had the use of a toilet in Mexico and they always threw the toilet paper away. They don’t know to flush it.
    Frankly, you should get rid of all of them, they’re illegal aliens. Aiding them is a crime against our laws and our nation. Self-respecting Mexicans have plumbing, running water and toilets, it’s the scum that live out in the scrub that sneak in here. Besides, you’re in serious jeopardy from these people and you’ll likely end up being robbed and possibly killed. Wake up.

  18. David V says:

    I can clearly understand your point of veiw. Race has and will always be a major issue. (Pointless verbiage deleted by Black Sheep) I get it, so let me get to the point. Modern day America is slowly becoming overwhelmed by the Mexican/Latino race and correct me if I’m wrong and blah blah blah for about 300 more words. Black Sheep here, editing this crap. Yeah, prepare to be corrected, because you’re wrong.

    THERE IS NO MEXICAN/LATINO RACE. No such race exists and never did exist. Mexico is the name of that country directly to the south of the United States. Mexican is a nationality the same as American is a nationality. American is not a race. Mexican is not a race. This constant bullshit playing of the race card is just part of why Mexicans SUCK, just like you suck, David V for Valdez, most likely.

    We all come in all colors, Mexicans and Americans alike. It’s certainly true that Mexicans are more likely to be a mix of white, Aztec American Indian and Spanish, but that’s not a race, it’s a mix of races. The Spanish are a mix of Caucasian and Arab and the Arabs are a mix of Caucasian, Negro and Oriental. The Indians are a mix of Oriental and Caucasian. Mexicans come in black, brown, red, yellow and white just like everyone else.

    Mexican race. Christ almighty, David V., you fucking idiot.

  19. white power says:

    I cant stand those geasy bean eatin jod stealing wage droping cockroaches. This country is over run with the river jumpers thry come over here manipulate the system get money food jobs for nothing they are some of the worst craftsman everthing they do is half assed. They act like we owe them something talking there shit language and waving there mescan flags if your so proud of mexico then take you slimy ass back there. Every chance i get i put a mescan in his place i went to war for this country multipal tours what do they give this country nothing absolutly nothing.

  20. Larry Miller says:

    Trump will make it to the White House. When that happens, beaners everywhere had better start packing and heading back to the shitholes they came from. Once they get back to mehico, they can then apply for freebies like they stole from legal American citizens. Of course, they won’t be given shit because they don’t have shit. By that time Trump will have built a proper wall to stop these fucking cockroaches from invading us again

  21. Black Sheep says:

    Amen to that, brother. I can hardly wait, too. There’ll be dancing in the streets, on top of Mexican flags.

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