WHY Mexicans Suck

I live in Washington state, okay? We’re not a real populous state, we have a fairly short summer and the rest of the year is cold and mostly wet. You wouldn’t think Mexicans, from a hot climate, would like it here much and they probably don’t, but that doesn’t stop them from coming here, illegally, finding places to live and then spreading out their disgusting lifestyle and habits to the rest of us whether we want to share in them or not.

YAKIMA, Wash. —
Police say the 17-year-old killed Tuesday night in Yakima was a known gang member, and the drive-by shooting is being investigated as gang-related.
A witness told police a car pulled up along side the Yakima teen, Yobane Ortiz, and shots were fired.

Responding officers found him on a street corner with one bullet wound to the head and several to the torso. He was pronounced dead at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. The shooting was the 15th homicide this year in Yakima County and the first since July 19.

Yakima is a big town by Washington standards, of about 250,000 people but certainly not anything as large as Los Angeles or Chicago or the other gang-infested cities, but they’ve had 15 murders this year, so far, and while the article doesn’t say so, I bet nearly all were gang killings.

I went to a large discount grocery store yesterday in the nearest large town to me, which is just under 100,000 in population, and got glares from the minority types doing their shopping there, as if they, even though incapable of speaking any English at all, had more right to be there than me. At one point the aisle was blocked by 3 of them, teens to early 20’s, with their shopping carts while they blithered away at each other in Spanish, as I and an elderly lady waited for them to disperse. I finally asked them if they were going to let us by, and it turned out that one actually spoke enough English to get it. The others looked at me stupidly, even while they knew exactly why we were standing there waiting on them. They finally moved.

Twice I passed another huge Mexican male who looked constantly angry and who pointedly glared at me each time we happened by each other. I frequently get glared at by Mexicans and I’ve about reached my limit on that crap. The next time I get a nasty look from one of those illegal assholes I’m going to make a scene and see what happens.

These ASSHOLES come here looking for a better life and better wages and then sell drugs, commit murders and all manner of other ugly crimes, refuse to learn our language and then act like assholes out in public. It’s like they’re barely restraining themselves to keep from shooting up the goddam store, they’re so full of hostility.

Which is exactly why I get full of hostility every time I get it dumped on me. When someone smiles at me that’s wholly different than when someone who very likely has no right to even be here tries to intimidate me. I refuse to cave in to this crap and I’ve had it up to here.

Oct. 23, 2010: Notice— Any comment left after this date referring to “Mexican” as a race instead of a nationality will be deleted.

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  1. Justine says:

    Also people south of the boarder use socoal security numbers of other people and once they get a green card & their own SSN, they have the wages from their w-2s transferred to their own SSN so they can take out a Retirement later. They don’t get in trouble for fraud. And once they receive cotizenship, they run to the wellfare and social security office asking what can they get. A widow can receive social security survivors benefits even if they don’t live in the US and are not legal here. If parents are illegal in the U.S., they can get SSI for their U S born kids and they have many kids who they claim have ADHD and then they don’t have work just live off taxpayer money. U.S. government lets them. It’s the U.S. fault that these assholes get away with it.

  2. Bob a booey says:

    I don’t understand why they come to this country illegally don’t even try to learn our language try going to any laundromat there’s about 50 of them and they’re having Cinco de Mayo everyday go to any of our old water and holes where we used to swim in our creeks and stuff is all littered with garbage and trash because they’re trying to turn America into a third world country like Mexico is just like Obama tried go shoot up your own country I’m sick of seeing this s*** in mine pick up your f****** trashy pigs

  3. Black Sheep says:

    Kill them. I’m for it. Carry a semi-auto pistol of large caliber and shoot them. If enough of us do this, the ones here will rush for the border and the ones heading this way will turn around.

    I hope the good citizens of Texas do that, they could sit up in the hills with scoped rifles and pick them off left and right. They’d stop coming, trust me.

  4. jasmine says:

    I am so tired of it too. I am dark skinned but I am an American born in the UK. California is OVERPOPULATED with Hispanics that are outbreeding every other race to get ahead. They are so trashy and its America’s fault to letting them stay here, eat up the benefits, contribute NOTHING of value to this country, and make more Mexican babies-because that’s what their doing. On top of that they are soo disrespectful, I was standing in the ATM line and a Hispanic man behind me was cursing at me in Spanish thinking I did not hear what he was saying-when I turned around he just glared at me. I just want them OUT .