Google Is Selling Out To Islam

Look at the Google Doodle on the Google home page and do a mouse-over on it. It says “Happy Holidays from Google”.

I’m personally really getting irritated by all this Happy Holidays crap. It’s CHRISTMAS! Christmas is then followed by New Years and Google will be putting up a special Doodle for New Years. I know this for a fact because I called up their main office at 650-253-0000 and talked to a spokesman, who did not give his name, and complained about the Doodle not saying CHRISTMAS or being in any way Christmas related.

His response was that Christmas offended some people and I said yes, MUSLIMS, and he responded “Yes”.

I told this person that Google advertises their motto as “Do no harm”, that the Muslims were 1% of the population and Christians were 86%. Wikipedia says that’s dropped down to about 70% but hey. I explained that we are a Christian nation and Google is harming America by siding with the Muslims who want to harm all of us. He was unresponsive to that and seemed anxious to get me off the phone.

I asked him if there was going to be a special Doodle for New Years and he said “Yes”.

Then he gave me a spiel about there unfortunately being no one else for me to discuss this with but THE CALL WAS BEING RECORDED and all the calls were listened to.

It is against Federal Law, the last time I checked anyway, to record a call without first informing the caller in advance that it was being recorded. I guess Google must be above this law.

Google, this is a message to you. You’re turning into a Left Wing sycophantic search engine, you ARE doing harm, your motto is crap, and I hope BING pushes you clear off the Internet!

I also hope lots of people find this article on a Google search, go check out BING, and drop you like the dirty hot potato you are.

Hey everybody, if you look at the top right of your screen right now you’ll see a search box, probably set on Google. There’s a tiny, dot-sized triangle. Click on that and you can get a list of search providers. BING is one of them and I gotta tell you, BING really is better than Google. Set it to BING, you’ll like it.

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2 Responses to “Google Is Selling Out To Islam”

  1. EVERYTHING is sold out to Islam.

    Judges. Presidents. Congressman. All the governments. Lawyers. Media. Cultural Industry. Hollywood. Rappers. Intellectuals. Writers. Musicians.

    Everybody was bought.

    Sordid details in the book MUSLIM MAFIA.

  2. … and UNO, EU, CFR, Bildeberg Club… all the Globalists.