Sunday Entertainment Section

An unnamed guy “wearing only a pair of turquoise boxer” undershorts, jumped off a high ledge over a store in downtown San Francisco, and died immediately upon impact with the concrete sidewalk at Powell and Market streets.

He apparently lived in a loft over the store that had a window which opened onto the ledge. I assume he was also one of San Francisco’s typical male denizens, a homosexual, because of his bright turquoise underpants, his behavior and the city he lived in. I mention this as the large homosexual population in S.F. provides the city with a lot of it’s entertainment, on the stage, in the bars and so forth, and he certainly was a contributor.

He made several false starts at jumping until a large crowd had gathered to watch, some of them yelling “Don’t jump!” but more yelling “Jump, jump”. After all, that was what they came there to watch.

When the crowd grew large enough for his satisfaction, he then leaped to his death. Bravo! Well done. A successful performance by a local entertainer.

The reason for his leap isn’t known to me but I can think of several that would fit if he was homosexual, such as finding out he was HIV positive, his boyfriend left him for another guy with a sweeter pucker, or he was about to be arrested for those young boys he was molesting.

In the true spirit of Frisco frolic, lots of people were capturing pictures of his rapid descent and its aftermath on their phone cameras and posting them on twitter. Then, of course, people left lots of comments saying how rude and mean the posters were to put the pics up, no doubt the same people who were shouting “Jump”.

For my money, they can all jump off tall buildings in a single bound, with Nancy Pelosi leading the way. Make the world a better, if somewhat messier, place.

4 Responses to “Sunday Entertainment Section”

  1. Terrence Burks says:

    Black sheep: I am an asshole. I have nothing useful to say about anything. FUCK ME. PLEASE.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    No thanks, Terrence. I don’t make it with guys. You’ll have to keep looking.

  3. Black Sheep says:

    Hi, my name is Frabjous and I use lots of different names to post here because I’m having fun. I actually think this guy believes that I’m a bunch of different people. Oh, this just makes me so happy. Happy happy happy. I think I’ll go take my anti-psychotic pill now.

  4. Robyn B says:

    Hi. Robyn isn’t my real name. I’ve left 7 or 8 comments on this article since just yesterday under different names and I’m actually stupid enough to think that the owner of this blog won’t wonder why so many “different people” are commenting now, all at once, suddenly, on an article that was written over 3 years ago. I do this for kicks because I’m basically manic-depressive and schizophrenic, and it gets me off to pretend to be different people. I wish I didn’t totally suck as a person but I do. I really should leap out of a building like the guy in the article did, and make the world a better place.