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Deferring Disaster, Right On Schedule

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Oman’s leader, Sultan Qaboos (as in caboose) is assuring the US that Iran’s nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes, at the same time that Iran is now requesting new talks with the United States out of one side of it’s mouth while threatening the US with terrorist attacks and war out of the other.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, America’s top intelligence official, told Congress Tuesday that an emboldened Iran is “now more willing” to launch an attack inside the United States.

While Leon Panetta, our whiskey-soaked Leftard Defense Secretary, says it would probably take Iran “about a year to be able to produce a bomb and then possibly another one to two years in order to put it on a deliverable vehicle of some sort in order to deliver that weapon,”
top aides to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insist the timeline is a lot shorter, and suggested in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine they may launch a unilateral strike against Tehran.

Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon told the magazine it’s only a “matter of months” before Iran has nuclear capability. Defense Minister Ehud Barak declared in the same article that if action is not taken soon “it will not be possible” to stop Tehran from gaining — and potentially using — nuclear weapons.

In response, General Masoud Jazayeri of Iran’s Joint Armed Forces Staff said, “We will rigorously confront any threat or hostile behavior, and our response will be definitely regretful and destructive,” adding: “History will remember whether the Americans or Iranians were bluffing.”

The Israelis have the worlds best intel, and they’ve proven this many, many times over. If they say within a couple months, I believe them and not that sack of flab Panetta.

Obama’s policy is apparently to keep deferring the date when Iran will have nukes until they actually have them, when it will be too late to do anything about it, and to keep pressuring the Israelis to do nothing as well. The Islamic agenda is to eradicate Israel, and while the various factions of Muslim Arabs are always looking for ways to destroy each other, they are unanimous when it comes to getting rid of the Jews. To this end they will lie and pretend and placate, just as Sultan Caboose is doing now, because while most of them don’t want Iran to have nukes either, their desire to kill Jews is stronger.

It’s almost laughable. It’s 2012 now and the Mayan prediction of doom will be increasingly on people’s minds, but a global disaster coming to us from space somehow is the least likely event we face. We’ve been capable of destroying civilization and wrecking the planet for at least 50 years and we just keep on getting better at it.

Any thinking person can see how an attack on Iran by Israel could escalate into global war, considering the volatile nature of Arabs and all that oil they sit on. The same is true of an attack on Israel by Iran. All that diplomacy and threat-counter threat stuff only works for so long before the fireworks begin.

I sure hope I can get moved back to California before July.

Why I Don’t Use Social Websites

Monday, January 30th, 2012

I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t post on Twitter. I don’t use Google+, or any other social networking website.

My websites and this blog, which is also a separate website, all have privacy locks on my domain server, who I pay a yearly fee to host them rather than use any of the free services. None of my email accounts contain any reference to my name.

I try to stay as completely anonymous as I can on the Internet. Why? Partly because of incredibly stupid things like this:

US Bars Friends Over Twitter Joke

That’s the headline in a British tabloid, The Sun, reporting on two young people who left comments for each other on their Twitter accounts in advance of a trip to Los Angeles. Let me tell you, it takes a long time to fly from London to L.A., I know because I’ve done it, and it costs like Hell, too.

These unfortunate kids were making jokes and using Brit slang that our ever watchful and incredibly overzealous Homeland Security agents found and pounced upon. One used the expression “destroy America”, meaning “Party Hearty”, and the other joked about digging up Marilyn Monroe. For that latter one their luggage was actually searched for digging tools. They were questioned for 5 hours, then handcuffed and locked up in separate cells for 12 hours before being barred from entry into the country and put on a plane back to England.

I hope they successfully sue my country for a huge sum.

From this it should be apparent to all that anything you say on any social networking site will be read by computers belonging to the various, nefarious, investigative arms of our government, that none of these government people have a fucking brain in their heads, and no matter how obvious it may be that they’re chasing a phantom chimera of their own devising, they will not waver. If it’s you they’re after, it’s you they’re gonna get.

You have absolutely NO PRIVACY on any social networking site. Nothing you say will be taken at face value by our government and very likely yours as well, if you aren’t an American. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU and you damn well better watch yourself.

Banning The Abominable Burka

Monday, January 30th, 2012

The Dutch cabinet has taken another step closer to banning the Islamic burka, that tent-like garment that covers Muslim women from the top of their heads down to the ground, with only a slit in front of their eyes to see through, making good on an election promise that is largely symbolic but has broad public support. In order to keep this from being a religious issue, the pending law bans all garments that cover the face including ski masks. France and Belgium have already banned wearing the burka in public.

Anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders, who has pushed for this for some time, has heralded it as “fantastic news.” The Associated Press article on this claims that only about 300 women in the Netherlands wear the thing, and generally not in public.

The Muslims have been purposely dressing their women up in those cloth prisons and sending them out in public to go shopping or just be seen in public places in their effort to get people used to the idea and facilitate shoving Islam down the throat of Europe. The Europeans are shoving back, however.

One of the Muslims little tricks has been to insist that their women get drivers license photos taken while wearing what amounts to masks, claiming it would violate their religion for the women to show their faces. It’s exactly this sort of thing that’s led to the banning of burkas altogether.

The law must still be approved by both houses of the Dutch Parliament. If the Dutch follow through on this, that will be three burka-free EU nations. Hopefully they will and more will follow.

I was only in Saudi Arabia once, at Ras Tanura, and the best part of the visit was when I left. The women in public there were all covered in those black burkas, and it was HOT. I walked on the opposite side of the street to avoid even coming near them because of the extreme danger of violating some aspect of Sharia law as an “infidel”.

Oh, by the way, my “Infidel” tee shirt has arrived. I’ll try to get a picture of me in it to post later on. Everyone of us infidels should have at least one and wear it proudly.

Thanks, I Needed A Good Laugh

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

First, Iran threatens to block up the Strait of Hormuz because the sanctions against them are starting to bite. They even tried to show us how serious and menacing they are by conducting “Strait-blocking exercises” with their little navy.

Our response was to cruise past their little navy with one of our aircraft carriers and its accompanying strike force of destroyers and cruisers. So after we were safely out of sight, they “warned” us never to enter the Strait with another aircraft carrier. So we went back through with two of them.

The latest sanctions include freezing the Iranian State Bank’s overseas assets and a moratorium against doing business with that bank, and the EU has started an embargo against Iran’s oil. The inability of Iran to sell their oil will crash their already foundering economy and likely bring down that oppressive, lunatic government.

So. How do the Iranian Lunatic Imams In Charge respond to this? They are “preparing to discuss a ban on crude sales to European Union countries in retaliation for an EU embargo” and are threatening them with crude reaching $120 to $150 per barrel, and this will supposedly impact the US as well.

In other words, if they can no longer sell their oil because no one will buy it, they will ban the sale of it. That ought to teach us, eh? And note that they aren’t actually discussing doing this. They are “preparing to discuss it.” I sure hope they let us know when they’re actually ready so we can prepare to discuss shaking with fear.

The Iranians claim that they can find new customers for their oil. That should be interesting to watch, since all oil production is geared directly to global demand. You can’t sell people more oil than they need. I mean, where would they put it? Right now oil is $100 a barrel. Iran produces about 5% of the worlds oil, so how will cutting off that 5% cause the price to go up by half again? Answer: It won’t.

Typical Muslim jackasses. Wave their arms, gape their mouths open and scream curses in Arabic, make dire threats, and it’s all a bunch of nothing.

Brain Grooves

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

This is way off my usual topics, so I hope it finds some interest.

I downloaded the MMOG Perfect World this morning, which took about 2 and a half hours, on high speed cable, before all the files were loaded in and the thing was finally functional. So I fired it up and started to play.

The very first thing that was glaringly obvious was that my mouse was inverted. After looking through every available game option I couldn’t find any place to invert the mouse, so then did a Google search to see if someone else had the answer.

Nope. The answer is that this game, created in China, with massive graphics files and highly intricate game play, made no allowance whatever for inverting the mouse. Unbelievable!

I’ve been a video gamer since Pong. I used to operate a bunch of those big upright boxes with Centipede and Pole Position and all that, years ago, that I’d placed in bars, cafes and so forth. When the Internet came out and you could hook up to Descent and Duke Nukem on Kali, I was an early member of Kali, bought all the games and played them regularly. I’ve played nearly every online game there is that was any good at all. Tribes, DAOC, WoW, LOTRO, it’s a long list, and every one since the very earliest ones provided an Invert Mouse option. After all those years of fitting my hand-eye coordination into that one specific groove, trying to play in reverse is more than I care to deal with for just one game.

The PW forum has over 40 requests going back 4 years asking the game designers to add that Invert Mouse option, and the thread is closed and the request ignored.

This game will never make much money outside of China, because so many of us play with the x and y axis reversed. Why am I going on about this? Because………

This is typical of the way the Chinese do things. It seems like everything they make is left partly unfinished. Look at all the different products they’ve sent over to us with all the defects in them. Poison paint on baby toys, substitute chemicals in infant formula that destroyed babies livers, toothpaste with anti-freeze in it, defective tires, the list is very long and the lawsuits against China are many.

The Chinese are incapable of producing anything without trying to cut corners to save money. Poverty has been the Chinese norm for many thousands of years and they simply can’t help trying to do everything as cheaply as possible to increase profit. Profit is survival to them so once something is being manufactured, the expense of having to change it horrifies them.

Because of this, I think the Chinese military capability is a lot less than advertised. A lot of their stuff will very likely malfunction when used. A lot more that they’re building now to compete with us may never get built, as making the continual design changes necessary in any advanced piece of military hardware will likely take them much longer than it would us to accomplish.

Personally, I try to avoid Chinese goods (or “bads” as I call them) just because of their poor quality. I just hope our military isn’t using any of their crap.

In God We Trust. All Others Pay Cash.

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

FOX news website has an article headlined “Taliban has a softer look but can it be trusted?”

As soon as I read that headline I knew what the comment section was going to be like and sure enough, everyone was asking who the idiot was who wrote it. NO! Of course not! Trust the Taliban?

Previously I was going on about humor, and this kind of stuff is funny in a very macabre way. The Taliban are the people who supported bin Laden. They’re the ones who brutalize women at every chance, forcing the populace to fill the stadiums to watch women be shot in the backs of their heads or buried up to their shoulders and murdered by stoning, closing schools to females of any age, raping any girl of any age whenever they felt like it. Rapists, terrorists and murderers, every one of them.

So hey, let me ask you, uh, whaddya think? Think we should trust them? Negotiate with them? Gee, do ya think it would be okay?

Obama does.

He wants to negotiate their takeover of Afghanistan. Seriously. That’s why he wants to negotiate with them. But here’s the facts: The day we leave Afghanistan the Taliban will move right in and take over and do it their way, and go right back to murdering and brutalizing women just like before. Any negotiations between them and Obama will be no more than piss in the wind regardless of what papers are signed and agreements are made.

Like all these horribly backwards, Stone-Age countries, there are two warring sides, in this case the Pashtuns and the Tajiks. The Pashtuns are allied with the Taliban.

“With the overthrow of the Taliban, the ethnic Tajiks who made up the bulk of the Northern Alliance considered themselves the victors. At the Bonn Conference held in Germany in December 2001 to create the future Afghan government, the Northern Alliance Tajiks demanded and got the most important ministries. Given Afghanistan’s demographics, everyone knew they needed an ethnic Pashtun as president, and Abdullah Abdullah, who was then with the Northern Alliance, pressed the case for Karzai.”

Which is why a Pashtun is president of Afghanistan. Ending Taliban rule pretty much mellowed things out, but a resurgence of the Taliban will mean a resurgence of the decades old Afghan civil war, because the Tajiks flat out won’t stand for it.

Now, not that I give a hoot, mind you. Arab Muslims love the fighting, the blood and death, the screaming, terror, misery, mutilation and gore. They really do adore it and I’m fine with that as long as they keep it in their yard and don’t start playing in mine.

When the Twin Towers were knocked down, global response was such that we could have actually nuked Afghanistan and no one would have held it against us. Unfortunately, G. W. Bush, the closet Liberal, was president, whose house is closely entwined with the Saudi Royal house. So he sent a token force there to chase rumors of Osama while gathering the might of our forces in planning the invasion of Iraq for their oil.

The need for our involvement in Afghanistan ended when Osama was killed. They will never have a democracy there in a 100 lifetimes, if ever. We have no excuse at all now for having a single soldier there and the sooner we get out, the sooner they can go back to doing what they love the most. Killing. As far as using the hellhole for a drone base to attack al Qaeda in Pakistan, we don’t need that either.

What we need to do at this point, and we really do, is to pull everyone out and tell those Islamic scum in both countries that if there is one more attack on American soil that we can trace back to Pakistan or Afghanistan, that we will nuke them into oblivion. The only way this is going to ever end is by massive force.

Can we trust the Taliban? Is your name Mohammad?

Funny Women

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

No offense to anyone, but… I’ve found that women of our species have very little sense of humor compared to men. Not being sexist, or trying to be anyway, and I don’t know why there should be a difference, but there is. Women find things funny the same as men, they just don’t seem to CREATE humor and jokes the way men do. Maybe women just don’t look for the humorous side of things to begin with.

It’s said that women are more emotional, generally, but I don’t think either sex is more so than the other. Women just express their emotions differently. Women tend to use emotions as weapons of manipulation. Men don’t. Things like that.

In my life I’ve read all the great philosophers and many lesser ones and not one of them is a woman. Whenever I’ve tried to talk philosophy to a woman I bored the hell out of her. Humor is a form of philosophy, and making a joke out of a bad situation is simply a philosophical way of looking at it.

There are some women among the great comedians of the world. Lucille Ball, Phyllis Diller, Lilly Tomlin for older examples. I confess I haven’t kept up with recent ones of either sex. However, the number of female stand-up comedians is on the rise and I think I know why.

The role of women has changed a lot. A whole lot more women have become independent the way men are as the institution of marriage continues to lose favor. The role of women has changed. The more women take on the outlook of men and see things from the male perspective, the more they adopt philosophical thinking and thus are more likely to create humor rather than just respond to it.

That’s my take on it, anyway.

Next morning: I see no one has called me a sexist bastard yet but I’m still waiting. One must allow a grace period for these things. 🙂

Presidential Paranoia

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Sgt. Pat Shearer of the Peoria, Arizona police department is now under investigation by the FBI after posting a photo “of seven young men, four with guns, holding up a gunshot-marked T-shirt featuring an image of the US president above the word “hope,” on Facebook.”

Well, maybe they ought to investigate me too, since I share the same hope that something will happen to that miserable, Marxist son of a bitch to get him out of office. Me and I bet millions of other Americans as well, if the eight people involved in the above news article are any clue.

I’ve noticed that Obama’s hair is turning white after only 3 years in office and I can’t help wondering if fear is what’s causing it. He knows full well the lies he’s told and keeps telling, and the mess of corruption he’s upper-lip deep in, so he probably should be scared.

This guy is the worst president We The People have ever been saddled with and I’d love to see him bucked off. He’s ridden that horse long enough. My preference would be through impeachment, though. Our presidents should be kept safe from harm if for no other reason than to keep America from looking like a banana republic.

Bathtub Philosophy

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

A long time ago, relatively speaking, when I was in my 20’s, I took a good long look at old people and thought about what they meant when they spoke of maturity.

I realized that maturity generally means accepting the physical changes that come with life, and learning to sit back and let the younger generation take over while you slowly succumb to the pains, aches, illnesses and disabilities of old age. It sure looked like bullshit to me and I wanted none of it.

To this day I have never accepted maturity. My body has certainly aged, and acquired some of those creaks and wrinkles and so forth, but that’s gonna happen. The difference is that I don’t accept an aging body as being what I am. I am not mature. Looks like I never will be, either.

A couple weeks ago I checked in at the clinic with some minor problems and also had a little skin blemish looked at and the doctor started going on about cancer. Which it isn’t, but anyway I told her that I don’t believe in cancer. She clearly thought I was either slightly nuts or getting senile, but I don’t. Never have. I think most people who get cancer believe in it. I do know that a lot of illness is brought on entirely by mental attitude and nothing else, that we can come down with the flu or a cold because we allowed something to get to us and bring us down mentally. I’ve warded off the onset of a bug many times by simply sitting down and figuring out what was bothering me, and dealing with it.

I believe in being healthy. So I am. I believe that I will wake up in the morning, and so I do. I believe that whatever difficulty I face in life, I will overcome it, and I’ve overcome some of the most horrendous crap you could imagine and I’m still here and feeling pretty fine.

Life is not fair. Some of us have it soft all our lives but most of us don’t. Most of us beat our way through life and get beat up in the process until finally we’re all beat down and ready to go, looking forward to it even. But life isn’t unfair either and the only reason we get beat down is because we don’t keep standing up. Life is funny. Literally, life is a comedy, there’s humor everywhere, even in the darkest moments and the saddest things – although I do freely admit that there’s a hell of a lot less laughs in that particular department. But maybe that’s the thing of it for me. I always end up laughing at what hurt me the most.

I am a philosophical type, ain’t I.

God Is On My Side

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Yesterday, Wednesday, I called our local grocery store and the only store we have at all hereabouts, in fact, to see if they had any cardboard boxes that I could start packing with. LO, the gal who answered said Yes, that tomorrow (now today) was Freight Day and they’d have a big load of boxes and I could have all I wanted.

Hey, stay with me. This is important. Have you PRICED cardboard boxes lately?

So this morning I drove the old pickup over and there were three bins filled with excellent empty boxes with the lids intact, and I loaded up about 35 of them inside the pickup bed canopy where they’d stay dry.

On arriving home I opened the canopy lid and dropped the tail gate, and AT THAT INSTANT, the rain stopped, the sky cleared, the sun came out AND A GOLDEN BEAM OF LIGHT SHONE DOWN UPON MY HEAD. Oh Yes, Brothers and Sisters, The Force was WITH me, the POWER was upon me and I proceeded to pack boxes all day in the glorious sunlight, halleleujah!

Today was the first full day of warm sun we’ve had in over two months now, and it came on the day I decided to go ahead and start packing in anticipation of getting the Hell out of here. You couldn’t ask for a more sure sign than that, that The Great Whatzit In The Sky or wherever it is approves of my efforts to leave here. I mean, can you? Of course not.

Ice Trucks and Old People

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Every once in awhile I get to thinking back to what really were far better days. We didn’t have TV and didn’t need it as Radio provided all the evenings entertainment one could ask.

There were all sorts of dramatic programs, laden with sound effects and narrated by teams of actual actors who played out the scenes in your mind’s eye, the galloping horses, the dark alley, the sinister footsteps on the stairs. It was all so real. The Shadow, Midnight Editor, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, Superman. We would listen absolutely entranced, visualizing it all.

There was no cussing on the radio. No one said Damn or Hell, and there were no dirty jokes. No cussing or nudity in the movies either. When someone got shot in a cowboy or gangster movie, there was no blood. It was real enough as it was without any George Carlin-type filthy mouth or spilled guts and I’d be fine with that today.

In the 1940’s, in spite of so many people having refrigerators by then, a lot of them still had old-fashioned ice boxes, and I remember the ice truck parking next door to make deliveries in the summer at the several 4-plexes down the street, and the ice man would chip off chunks of ice for us kids to eat when we crowded around the back of the truck.

The War was underway and my dad hadn’t yet joined the Navy, and was still running his autobody shop in town. My older brother and I walked downtown to visit him and he gave us a couple of nickles, which we spent at a 5 & 10 cent store nearby. I bought a wood and paper “gun” that made a loud pop when it was swung quickly downward. A folded piece of paper snapped out, caught by the air, with a cartoon picture of Hitler on it.

My grandparents had a summer cabin not real far from Palm Springs, and after the War dad would drive us all out there sometimes to spend a weekend with the grandfolks, if they were there. The cabin had an icebox too. There was no electrical power in that little canyon then, though there is now, and our music came from an old Edison phonograph with those really thick, one-sided records, and our light at night was from kerosene lanterns.

There was a water hole a little ways up in the hills where water was piped down to the cabins, and my brother and I would sneak up there, strip down and go swimming. We had to be careful not to get it stirred up or people would see murky water come out of their taps, as we found out the first time it happened. That wasn’t the last time, either. Small kids have a hard time being careful.

Indians used to live there before white people came along and there were still remnants. An old Indian guy had one of the cabins and he’d found what was left of a war bow. It looked to be missing at least a foot off one end but was still taller than my dad and really thick and strong. I bet it shot an arrow a very long ways, when it was intact. There was a totem pole there too, pretty weather-worn and bug eaten but still recognizable for what it was.

There was a hornet’s nest in a tree not far from the cabin, as you walked up the narrow dirt road, and I noticed it one afternoon and stopped to look at it. One of the hornets noticed me, too, and decided it didn’t like me standing there staring up at the nest. It took out after me and I found myself running as fast as I could back to the cabin. I whipped in the screen door and slammed it behind me and that hornet was so close behind that it made a loud ping from bouncing off the screen. It nearly had me. My parents and an uncle were lounging around outside, saw the whole thing of course, and had a good laugh. I did too after I’d caught my breath and made sure that hornet had left.

Those were such simpler times, it seems now. Even during the war years, they were happier times than now so it’s no wonder that on cold, rainy and gloomy days like today, I think back to them.

That experience with my grandfolks cabin stayed with me all my life. I eventually moved to some very remote woods and re-lived that life, built my own home there, had a wood stove for heat in the winter and kerosene lamps for light at night. I had an old gas refrigerator instead of an ice box but most of the food went into a pantry, I canned food up like Grandma used to, and lived that way for about 25 years and loved it.

I don’t anymore but I find that I just can’t stand living in a neighborhood with neighbors to the left and right of me. I get along with them okay but not having at least 20 acres of rugged land to call my own is more than I can deal with. Which is why I bought 20 rugged acres with a spring on it that’s been known to keep flowing since around 1880 when white people first found it, up in the southern California mountains. Not too much longer and I can get out of this miserable land of gray skies and rain.

Once I feel happy again you won’t have to read rants like this anymore. So wish me Godspeed.

Are Eggs, Apples and Tomatos Next?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

NEW DELHI: An unnamed Islamic cleric based in Europe has issued a ban on women touching fruits and vegetables resembling the male sexual organ to avoid “sexual thoughts”. “According to the cleric, bananas and cucumbers “resemble the male penis” and therefore could arouse women or “make them think of sex.” The cleric also added carrots and zucchini to the list of forbidden foods for women. ”

I note that sausage has never been mentioned, undoubtedly because most of it is made with pork. Still….

Round fruits and vegetables may be next, and especially EGGS, whose shape mostly resembles the balls you know of which I speak, and syntax be damned.

Things like this are why the rest of the world holds Muslims in such high regard. They’re so advanced, so calm, clearheaded and above all, peaceful. Which helps explain why Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, U.S. Marine Corps, who pleaded guilty Monday to a single count of negligent dereliction of duty in the killing of 24 Iraqis in 2005, (UPDATED) will not do any jail time, will not have his pay reduced, and (it’s not known yet) may not have his rank reduced either.

These were Iraqi civilians who lived in the immediate vicinity of an attack by a terrorist. Wuterich had his squad enter two houses with the instructions to “shoot first and ask questions later”, which they did, killing 24 Iraqi men, women and children. Or so the story goes.
All of the other squad members have been acquitted or had their charges dropped, and it’s this specific case that resulted in the Iraqi’s refusing to give our fighters immunity in Iraqi courts, which in turn resulted in our telling the Iraqis to kiss it, and leaving.

A damn good reason why we don’t want our people tried in Iraqi courts is the attitude of those who would try them: “It’s just another barbaric act of Americans against Iraqis,” Kamil al-Dulaimi, a Sunni lawmaker told The Associated Press “They spill the blood of Iraqis and get this worthless sentence for the savage crime against innocent civilians.”

Strange you never hear them raging like that against their own terrorist killers who kill our soldiers and who wipe out hundreds of innocent people in mosques and market places with bombs strapped on retarded women and hidden in cars.

Personally, I think that the 3 months in the brig is way too severe a sentence for the death of 24 Iraqis. Those people are worth less than the dirt they stand on, so I hope he gets off with no punishment at all. AND (see UPDATED) HE DID! HOORAH!

Vas Te Faire Enculi, Turkey!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

That means Farouk U., aka Phuque Ewe if you like, and is what the French are telling the Turks in another wave of French rejection of Islam.

The French Senate just approved a bill making it a crime to deny that the massacre of Armenians in 1915 by the Turks was genocide, something the Turkish government has been in violent denial about ever since they did it. Muslims just hate to admit they ever did anything wrong. They’ve got to be the most dysfunctional people of any on the planet, and that’s saying a bunch.

They don’t have our Freedom of Speech laws over there in Europe, and it’s already a crime, rating imprisonment for years, for denying the Holocaust. So adding denying the genocide of Armenians was obviously next on the list.

Here’s why this is important. Armenia is pretty much a nothing country and Armenians an unimportant people to the rest of the world, so even though they’ve been hollering Genocide since 1915, no one has given that slaughter much attention. The fact that the genocide is finally being given so much official recognition now is a direct and deliberate rejection of Turkey’s behavior of late.

Turkey has long been a secular nation and an ally of the West and Europe, and their secular status has been directly maintained by their army generals. However, those generals have been retired and replaced with Muslims who want to see Turkey become another Islamic state, as does their current president. The result is that Turkey is rapidly become a Fascistic Islamic state and an enemy of its former allies.

So now the enraged Turks are threatening reprisals and revenge against France, but there’s little they can do outside of some economic measures. If they boycott French products they’ll only be shooting themselves in the foot, since France produces a lot of what they can’t make including fighter planes. Muslims are very consistent, I have to say. They scream and rage and threaten violent disasters whenever they’re pushed back against or when they feel like pushing and it doesn’t matter which country, theirs or someone else’s, or when, or where. Like this guy:
This blaring jackass is a fixture at Muslim demonstrations in London.

I have to give Sarkozy and the French credit, they’re standing up to Islam and the Muslim encroachment a lot more than anyone else in the E.U. outside of Geert Wilders and the Dutch.

Meanwhile, Turkey, Va t’empaler encule!

The New Global Citizen

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

“KABUL, Afghanistan – More Afghans fled the country and sought asylum abroad in 2011 than in any other year since the start of the decade-long war, suggesting that many are looking for their own exit strategy as international troops prepare to withdraw.”

“From January to November, more than 30,000 Afghans applied for political asylum worldwide, a 25 percent increase over the same period the previous year and more than triple the level of just four years ago, according to UN statistics.”

“as international troops prepare to withdraw.” There’s the heart of it. These people are all Muslims and most are escaping to other Muslim countries, from slipping over the border into Iran to risking a boat to Indonesia. Why would they leave one Muslim country for another, particularly Iran, as violent a nation as that is?

Because… They know that when we leave, the Taliban will come back, and the only people who want to live under Taliban rule in Afghanistan are the Taliban themselves. Everyone else will become virtually a slave.

People are leaving the nations and places of their birth by the millions and not looking back. They’re leaving behind their families and all their memories. It’s exactly as if nationality no longer means a thing. These people don’t care much where they go as long as it’s away from where they were.

These are the poor, dirty and uneducated of the world. These are the excess human population who should never have been born and wouldn’t have been in a self-regulating society. Anywhere the grass looks greener is where this drek will head for, most of them making it, but some of them drowning when their boats sink, dying of thirst in deserts and dying of heat in crowded truck trailers, while others are pulled off buses and shot dead or made into slave labor in cocaine plantations and whorehouses.

These are the people who have flooded into the United States, some 30 to 40 million of them now, coming in mostly from Mexico but also other Latin and South American countries, China and the Near and Far East. The same thing is happening all over Eastern and Western Europe. There’s even a reverse flow, statistically speaking, of fugitives into China.

It’s only well-ordered nations with well-kept laws that maintain a sense of patriotism and national pride among its citizens, and the number of such nations is rapidly dwindling. I can’t help thinking that the desperate and still worsening global economy is doing more to create a one-world government by way of this mass migration, than anything else. That this may be deliberate doesn’t escape me either, since our current government and much of Europe seems to be aiding the process rather than suppressing it.

Dr. James David Manning

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Long-legged Mack Daddy
Screen grab from Dr. Manning rant. Click on it for the YouTube video.

I really like this guy.

This is a black preacher who really tells it like it is about Obama (homosexual acts, communist and radical upbringing) and about both black and white people and the truth about the worst of their scumsucking, POS leaders.

This one is about how Marshall Davis, Communist, poet and porn producer and very likely the actual father of Barack Obama, was the person who raised Obama.

Here he tells, as I’ve repeatedly stated, that Oprah Winfrey is a white-hating racist.

On the right side of the screen of each of these vids are lots of other links, with pics, of other of his YouTube videos.

Europe Uniting Against Islam

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Folks, the news isn’t always bad in spite of what the fear-mongering Mass Media would have us believe. Across Europe, at least 10 anti-Islamic groups have formed over time and now they’re uniting and sending representatives to a rally in Denmark against the Islamization of Europe.

All of the anti-Islamic groups, “led by the English Defence League, are expected to send representatives.”

“There will be speeches from every defence league in Europe,” said Isak Nygren, the spokesman for the Swedish Defence League. “I hope we can show that there’s resistance against Islamisation of Europe, that we can inspire each other.”

“The EDL has held one European rally before, sending members to Amsterdam in 2010 in support of Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, who was in court accused of insulting religious and ethnic groups.”

Totally taking over European nations by Muslims may not be how it all works out, in spite of their efforts. The only way they were able to take over Spain was by conquest and even after centuries of rule they were still eventually booted out. Too many Europeans are fed up already with Islam and resistance against it is growing steadily. Groups such as the English Defense League (EDL) keep gaining in size and the numbers of such groups are increasing. Political leaders are finally speaking out as well, just as Dutch leader Geert Wilders has been doing for years now, about the threat of Islam to Western civilization.

Undoubtedly, Islam has risen up into the West’s consciousness in a big way, when it was never more than a vague awareness 10 years ago. The aggressiveness of Islamic proselytization has resulted in a backlash of heavy evangelizing by the many different Christian Protestant churches and the Catholic Church. Islam can only spread in Western culture if it has the force of a lot of funding behind it, and while a lot of Western money is now fighting it, no doubt even more will come.


Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Wikipedia has just joined a long and still growing list of Internet services, and yes, that includes Google, which will shut down for 24 hours over Wednesday. That’s tomorrow, folks.

The purpose is to protest two bills, the Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA, and the Protect Intellectual Property Act, PIPA, which are described as “a mess” and “poorly designed”, a danger to a free and open Internet and that if the bills pass they’ll give lawmakers an array of tools to censor the Internet with. This includes being able to “black out” or virtually eliminate, specific websites.

The Internet has caused a dramatic evolution on our planet by putting us all so very much more in touch with each other than we ever were before. It hasn’t just revolutionized the way we do business and the speed at which we do it but also our communication has gone from “snail mail” which took days or weeks, to email which is nearly instant.

The primary reason the Internet has grown so rapidly and has been so successful is because governments have no control over it. Every time government officials get hold of something, it starts bogging down in bureaucratic mud until it almost drags to a stop. I give you building permits as one excellent example.

There should be no control of the Internet whatsoever. All people should be free to send and receive anything they want. There’s laws in place regulating the possession of certain materials however they’re obtained and those laws should continue to be enforced. For instance, child porn sites are still being discovered and their owners imprisoned as they should be, but that’s not a dark mark on the Internet anymore than it is on postal services that deliver the same sort of material.

In other words, these bills want to shoot the messenger and reverse the transforming technological and social evolution brought about by that messenger. Considering how Earths human population has grown since the Internet came about and how vital it is in organizing the feeding and housing of all those billions, I can see why some people want to take control of it. The power of the Internet must be an alluring plum of majestic proportions. To do so, though, will set the whole planet back unimaginably.

The Islamic dictatorship of Iran is currently in the process of cutting off their citizens access to the global Internet entirely and chopping it down to only within Iran. Good for them! All our sanctions have had very little effect but you wait and watch, no longer being able to do online business outside little Iran will do more harm to their economy than anything we could have done short of bombing them into oblivion. Iran is going to be the poster child for what not to do with the Internet.

The South Carolina Presidential Debate

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The debate lineup tonight is Romney in the center flanked by Gingrich on his left and Santorum on his right, who are flanked in turn by Paul on the left and Perry on the right.

They’re still fielding questions as I write this but I’ve heard enough. They’re all pretty erudite, very smooth, articulate and knowledgeable, with some exception to that in the case of Paul, whose age is apparent. Some of his responses were pretty disjointed. Paul gets flustered easily and then stammers. Even so, he said a lot of things that most of the crowd liked, such as reducing the income tax back to where it was in 1913, when it was zero.

Of them all, only Paul seems to me to be truly sincere in what he says. The rest are all guilty of posturing and spouting political cliches. Paul is the only one who doesn’t seem to care what people think of his views and doesn’t come off as too slick. To me, slick equates with devious and untrustworthy.

After hearing them all, I’d be a whole lot happier with any of them than with Obama. Listening to this Republican debate makes me compare it to the Bush/Gore debate. In a word, there’s no comparison. Bush’s answer to a lot of the questions was to simply repeat “That’s what leaders do”, making him sound like a complete moron, while Gore was nervous and high strung and put everyone off. I didn’t want either one of those fools as my president. This time around is different. It doesn’t matter which one they pick, these are all intelligent people and any one of the five would make a good president.

Losing Hands and Winning Hands

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

The years of sanctions against Iran and the constant pressure against North Korea have had very little affect on the agendas of these two terrorist states. Most of the real harm done has been to their average citizens, whom neither government cares at all about.

The primary reason for the diluted effectiveness of sanctions is China’s support of both countries. China keeps the North Korean citizens who are necessary to maintain the country’s infrastructure barely, but adequately, fed and warm so the Kim dynasty can continue to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to carry them. North Korea is very useful to China in being a continuing problem for the West.

Likewise, China wants Iran’s oil and doesn’t care about their promoting terrorism, which again is a problem for the West, which China encourages.

As Blooomberg Businessweek points out today, “China stands to be the biggest beneficiary of U.S. and European plans for sanctions on Iran’s oil sales in an effort to pressure the regime to abandon its nuclear program.” This is because China won’t take part in the sanctions against Iran, but now, instead, can negotiate for lower oil prices as Iran’s other buyers quit buying. The more Iran is between a rock and a hard place, the lower a price China can bargain them down.

Meanwhile, we are paying for the constant patrols of the Strait of Hormuz and the maintaining of a strong naval force there to protect the oil tankers and other traffic, while China pays nothing.

Since China is going to act in complete opposition to us and negate all our efforts, we need to take a new tack if we want to succeed in stopping Iran.

Let’s eliminate some options. Plugging up Iran’s ports and not allowing oil tankers in or out isn’t likely to work, since blockading China’s ships from entry would have major repercussions and is likely a violation of International Law. So that’s out. Economic sanctions against China won’t work either, since we’re so dependent on Chinese goods now. China is also currently the worlds major supplier, and almost the only one, of the rare earths that are vital to modern electronics. That’s certainly the first area where China would cut us off at.

An option I like is blowing up the Iranian oil pipelines. Not all of them but enough to greatly reduce Iran’s oil production. This can be accomplished with drone aircraft, and as fast as they’re repaired in one place they can be blown up in another. The Iranians will be so busy installing anti-aircraft radar and guns all over while their economy crashes that they will finally have to either go to war with what they have or give up and back down.

This would probably provoke Iran into attacking shipping in the Strait, or trying to mine it and block it, but that would also bring them a full-scale attack from the U.S. and very likely Saudi Arabia as well. I think a lot of Iranian citizens would welcome it. The Chinese wouldn’t but there’s little they could do other than some military posturing and raising prices on some goods, and if they did that it would only encourage some of our own factories to re-start operations.

The sanctions have had some positive effects, but something stronger is needed now that China is working against us and taking advantage of the situation. Actually limiting Iran’s oil output by destroying the infrastructure for it will cut off the funds needed to pursue the extremely expensive development of nuclear weapons and rocketry. Iran has little refining capability and has to buy most of it’s gasoline and other refined products. If China is going to circumvent our efforts, we can pretty simply do the same to them, and we won’t have to have anything directly to do with China to accomplish this.

One stray thought, when Richard Nixon “opened up China to the West” and everyone was applauding, I was horrified. I was right to be.

Feds Side With CAIR Against Oklahoma

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

A Federal appeals court has just struck down an Oklahoma amendment to their state constitution that banned Oklahoma courts from considering Sharia law in their decisions.

CAIR – I assume we all know who CAIR is by now – went to court to overturn the law, a judge did so on the basis of unconstitutionality, and the federal appeals court upheld that decision because it was specific to Islamic law and not to any other religion.

I can see why. It did discriminate. So what they need to do in Oklahoma now if they want to forever prevent Sharia law from having a place in their court decisions is to pass an amendment banning ALL religious law. Maybe. This latest decision stated that an amendment that would ban Oklahoma courts from considering international or Islamic law discriminates against religions and a Muslim community leader has the right to challenge its constitutionality.

Why such an amendment that includes International law would discriminate against religions (note the plural) I don’t understand, but it appears that preventing any religious law from interfering in our American court processes is not acceptable to our current Federal judicial system, and that’s seriously bad.

I bet this is a continuing saga and we haven’t heard the last of it. This may, and should, end up in the lap of the U.S. Supreme Court. We have a Constitutional separation between church and state that is more important than an issue of discrimination and which should have validated the Oklahoma amendment instead of denying it.