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My New Years Fantasy

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

In 2012 I Hope for the following Changes:

All illegal drugs made legal. Let people farm marijuana by the acre and sell it for whatever they can get. That will end the Mexican profit margin and help alleviate a lot of the illegal alien invasion.

Likewise with cocaine, crack and crank (meth). Take away all the penalties and let the stuff flow freely. Soon there will be no more Mexican drug cartels when the profit margin goes to zero. At the same time, the drug addicts will be overdosing and dying literally by the hundreds of thousands. Once the entire drug structure collapses, most of the illegal Mexicans will go home and the gang activity in America will die out from lack of income. All that will be left of the gangs will be the worthless addicts, muggers, carjackers and home invaders.

At the same time, make it legal to shoot dead without penalty of any kind, such as ‘carrying a concealed weapon’, any person attempting to rob or harm you or invade your home. That will go a long ways toward getting rid of the remaining gang members, when the decent public is encouraged to protect itself instead of being afraid to, the way our laws are now.

A meteor strike on Washington D.C., while Congress is in session, that wipes out every last politician. Also on Chicago and Detroit and a small one that hits Mayor Bloomberg and the Victory Mosque.

Massive earthquakes that sink both Japan and the upper half of the Korean peninsula beneath the waves.

A strange bacteria that infects all halal food and kills every Muslim on the planet who eats that crap.

The Somalian pirates go to war against each other and those that didn’t die of the halal food are killed anyway.

China’s economy crashes so far into the dirt that their manufacturing stops and we have to start up all our factories again.

That would by my Happiest New Year ever.

I would settle for Obama just having a brain fart and not being able to remember his own name, even. Joe Biden would become the standing president and be swept out along with a lot of other trash in the election.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I? My other dream is that every one of us has the best year of our lives this year.