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Deciphering The Babble

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Israel says that if they attack Iran, no advance notice will be given to the U.S. and that this is to “protect the U.S. from being blamed for not stopping them”.

Considering the very poor relations between us and them that are the result of Obama’s obvious pro-Muslim, anti-Jew stance, I interpret this as meaning that Israel is giving the U.S. an out rather than stating that they don’t trust us to not warn Iran and otherwise try to screw Israel up. Still, this is slap-in-the-face diplomacy, and well deserved by the Obama administration.

The real director in the wings of what Israel and the United States agree on is the Saudis. Obama has consistently sided with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a front for Saudi Wahabbists and their Near East allies. Iran and Saudi Arabia are enemies since their majorities are of opposing Islamic factions, and the Saudi Sunnis greatly fear the Iranian Shiites.

This situation holds a two-edged sword over all parties. An attack that weakens Iran will benefit the Saudis, obviously, but will also cause a temporary reduction in the flow of Saudi oil through the Strait past Iran, hurting Saudi income. The fighting might escalate and involve more than just Iran and Israel. Global oil prices are already rising on the mere prospect of such a conflict. The Saudis would also be very happy to see Israel wiped out, the same as all the other Arabs regardless of sect.

What everyone wants except Iran is a peaceful solution that includes Iran abandoning its nuclear program and threats toward Israel, which will never happen, and I assume from Israels latest stance that they’re now convinced that there will be no help from the U.S. in launching an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, so there is therefor no reason to notify us beforehand, anyway.

Bottom line here is that Israel is now fully prepared to launch the attack but that the final command has not been issued. I do think that the date has been set, and Obama is being given one last chance to come around before that date arrives. He won’t, instead he’ll argue against Israel saving itself from destruction until the very last moment.

How this is going to affect us common people around the planet will show in rapidly rising prices in all commodities. That which isn’t made of plastic, from petroleum, still has to be transported by petroleum fuels. Food, plane tickets, bicycles and aspirins, prices for everything will be inflated everywhere as the oil supply is diminished. Wages will not, unfortunately, because the inflation is caused by a lack of oil rather than a glut of money.

You can be sure that the Israelis know full well what the consequences of an attack on Iran will be to all of us, but how would you compare the survival of your nation against an oil shortage? My view would be “too bad for the rest of you but you dumped the problem on us, so stop whining.”

You know, personally, I’m so damn sick and tired of all the assaults on our Liberty by our government and the governmental fear-mongering, using all the Muslim crap as an excuse to take away our freedoms, while the stinking Muslims themselves keep attacking us both from within and without, that I’d welcome an out and out war against Islam. With any luck it would bring down our Effing Socialist government as well.

Have You Seen My Halo?

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

We have a president who’s admitted using cocaine, and unlike Bill Clinton, freely admitted to inhaling pot smoke. “Inhaling was the point of it”, as he said. He’s hung out with, and followed the teachings of, anti-Americans and radicals, and Africa Firsters. He has lied repeatedly about his family, making false claims about his mother, her mother, an uncle in the service, and his relatives in Kenya. He’s hidden his college records and has never released an actual copy of an actual birth certificate, (just a “certificate of live birth”, which is not the same thing at all) and that’s likely because it might reveal that the person named as his father isn’t actually his father.

Yet we elected him our president.

So why are the GOP candidates all either claiming sainthood or doing mea culpas? Newt Gingrich spoke to a church group, saying this: “I don’t come here as a religious leader and I don’t come here as a saint, I come here as a citizen who has had a life that at times has fallen short of the glory of God, who has had to seek God’s forgiveness and has had to seek reconciliation.”

Hey Newt, who gives a crap? I sure don’t and I doubt the self-righteous ninnies you spoke to did either.

Rick Santorum reminds me of Joel Osteen with the frozen grin and the beady eyes, Jes’ a’preachin’ Gawds Luv so very sincerely, hallejeulah. Ron Paul is dead right about him, he’s a phony.

Then there’s Mitt Romney, who, being a Mormon, keeps his mouth shut about Mormonism and just tries to outshine the others in his display of Conservative Righteousness Regarding Abortion And Other Heinous Practices. Crap! As usual, 98% of those bothering to listen will suck up every word as gospel from all these guys.

Ron Paul would make a good pres. except that he’s spent his life as a doctor, and doctors are far more concerned with saving life than taking it. He just isn’t warlike enough for the real world. His idea of talking to the Iranians is so naive it’s scary. Otherwise he’d be fine.

The best one of the bunch, hypocrisy and all, is Newt. He’s the smartest and the most outspoken. He’s also the least liked by his party, I think because he’s simply pissed off too many powerful members by going against their wishes when he was Speaker.

If anyone can beat Obastard and give us back a lot of the America we’ve lost, though, Newt is the one who could do it. Romney and Santorum have thin to zero chances of beating Obama and that’s just the sad truth of it. Most American voters are stupid, lazy and uneducated and never bother to stare the truth in the eye. They don’t know how, most of them have been practicing denial all their lives instead. All the blacks, being racist as hell, will vote for Obama again. All the Mexicans, being illegal as hell, will all vote at least twice each for Obama, and all the Liberals, being spacey as hell, will vote for him too. I think that really, the only way for a Republican to beat him is to offer free pot, free abortions and free food stamps for everyone, amnesty for all illegals, increasing the minimum wage to $20 an hour, reducing the work week to 3 days…..

Like A Self-Cleaning Oven?

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Islam is so violent that whenever there’s a religious disagreement between believers, they kill each other rather than come to terms. When the terrorist founder of this violent cult died in the 7th Century, the power grab resulted in it splitting into two separate factions, called Shiite and Sunni, which have been fighting ever since.

Now, no less than the Al Qaeda leaders are saying that total war between the two factions is imminent and inevitable. What they’re saying is that “a Sunni Muslim war against Shiites in Iraq is inevitable and threatened relentless waves of attacks like the one a day earlier that killed at least 55 people.”

The Sunnis are in the minority in Iraq and the Shiites have control of the government, so the Islamic answer to this power imbalance between the two cult sects is to murder as many Shiites as possible in the general population. Well, go to it, boys and girls. The more Muslims that die, the better for all the rest of us, and be sure to spread your murderous war to all the other Muslims all over the world and don’t stop until there’s only one mortally wounded Muslime left standing..

Oh, and Allah bless you. Wouldn’t want to forget that.

Pick A Chewers

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Ayup, he said, chewin’ on a straw, them there’s pictures of that 20 acres in the Calyforny hills.

When I bought the place I was told the springs was referred to as a “bathtub” springs, as that’s what it was used for back in the gold rush days of the 1860’s and on.

So what did I find when I searched out the spring? Look at that thing. It still has one ornate cast iron leg hanging on to the galvanized sheet iron tub. I mean, wow! They probably put some water in it and then built a fire under it to heat it.

The house I want to buy there is a foreclosure and someone else may just have beaten me to it. I won’t know for sure until probably next tuesday or wednesday at the soonest, so no pics of it will be posted unless I get it nailed down.

Please, Let Me Lick Your Feet. Please. Oh, Please, Please…

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

A bunch of scribbled-up Korans were burned by some of our guys over in Afghanistan and now our pusilanimous president is prostrating himself in placation.

“A second military official said earlier the materials were removed from a detainee center’s library because they had “extremist inscriptions” on them and there was “an appearance that these documents were being used to facilitate extremist communications.”

When have you ever, ever heard the slightest murmur of apology from anyone over there about that? Those people murder Christians and burn down churches yet Muslims will use any excuse to shriek hatred at any non-muslims for anything. The slightest imaginary provocation is more than adequate. The burning of those evil books was unfortunate though, and rather stupid, since the communications in them by the terrorists should have been used for intelligence gathering. They might have been good sources.

In a letter to President Hamid Karzai, Mr Obama expressed his “deep regret” and said the incident earlier this week was a genuine mistake. “I convey my deep sympathies and ask you and the people to accept my deep apologies,” the letter said.

“The error was inadvertent; I assure you that we will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, to include holding accountable those responsible,” it continued.

“We will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, including holding accountable those responsible.”

Even with this whiny cavilling to a third-rate America-hating leader of an armpit nation, still, the suck-ass people are rioting in the streets and one of their shitheel, illiterate, wipes-with-his-left-hand soldiers shot two of our guys DEAD just for spite and DO YOU THINK THERE WILL BE AN APOLOGY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OR THE FAMILIES OF THOSE DEAD SOLDIERS, FROM ASSHOLE KARZAI OR OBAMA? Don’t hold your breath.

It’s a good thing I have a strong heart at my age or the continued deep embarassments that this hideous excuse for a leader keeps handing to America would have killed me long ago. I was irate when Nixon “opened” China to world trade. Our gravest enemy! I was infuriated when Carter refused to declare war on Iran after they violated our embassy and took our personnel prisoner for 400 days. But all that pales compared to the groveling of this treacherous traitor at the feet of our enemies.

Gasoline prices are going through the roof, as we all know, because Obama has thwarted all efforts at American energy independence. He’s blocked oil exploration and the pipeline from Canada that would have helped tremendously as well as creating thousands of new, good paying jobs. Now that oil will go to our enemy, China.

There is one bit of good news, though. Hugo Chaves is back in the hospital for another operation on the same cancer he had removed last year, meaning his ticket is about to be punched. I sure won’t miss not hearing from him anymore. A dead Socialist dictator is a good Socialist dictator.

Lastly, yes, Virginia, there really is a bright side. I’m back early from my trip south and have a good prospect for my future home out of the incessant Washington rain. As promised, I took a lot of pics and will be posting them just as soon as I get my old pc back online. This new one has Win7 and it’s horrible. Talking about fixing what wasn’t broken… Don’t get Win7.

Anyway, pics will be up later today. or tomorrow…..

See You In March

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

I’m off to the land of fruits and nuts, yes, California, in the morning, towing my restored 1940 teardrop trailer to it’s new temporary home in a storage unit in Lake Isabella. I’ll be shopping for new digs and checking out the 20 acres I bought near there for recreation. Maybe camping on it.

Anyway, I should be back by the end of February. Stay warm, I’ll be thinking of you while I bask in all that sunshine. Pictures WILL be taken for your future delight and edification.

Oh Well, The Water Is Orange Now Anyway….

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

The Big Kahuna Tsunami that hit Japan last year is still having it’s effects, and I’m not talking about the continuing reactor disasters that Japan doesn’t want to discuss anymore. With anyone.

I’m talking about all that stuff that was swept out to sea by the wave as it retreated back off the island and into the ocean again. This report says that Twenty Five Million Tons, that’s Five Trillion pounds, of junk, trash and general crap is floating along at different rates of speed and most of it is going to land on California beaches, starting this summer and continuing into 2014. We’re talking boats and chunks of boats, maybe a few ships even, chunks of houses, perhaps some cars that are light enough to float, and anything else that will float. Heads, legs, light bulbs, you name it, all heading for the West Coast and most of it for California.

The ocean off Southern California was literally orange even back the 1990’s, having deepened in tone from brown, because of the pumping of sewage directly into the ocean from the Los Angeles area. The water is toxic and people who have the courage, or perhaps stupidity, to fish are warned not to eat anything they catch. So now all this crap and waste and debris is going to pile up on the beaches and what I’m wondering is, will the beach cities send bills to Japan for the cleanup costs and the cost of moving it all to landfills? This is going to be interesting. I can see the Japs denying responsibility for “an act of Nature” and I can see the beach cities, or the state itself, suing Japan over this. Since California has a number of “sister cities” with Japan, that should mess up relations between the two pretty good.

What happens the first time a boat hits something Japanese and sinks and people die? And the second time. And the third. They will, you know. There’s lots of people in boats running around playing in So. Cal. waters and there’s a vast amount of big chunks of debris. Lots of sealed steel drums, for instance, to cave in the bows of boats.

And… what if some things of great value wash up, perhaps of historical significance to Japan, and the Japanese want them back and the finders want to keep or sell them?
Oh yeah, good old Mother Nature, always making life more interesting than we’d prefer.

Another Look At Greece.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Thought I’d follow up on the Greek riots since the MSM is silent today on the devastating riots of yesterday for no apparent reason. They seem to have subsided but are probably not over with yet. Anyway, digging a little deeper into the cause of all the upset, it seems that the Greeks have been getting steadily poorer since the 1990’s, and Multiculturalism may be the primary cause coupled with the Socialist government.

Greece is a small country with a current population of only about 11 million people. They’ve grown by nearly a million people from immigration as a direct result of joining the EU, many of the immigrants are illegal and all of those immigrants have come in from countries a lot poorer than Greece. Greece has been a poor country for a very long time. That was made a lot worse by the Germans in WWII and never got much better afterward, and the Socialists gained popularity by borrowing from richer countries and creating entitlements for the poorest people. Just like Socialists including Obama have been doing here for decades.

Greek wages are low and they’ve barely been getting by, it seems, and the riots are over further increases in austerity by lowering the minimum wage another 22% (third time in a year) and firing a lot of people off their public-employee jobs. Pensions and welfare programs have also been cut. They just don’t have the money anymore to keep paying people to work for the government. We don’t either, which is part of our current crisis.

Greece had to accept these severe austerity measures in order to keep paying back their debt to the EU. If they default they will be booted out of the EuroZone, which is the EU countries that use the Euro as a common currency. In other words, they’ll have to go back to the Greek Drachma, which will be nearly worthless on world markets compared to the Euro, because Greece’s credit rating is in the sewer. If that happens there will be a lot of starving people in Greece and all those illegals on the dole may finally go the hell back to Bulgaria, Romania or Pakistan. We need our illegal Mexicans to do the same for America.

DEBT brought on by borrowing to support welfare programs and by having too many government employees is what is causing the riots in the streets of Greek cities. Other EU nations, such as Ireland, are also facing increased austerity for the same reasons.

So what does Obama and his horde of radicals want to do? Borrow another 1.3 Trillion Dollars to add to the $4 Trillion Dollars he’s already added to our National Debt. This year we will pay about a half-TRILLION dollars in interest as it is. Total Federal income last year was $2.2 trillion, total Federal spending last year was $3.6 trillion, the excess was obtained by borrowing it.

No, I don’t have any plan for you here, this is simply looking at Greece and Europe in general and comparing that mess to our mess.

Politics Versus Reality

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Too many things that have long been social or religious issues have become political footballs, primarily religious issues. The more that Liberals swing farther Left, the more Conservatives lean over to the Right. This may be considered a balance of sorts but it looks to me that both are actually in the process of falling flat.

I’m a Conservative in most things, but only because I hew as much as I’m able to reality. It’s the Liberals who go off on dream-inspired tangents and lofty make-believe, kumbaya, “why can’t we all just get along and love each other” mindsets that they then do their best to shove down the collective world throat.

It would genuinely be wonderful if we all could and did live in a world of peace and happiness, but that’s just not human nature, and that’s reality.

Most religions have put a heavy onus on abortion as being shameful, entirely because the priesthoods want to control people’s lives including their sex lives and the birth rate. Catholicism particularly wants as many Catholic babies born as possible as the power of the priests increases with the number of obedient believers. This has been pretty successful and the Catholic religion is now huge, worldwide and very powerful. The Catholics want NO birth control and certainly NO ABORTIONs whatever. Other faiths come in a pretty close second on that.

Okay, that’s religion. Since we supposedly practice separation of Church and State in this country, why then do Conservatives think they own Christianity and are therefor entitled to enforce Christian values, particularly concerning abortion? I can tell you that not one single politician of any party bears the slightest resemblance to Jesus of Nazareth’s views and doctrine. Not one is a Christian. To be a Christian means to FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS AND TEACHINGS OF CHRIST. There is not one who does. Tell me of even one politician anywhere on the entire planet who is a shining example of Christianity. The only person of any sort that I know of was Mother Teresa and she’s dead now.

The Liberal stance that government should be the shepard of the people is all swamp gas. What they really want is power over the people and wealth for themselves. The Conservative stance that they are the protectors of the nations morals is all swamp gas. What they really want is power over the people and wealth for themselves. There’s no Christianity in any of them.

No real point to this rant other than to express my eternal disgust at the hypocrisy of those who blat on about the “Sanctity (or “Sacredness” or substitute your own word) of Human Life. What a load of crap. They proclaim their religious affiliation and their noble righteousness to gull us into giving them what they want while screwing us and wrecking the world we live in. We know for a fact that creation never happened, no god made us or anything else out of dust or breathed life into us or created the Universe and all that priestly blah blah blah. We have become too many on this planet and we’re wrecking it by our sheer numbers. I am 100% for abortion and any other form of birth control that will reduce our numbers and if that view is unpopular with religious fanatics, bummer for them.

Thanks For The Great Music

Monday, February 13th, 2012

As probably everyone in the world knows by now, Whitney Houston has died. Her amazing, beautiful voice is not stilled, fortunately, since every song she ever performed is still with us today on disc, tapes and computers. Goodbye, Whitney, and thank you so very much.

Burning Down The House

Monday, February 13th, 2012

As I type this, Athens, Greece is in flames. Rioters are setting fire to thousands of businesses (or hundreds, or fifty’s, depending on which news service) and fighting the police, because they don’t want the new austerity program that was just passed. The austerity program simply cuts back drastically on the free money and other entitlements that the Greek people receive instead of having to work for a living. The government of Greece has given up on trying to keep their jobs by taxing and spending, and is finally doing what’s right for the country in a desparate bid to prevent complete collapse. The good citizens of Greece want their soft life to last forever and demand that the people they elect do the impossible, and pull a steady stream of cash out of thin air.

The rest of Europe isn’t in much better shape, having gone Socialist much like Greece has, and has become addicted to taxing and spending. Margaret Thatcher once remarked that “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of money.” That’s exactly how it is. Communism is a form of Socialism, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need”. Naturally, everyone was quick to have lots of needs and display very little ability, and when the wealth of the land was finally as evenly distributed as possible, that was it. No more wealth to tap. In the meantime, everyone fell into a state of desparate poverty before it all finally collapsed, as Greece is about to do now and as all Europe will also do if they don’t curb their taxing and spending for all the free entitlement giveaways. Most member nations in the EU have massive entitlement programs for so-called “migrant workers”, who are actually a horde of ignorant and untrained welfare leeches escaping the poverty of their native countries.

By taking that poverty to EU states and increasing the poverty there, there comes a breaking point.

This is going to be very racist so cover your eyes if you can’t take it. Not one person can name me one country run by blacks that is not corrupt. Something about power seems to affect something in black people more than it does other races. That anyone of any color can be corrupt as hell is indisputable but I think it ties in with the dramatically disproportionately high rate of crimes committed by blacks. I do know that our black president is likely the most corrupt we’ve ever had and it may be a hundred years before people of other colors in this country ever elect another one, and it’s a damn shame. I would have thought that our first black president would be doing his best to be a shining example of honesty for all of us instead of the incredible liar he’s turned out to be.

In his 2013 Budget, Obama wants to add in $1.5 TRILLION in new taxes on that so-called 1% of Americans. In pure Socialist style he tells us that they make too much money and pay too little in taxes and that wealth should be spread around, “redistributed”, ala Karl Marx. This is Class Warfare, pitting lower income folks against the more ambitious and successful among us, and is the classic way of getting the citizenry sucked into Socialist poverty and domination.

We all know that it’s the wealthy who provide the most jobs, create new industries, advance science and technology, build new housing developments and generally bring us prosperity. Taking their money away to give to poor people for free entitlements instead will prevent the rich from making our lives better by employing us. It’s the Poor who mostly support the drug trade. The only people who will prosper by this action are the drug dealers, and effectively, Obama is taking the money from the rich and giving it to drug dealers and wrecking the lives of all those poor people in the process.

It’s not just Greece that’s burning down. Socialism is setting fire to all of Western civilization and we better start fighting back any way we can.

Late Night Quickie

Friday, February 10th, 2012

We’re doing an “urgent upgrade” on 20 bunker buster bombs. The upgrade will enable the bombs to go much deeper into the ground before blowing everything below it to ground-up hell.

The only place on the planet where those bombs would have any use is at Iran’s underground nuclear facilities. Remember that word, now. Urgent.

Simultaneously, Israel and the US tested the Arrow anti-missile missile defense system successfully prior to delivery of the system to Israel. It can knock out missiles from Iran, Iran having successfully tested its long range missile.

Our whiskey soaked Defense Secretary announced days ago that Israel was going to attack Iran by June.

Somehow I don’t think this is all just high pressure diplomacy. It looks like the only thing that will keep Pandora’s Box closed is if Iran buckles and backs down, and those people are crazy. They want blood, death, guts, gore and eating burnt dead bodies, as Arlo put it so well, so I don’t expect it.

Ahh, yes. Such an interesting world we live in. Well, goodnight, sleep well.

Nice, If True…

Friday, February 10th, 2012

There’s a rumor spreading out of China that Kim Jong Un, the new North Korean dictator and fat bastard son of the dead dictator, has been killed while on a business trip in Beijing, aka Peking, China. Hope so. Stay tuned.

Update – Our State Department says the rumor is false. I guess they should know. How sad.

Let Freedom Reign!

Friday, February 10th, 2012

There’s an old expression that was probably born in the early days of America, that goes “If you want a Free Press, then you need to own one.” Today, freedom of the press is mostly consigned to us bloggers, as all the other media is constrained by their own politics and the political powers that currently reside and you don’t see much honest reporting with any of them. The things that the American public has the greatest need to know are often the same things that no one will mention except bloggers.

It is the Internet that’s given us back some measure of Freedom of the Press, and it’s the Internet that has allowed people everywhere to openly share any content of their computers that they choose. The result of this has been the sharing of copyrighted material, governmental secrets, images abusive of children and others, terrorist manuals and other things rightfully illegal along with everyday material.

However, the Internet can’t be blamed, and it has been. Before the Internet, all those illegal things were being traded by other means. The Internet only provided a new and easier way. Yet our and other governments are using this trade as an excuse to take control of the Internet, or attempt to, once again attacking our access to a Free Press.

So I’m damn near exhilarated to inform you that a new file-sharing program has come into being that cannot be stopped, shut down by the government, seized by the government, or sued into oblivion. It’s called Tribler and you can read about it here.

“… it is based on pure peer-to-peer communication. โ€œThe only way to take it down is to take the Internet down,โ€ the lead researcher says.”
Since most governments are so very heavily dependent on the Internet for their day-to-day operations, the chance of the Internet being taken down is zero.

Those who use the Internet for illegal purposes deserve appropriate punishment. When it comes to sharing music files, however, I do take a different view from those who made the music. It never used to be that musicians became millionaires from a single record or two, but now we have 17-year-olds making more money for singing a half dozen songs than a qualified, college graduate engineer makes in a lifetime, and that’s so out of balance with reality that it boggles. So if their income is reduced by file sharing, then I guess they’ll just have to be happy with all the $50,000, 2-hour concert appearances. After all, their fame is primarily the result of the Internet. If we gave them their fame, what do WE get paid for making them rich? A few free songs isn’t too high a price at all.

Tribler can be downloaded directly from the source, right here.

Oh, What To Write?

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

There are so many dumb things going on that I hardly know what to rant about first. A TV anchor woman was interviewing the people who rescued an 85 pound male mastiff from drowning in icy waters. Mastiffs are pretty much oversized pit bulls and look very much like pit bulls. They also act very much like pit bulls and this woman, a total stranger to this very excited dog, stuck her face about 3 inches away from the dog’s muzzle and it gave her a quick snap in the face. That extremely brief bite resulted in her needing surgery and being laid off for several weeks. Dumb. No one is really faulting the dog.

The latest edition of the handbook of psychiatrists and psychologists, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is listing grief and shyness as forms of mental illness. Yep. True. This has a lot of shrinks wondering if it’s time the DSM, for short, had a new staff of writers, maybe people who aren’t trying to justify their jobs by creating problems where there aren’t any. I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t start trying to fix it. Dumb.

The Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota is demanding $500 million in damages for the cost of health care, social services and child rehabilitation caused by chronic alcoholism on the reservation, from various breweries, distilleries, liquor stores and other retailers of beer, on the grounds that it’s their fault the indians are getting drunk all the time. Help me out, I’m lost here. You mean that those brewery, etc. people are actually bending indians elbows, forcing those indians to drink when they’re desperately trying not to and barring their doors and windows against the importuning of the nefarious purveyors of spirits, all to no avail? The name of this lawsuit is: Stupid.

Obama is organizing a “Friends of Syria” group to go around China and Russia after they vetoed sanctions against the current Syrian regime. Obama is determined to give Syria over to the Islamic Brotherhood just as he did Egypt and Libya, one way or another. Really stupid.

Obama’s also decreed that health insurers must now cover the cost of contraceptives. The Republicans are making a huge issue of this. There’s no part of this that isn’t dumb.
If people want contraceptives, they can buy them pretty much anywhere now. Why insurers should provide them free is beyond understanding and on that part of it I agree with the Republicans. BUT the Republicans aren’t bothered as much by that as by the religious issue. They’re screaming “Assault On Religious Freedom”. Bullshit, I say! Catholicism is against contraception, so now this has become an issue of the state interfering with religion.
Frankly, screw that. Who cares except Pope Munster? Most Catholics use contraception in spite of the Church Doctrine and they’re happy to get the stuff for free. What the Right should be screaming about is the expansion of the Welfare State with this asinine giveaway. Let people buy their own damn rubbers and birth control. Stupid.

Some self-righteous idiots, and I suspect Liberal Jews on this one, are raising hell over a group of our snipers in Afghanistan who had a banner made up with “SS” on it, signifying Sniper Scouts. The type font is the same as the rock group Kiss uses. It also happens to be the same font that the infamous Nazi SS used. I doubt that any of those young guys was even slightly familiar with the type font of the Germans or what it meant from 67 years ago. They used the 2 “s”s from KISS. But, now they’re all being investigated and people are flapping and crapping and making a great big stink over it. Really really stupid.

So you see what I mean. I guess today is just Stupid Day. Which makes it not much different from yesterday or tomorrow, there’s just more shirttails hanging out today than usual, is all.

The Daily Stupid, your local Calif. news

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Chihuahuas are yapping little dogs that are primarily owned by neurotic blue-haired old ladies and effeminate men. Their purpose is mostly to take the place of the children their owners never had, and so are treated like toddlers and allowed to get away with behavior that no owner of a proper dog would ever accept. Chihuahuas are usually a pain in the ass to those of us who don’t want the nasty little beasties pissing and crapping on our carpets and yapping constantly. It’s my view that when animals come onto your property, you are entitled to kill them. Likewise your neighbor can do the same to your animals on his or her property. This doesn’t mean that you should. Depends on the situation, but animal owners are supposed to keep their animals on their own property. Period.

So. This guy has a neighbor who is now the former owner of a chihuahua, because the mutt went next door and started harassing this guy and he dispatched the critter with one accurate swing of a golf club. I assume he used a driver as the dog was lofted into the air for some distance before landing in a very deceased condition.

So far, my sympathies are with the golfer. I intensely dislike those nasty little yappers. They’re foul tempered and often are not even capable of being house-trained. Unfortunately for the golfer, the state of California is charging this guy with Felony Animal Cruelty and adding an “enhancement” to the supposed crime because he used “a deadly weapon”. He could go to prison for 4 years for killing that POS.

Excuse me? The dog must have died instantly. Where’s the cruelty? It’s a worse crime for using a golf club? Would it have been better if he stomped it to death instead of using some sort of weapon? Would that have been less cruel? And will someone please explain to me how it is that people can be sent to prison for years in California for killing a baby chicken or a rat-sized excuse for a dog, and be let off with probation for brutalizing a child? Because that’s how it is in the Land Of Insane Laws.

It’s a felony in California, a prison offense, as if you were a murderer or rapist, to sell horse meat and a somewhat lesser offense if you eat horse meat. So if you have a horse and it dies and you’re starving and you eat that horse, you’re a criminal. This is the same state that has sanctuary cities for criminals who enter our nation illegally.

This is where I’m moving back to, but I’m not unaware of the dangers and fortunately, I don’t golf. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If Gaza and the West Bank Become a Nation…

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

“Gaza’s ruling Islamic militant Hamas is ready to cede power to an interim unity government led by its longtime rival, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a spokesman said Tuesday.”

The plan is to set up a transition government that would prepare for elections in the West Bank and Gaza, with the idea of re-unifying the two areas to convince the Arabs who now run most of the UN to grant Palestinian statehood. This necessarily would mean that the new government recognize Israel and Israel’s right to exist and honor previous agreements with Israel.

What this means to me is that the Palestinian factions have given up on ever forcing Israel to let them create a state. They believe, probably rightly, that if they do become a state, and get UN recognition by lying about accepting Israel’s right to exist, that the other Arab nations will then back them against Israel.

That in turn means that the rocket attacks and incursions will continue as before, once they become recognized as a separate state, because the primary source of income for these people is donations from outside Arabs and the purpose of that money is to enable them to keep harassing Israel. That’s what the so-called Palestinian thing has always been all about.

The whole idea of creating a Palestinian state is to prevent Israel from taking the area back over again. Otherwise statehood is a side issue. The Israeli’s, however, have been steadily building new communities on what is basically their land, since it is NOT a Palestinian state and IS within the borders of Israel. Eventually they’ll have taken over most, if not all of it, for exclusively Jewish housing and this is, I think, behind this new move to consolidate Gaza and the Strip into one political entity. They have to, if they hope to gain statehood.

Okay, now here’s my point on all this. When Israel fought and won the 6 Day War, they took over and kept the Golan Heights, Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and they still have all but the Sinai Peninsula, which they kept until 1982. When Palestine becomes a state, then reneges on their agreements and attacks Israel, things will be different. No one can pressure Israel to be nice to “the poor refugee Palestinians”. International law cannot condemn them for attacking “helpless civilians”.

Israel will be free to bomb the Palestinians into total submission and occupy their little tiny country, and no one can blame them or have any right to complain. Israel will then do whatever they want. They will annex “Palestine” or whatever the little patch of dirt is named as being part of Israel and that will be that, just as the Golan Heights is part of Israel now and will never be handed back to Egypt.

Maybe then, finally, we can stop hearing about that bunch of filthy Muslims. It sure would be nice.

Death Of A Movement

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

WASHINGTON DCโ€”“Dozens of U.S. Park Police officers have converged on one of the nation’s last remaining Occupy sites and are inspecting tents there as they enforce the ban on camping.”

“The officers arrived before dawn Saturday at McPherson Square, just blocks from the White House, on horseback and in riot gear. There were no clashes between police and protesters, though a Park Police spokesman says four people were arrested for disobeying a lawful order.”

The Occupy Wall Street movement was applauded by Barack Hussein Obama from the start, which told all of us who bother to pay attention to these things that OWS was a bad thing. While the OWS people were invading public and private buildings and trashing them, taking over public and private parks and using them as campgrounds and toilets, and trashing them, at the same time Obama was speaking out loudly against the Tea Party movement which was doing none of these things and was behaving responsibly.

The Tea Party has grown in size and respectability both, with 3 out of every 10 Americans expressing support for it by July 2010. All the complaints, both real and manufactured, against some prominent members of the movement are all regarding statements that may have been made that some people took offense to. This doesn’t remotely compare to the filth, trash, crimes including property destruction, rape and assaults on police officers committed by OWS protestors.

The OWS will fade from public memory, but not too fast, I hope. Let’s keep those memories alive until Obama is booted out of office and keep reminding everyone until then that he supported the violence, the trash, the defecating on public sidewalks, the smashing of store windows, the rapes, the assaults. He supported that mob of anti-American scum. Let’s be sure everyone remembers on voting day.

After All These Years….

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

You finally get to see what I look like. Sort of. Be satisfied, this is as good as it gets. There are still some upset Muslims who would like to deal with the infidel pictured below, but I just had to show off my new Infidel Tee Shirt. Like it? has more.


No. My right arm is not longer than my left. It must have been the angle.

A Science Fiction Story, For Your Entertainment…..

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

A very long time ago in human terms, as much as 300,000 years ago, our planet was visited by an alien race of beings, who found it inhabited not only by by a vast variety of life but also by upright bipeds which were clearly evolving into intelligent, tool-using creatures.

These alien beings had very long lives, 600 to 800 of our years, which were the result of special genetic manipulation in order for them to survive the very long trips from one star system to another.

Just as we are now finding habitable planets of nearby star systems, they did likewise and had the Earth in their sights to visit long before they were able to actually build star ships capable of the voyage.

They took samples of Earth life, including some of our ancestors, of course, put them in deep freeze and went home to report their findings. It wasn’t long after that, that a much larger expedition was sent back here for research, and a base was set up. This was followed over the centuries by more expeditions and more bases. Earth was an incredibly rich source of new varieties of DNA, and genetic manipulation was the primary science of these aliens.

This is because their nature was, and still is, much like our ants, with workers specialized for specific jobs, as these people were an ancient race even back then and had developed into highly specialized physical types for specific functions. As they evolved socially and scientifically, their specialization needs evolved and changed as well, so new genetic specializations were always needed. Such as astronauts who could survive star travel.

The first base was set up on a high plateau in Africa near Lake Victoria, but there were problems from the start. The aliens were just as susceptible to infections and diseases as any other flesh and blood creature, and while most of Earths germs and bacteria didn’t bother them, there were still plenty that did. They’d wiped out virtually all forms of disease among their people centuries before, along with almost all other forms of life on their home planet as well, and the onslaught of our ever-mutating viruses alone was enough to force them to move their bases off-planet.

This was a real good thing for those early humans, since the aliens naturally had hoped to colonize Earth and it became quickly apparent that the only way that could happen would be to develop specialized forms of themselves that were immune to the vast array of infectious bugs, and doing this from remote bases in orbit required first developing the new types and then setting them up on Earth to see if they survived. In the end, it became clear that the best and easiest course was simply to genetically manipulate the existing, native hominids to increase their intelligence and tool-using abilities so they could function as slave workers for the aliens, while the aliens kept a safe and healthy distance.

As a result, Modern Tool-Using Man suddenly appeared on Earth with no apparent ancestors, about 200,000 years ago, capable of art and imagination, and moved out of Africa for no apparent reason, taking up residence anywhere they were able to walk to.

The aliens who were guiding and manipulating our ancestors reported regularly to the Great Minds on their home planet, who then made decisions about the ways and means of using Earth’s hominids, what observations were to be made and so forth. These reports took a long time to relay, since light-year distances had to be traveled each round trip. So changes often occurred in the development of humans that moved ahead of the intentions of the aliens. For instance, we began domesticating other animals even as we were being domesticated ourselves, and we began building better quality homes for ourselves than we were taught, and so forth. We were evolving faster than planned.

We were also breeding much faster than planned as a direct result of the improvements we were making in our own lives, and starting to crowd each other. The next thing you knew, we were going to war with each other, granted on a very small scale, but our little wars played hell with the aliens plans for our development and their projects.

Because the aliens are such an ancient race and their evolution has been carefully and deliberately controlled for so very many years, it never occurred to them that our evolution would take off in so many directions at once or be so rapid. Their efforts to insert their own genes into us to make us into them only succeeded in making us smarter and more independent. Our population grew so fast during their 100 year one-way trips home, and then back again, that it became impossible to control us any longer.

The best thing they could do, finally, was to give up the idea of colonizing Earth and instead mine it for minerals and knowledge. It happens to be a fact, as we humans have recently found out, that gold is very rare in the Universe. Gold only forms in supergiant stars, stars so huge that they go nova and explode into gas clouds when they’re still very young. These stars are the only ones that are big enough to transmute hydrogen into all the heavy metals including gold and lead, and when they go nova all that heavy metal becomes gas, which condenses along with all the other elements into planets like Earth. The Earth is a rare type of planet and gold is very useful.

Our solar system used to be a supergiant star, so other planets in our system also have gold. Mining gold on airless planets at subzero temperatures, or where the gravity would flatten a brick, or where the brick would melt, isn’t nearly as much fun as mining gold on the Earth, especially when the very capable hominids will worship the aliens as gods and mine the gold for them.

Very early on, gold became the metal of the gods. Humans have never found any use for it until very recent times, for body decoration, but otherwise it was useless to make tools or weapons out of, because it’s so soft. Since the gods clearly prized it, however, then we did too, as we prized anything that the gods liked. Long after the gods had abandoned most of us to pursue our own courses, we continued to lust after the useless stuff and even fought wars over it. For thousands of years, humans all over the world based their forms of currency and exchange on gold as the highest standard, instead of useful things like iron and copper, food and labor, and we still do.

So this is the way it’s worked out, or did up until about 600 years ago when the last gold-rich, superstitious, worshipful natives were conquered by others more advanced. That’s ended the last source of free gold-mining labor the aliens had, so they’ve had to come up with new methods to keep the flow of gold moving to their home planet.

Now they do their own gold extracting, from our ocean. There are plenty of gold sources underwater, especially considering that the ocean covers 2/3rds of the planet. Meanwhile we can go on having our wars without upsetting their mining efforts. It would be nice for them if we still worshiped them and thought they were gods and angels and so forth, as that certainly made things a lot easier for them, but getting the gold is the primary goal and it was simply a matter of devising new methods.

Science Fiction? Who knows…? This isn’t something that I believe actually happened, it’s just the result of a rambling mind and speculation on why we’re such greedy critters for something that has always been utterly useless to us. As far back as we can determine, gold has always been sacred. If you can come up with a better reason why, I’d really like to hear it.