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Outlawing Stupidity

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

On CNN (where else?) comes this opinion piece by one Laura Schmidt, medical sociologist (whatever the Hell THAT is), telling us “Why we should regulate sugar like alcohol”.

The reason she gives is that it causes obesity and liver damage and some very obese children are needing liver transplants already from their excessive intake of sugar.

Her solution is “gentle “supply side” controls, such as taxing products, setting age limits and promoting healthier versions of the product — like making it cheaper for a person to drink light beer rather than schnapps.” In other words, government micro-management of our diets. Typical Liberal knee-jerk reaction. Force us all to be healthy.

I have a better idea, which is to let Nature take it’s course, let the Bloated Pig types of people eat themselves to death and get them the hell out of the gene pool. The whole reason we have so many defective humans being born of late is entirely because we didn’t allow them to die off naturally. So they grow up and reproduce, increasing the defectiveness of our overall gene pool.

People like Ms. Schmidt are well-meaning but have absolutely no eye to the future. They never consider the long term consequences. Natures Law is and always has been survival of the fittest. We can’t keep saving our defectives and breeding with them, and expect us to keep getting stronger as a species.

It used to be that people had a lot of children in the expectation that many of them would die young. Only the hardiest lived. Not today, today most people have only one or two children and they expect them all to live regardless if they’re born with heart defects, hereditary diseases, severely premature, severely retarded, their organs outside their bodies and otherwise physically malformed. Parents can’t be blamed for wanting their babies to live and grow up healthy and happy, but foods like sugar can’t be outlawed anymore than genetically defective people can be outlawed.

People can’t be told what they can eat, and they can’t, as adults, be told who can have consensual sex with whom, and expect to live in a free society at the same time. Legislating our diet is dictatorship.