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Bloated Egos and Bad Combovers

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012


Donald Trump has decided that instead of running for president as an Independent and ruining any chance of a GOP candidate winning – because he’s so very very very popular that he would take away much of the vote from anyone the Republicans chose as a candidate – that instead he will give his endorsement to Mitt Romney.

Trump actually believes that, one, he really could throw the election of a president by running, himself, and two, that his endorsement actually matters to anyone.

Donald Trump is a really weird looking guy with little squinty pig eyes and a tiny mouth that automatically forms an O whenever his lips part, as if he were a Korean girl child or looking for his bottle. His reddish hair is shaggy in back and floppy in front and looks like a double comb-over and is the stupidest looking haircut of anyone in the entire nation, including Sean Penn. You would think that someone with as much money as he claims to have could afford a decent barber and have the sense to get a haircut that actually flatters him instead of making himself look worse than Ronald McDonald. I’m willing to bet his mother cuts his hair.

Donald was bloviating away on the Fox News tonight about how he gave Romney his endorsement and how grateful Romney was and how respectful Romney was toward him and how politely Romney asked him for it… It was enough to make anyone puke so I hope the cameramen were able to keep their feet, with all that slimy stuff on the floor.

It was quite a show, though. You seldom see anyone with an ego that huge. If you’ve ever seen any of the old newsreels of Dictator Mussolini of Italy from WWII, that’s a good comparison. Just falling-down drunk on their own power, both he and Trump. The difference is that Mussolini’s power was real whereas Donald Trump’s power ends with the limit of his wallet. Trump is cheap and considered to be the Ebeneezer Scrooge of the charity world. He won’t spend much money on anything, including barbers, and he won’t give much, if anything, to Romney other than his worthless endorsement.

If I were Mitt Romney I’d be embarrassed as all hell over the way Donald crowed and boasted at Romney’s expense on national television. If we could harness this gasbag’s hot air to run generators, we could power New York City.

He claims to have “Seven billion fucking dollars in the bank”, his words, and actually sued a reporter who questioned the truth of that sum. I question it too. He may have his name on assets that are around that amount but I bet a lot of other people also have stakes in the pile. If I own a billion-dollar hotel but I owe $990 million on it, I DO NOT have a $billion in the bank. I don’t know that’s the case but the guy is such a pompous, self-inflated braggart that it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Well, who knows. I may get lucky and the jerk will sue me, too, then I can make lots of money selling my story. Meanwhile don’t expect to see Mitt Romney much for a few days, he’s probably going to hide until his red face fades back to normal color.