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If Gaza and the West Bank Become a Nation…

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

“Gaza’s ruling Islamic militant Hamas is ready to cede power to an interim unity government led by its longtime rival, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a spokesman said Tuesday.”

The plan is to set up a transition government that would prepare for elections in the West Bank and Gaza, with the idea of re-unifying the two areas to convince the Arabs who now run most of the UN to grant Palestinian statehood. This necessarily would mean that the new government recognize Israel and Israel’s right to exist and honor previous agreements with Israel.

What this means to me is that the Palestinian factions have given up on ever forcing Israel to let them create a state. They believe, probably rightly, that if they do become a state, and get UN recognition by lying about accepting Israel’s right to exist, that the other Arab nations will then back them against Israel.

That in turn means that the rocket attacks and incursions will continue as before, once they become recognized as a separate state, because the primary source of income for these people is donations from outside Arabs and the purpose of that money is to enable them to keep harassing Israel. That’s what the so-called Palestinian thing has always been all about.

The whole idea of creating a Palestinian state is to prevent Israel from taking the area back over again. Otherwise statehood is a side issue. The Israeli’s, however, have been steadily building new communities on what is basically their land, since it is NOT a Palestinian state and IS within the borders of Israel. Eventually they’ll have taken over most, if not all of it, for exclusively Jewish housing and this is, I think, behind this new move to consolidate Gaza and the Strip into one political entity. They have to, if they hope to gain statehood.

Okay, now here’s my point on all this. When Israel fought and won the 6 Day War, they took over and kept the Golan Heights, Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and they still have all but the Sinai Peninsula, which they kept until 1982. When Palestine becomes a state, then reneges on their agreements and attacks Israel, things will be different. No one can pressure Israel to be nice to “the poor refugee Palestinians”. International law cannot condemn them for attacking “helpless civilians”.

Israel will be free to bomb the Palestinians into total submission and occupy their little tiny country, and no one can blame them or have any right to complain. Israel will then do whatever they want. They will annex “Palestine” or whatever the little patch of dirt is named as being part of Israel and that will be that, just as the Golan Heights is part of Israel now and will never be handed back to Egypt.

Maybe then, finally, we can stop hearing about that bunch of filthy Muslims. It sure would be nice.