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Chihuahuas are yapping little dogs that are primarily owned by neurotic blue-haired old ladies and effeminate men. Their purpose is mostly to take the place of the children their owners never had, and so are treated like toddlers and allowed to get away with behavior that no owner of a proper dog would ever accept. Chihuahuas are usually a pain in the ass to those of us who don’t want the nasty little beasties pissing and crapping on our carpets and yapping constantly. It’s my view that when animals come onto your property, you are entitled to kill them. Likewise your neighbor can do the same to your animals on his or her property. This doesn’t mean that you should. Depends on the situation, but animal owners are supposed to keep their animals on their own property. Period.

So. This guy has a neighbor who is now the former owner of a chihuahua, because the mutt went next door and started harassing this guy and he dispatched the critter with one accurate swing of a golf club. I assume he used a driver as the dog was lofted into the air for some distance before landing in a very deceased condition.

So far, my sympathies are with the golfer. I intensely dislike those nasty little yappers. They’re foul tempered and often are not even capable of being house-trained. Unfortunately for the golfer, the state of California is charging this guy with Felony Animal Cruelty and adding an “enhancement” to the supposed crime because he used “a deadly weapon”. He could go to prison for 4 years for killing that POS.

Excuse me? The dog must have died instantly. Where’s the cruelty? It’s a worse crime for using a golf club? Would it have been better if he stomped it to death instead of using some sort of weapon? Would that have been less cruel? And will someone please explain to me how it is that people can be sent to prison for years in California for killing a baby chicken or a rat-sized excuse for a dog, and be let off with probation for brutalizing a child? Because that’s how it is in the Land Of Insane Laws.

It’s a felony in California, a prison offense, as if you were a murderer or rapist, to sell horse meat and a somewhat lesser offense if you eat horse meat. So if you have a horse and it dies and you’re starving and you eat that horse, you’re a criminal. This is the same state that has sanctuary cities for criminals who enter our nation illegally.

This is where I’m moving back to, but I’m not unaware of the dangers and fortunately, I don’t golf. 😉

4 Responses to “The Daily Stupid, your local Calif. news”

  1. Mr. AOW says:

    In all my life, I’ve met only one chihuahua that I could stand. What is wrong with those little twerpy dogs, anyway?

  2. PALADIN says:

    The law of the land where i grew up (rural Saskatchewan and South Dakota) was that if a dog showed up in your farmyard and was harassing you or your livestock, you had the right to wack em. The law is still in effect today, and there’s not a damn thing the owner can do. We had an Indian Reservation adjacent to our property, and on occasion they would let their dogs run wild. I still remember the day my uncle caught a pack of reserve dogs chasing his cattle and downed 4 of em in a matter of minutes. He was a crack shot.

  3. Black Sheep says:

    I’ve shot a few dogs, the last one being a big rottweiler that my neighbors down the mountain a bit left to run loose while they took off on a 2 week vacation. It found my place and laid in wait for me. I just did get inside the house before it reached me, then I came back out with my rifle and laid it to rest.

    When the neighbors came home, they made the rounds including my place accusing everyone of killing their dog, which they already knew was out attacking people while they were gone. Normally I’d have admitted that I shot the worthless cur, but with these people it wouldn’t have ended there and I didn’t want to have to shoot them too. So I lied, and thereby spared their lives. 😉

  4. x says:

    Hope the neighbours don’t read this then. Amazingly, any dogs worrying livestock can legally be shot by farmers here. Pity the UK doesn’t have the sense to extend the law to burglars etc. I will have to rely on the Samurai sword my uncle left me. He took it off a Jap he shot during the war.

    Chihuahuas are awful (except Ren of Ren & Stimpy fame obviously) I quite like bigger dogs but too mean and lazy to keep one.