Oh, What To Write?

There are so many dumb things going on that I hardly know what to rant about first. A TV anchor woman was interviewing the people who rescued an 85 pound male mastiff from drowning in icy waters. Mastiffs are pretty much oversized pit bulls and look very much like pit bulls. They also act very much like pit bulls and this woman, a total stranger to this very excited dog, stuck her face about 3 inches away from the dog’s muzzle and it gave her a quick snap in the face. That extremely brief bite resulted in her needing surgery and being laid off for several weeks. Dumb. No one is really faulting the dog.

The latest edition of the handbook of psychiatrists and psychologists, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is listing grief and shyness as forms of mental illness. Yep. True. This has a lot of shrinks wondering if it’s time the DSM, for short, had a new staff of writers, maybe people who aren’t trying to justify their jobs by creating problems where there aren’t any. I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t start trying to fix it. Dumb.

The Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota is demanding $500 million in damages for the cost of health care, social services and child rehabilitation caused by chronic alcoholism on the reservation, from various breweries, distilleries, liquor stores and other retailers of beer, on the grounds that it’s their fault the indians are getting drunk all the time. Help me out, I’m lost here. You mean that those brewery, etc. people are actually bending indians elbows, forcing those indians to drink when they’re desperately trying not to and barring their doors and windows against the importuning of the nefarious purveyors of spirits, all to no avail? The name of this lawsuit is: Stupid.

Obama is organizing a “Friends of Syria” group to go around China and Russia after they vetoed sanctions against the current Syrian regime. Obama is determined to give Syria over to the Islamic Brotherhood just as he did Egypt and Libya, one way or another. Really stupid.

Obama’s also decreed that health insurers must now cover the cost of contraceptives. The Republicans are making a huge issue of this. There’s no part of this that isn’t dumb.
If people want contraceptives, they can buy them pretty much anywhere now. Why insurers should provide them free is beyond understanding and on that part of it I agree with the Republicans. BUT the Republicans aren’t bothered as much by that as by the religious issue. They’re screaming “Assault On Religious Freedom”. Bullshit, I say! Catholicism is against contraception, so now this has become an issue of the state interfering with religion.
Frankly, screw that. Who cares except Pope Munster? Most Catholics use contraception in spite of the Church Doctrine and they’re happy to get the stuff for free. What the Right should be screaming about is the expansion of the Welfare State with this asinine giveaway. Let people buy their own damn rubbers and birth control. Stupid.

Some self-righteous idiots, and I suspect Liberal Jews on this one, are raising hell over a group of our snipers in Afghanistan who had a banner made up with “SS” on it, signifying Sniper Scouts. The type font is the same as the rock group Kiss uses. It also happens to be the same font that the infamous Nazi SS used. I doubt that any of those young guys was even slightly familiar with the type font of the Germans or what it meant from 67 years ago. They used the 2 “s”s from KISS. But, now they’re all being investigated and people are flapping and crapping and making a great big stink over it. Really really stupid.

So you see what I mean. I guess today is just Stupid Day. Which makes it not much different from yesterday or tomorrow, there’s just more shirttails hanging out today than usual, is all.

2 Responses to “Oh, What To Write?”

  1. What the Right should be screaming about is the expansion of the Welfare State with this asinine giveaway. Let people buy their own damn rubbers and birth control.

    Yeah. I don’t want to be paying for somebody else’s screwing party.

  2. PALADIN says:

    That deal with the Ogalalla Sioux “siouxing” the makers of beer and liquor is one reason why they’ll never get anywhere as a people and culture. My Grandmother was a Lakota Sioux on my fathers side. She was a school teacher and left the reserve and married my grandfather and lived a good life. All that is, is a shakedown to get money and buy more beer. As far as the scout sniper SS thing…would’nt suprize me if the Corn Beef Commies (liberal jews) have something to do with that. Gene Simmons Kiss lead singer is a Jew…why did’nt they complain about the KISS SS Logo? STUUUUUUUUUUUPID News Is Right !