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Thanks For The Great Music

Monday, February 13th, 2012

As probably everyone in the world knows by now, Whitney Houston has died. Her amazing, beautiful voice is not stilled, fortunately, since every song she ever performed is still with us today on disc, tapes and computers. Goodbye, Whitney, and thank you so very much.

Burning Down The House

Monday, February 13th, 2012

As I type this, Athens, Greece is in flames. Rioters are setting fire to thousands of businesses (or hundreds, or fifty’s, depending on which news service) and fighting the police, because they don’t want the new austerity program that was just passed. The austerity program simply cuts back drastically on the free money and other entitlements that the Greek people receive instead of having to work for a living. The government of Greece has given up on trying to keep their jobs by taxing and spending, and is finally doing what’s right for the country in a desparate bid to prevent complete collapse. The good citizens of Greece want their soft life to last forever and demand that the people they elect do the impossible, and pull a steady stream of cash out of thin air.

The rest of Europe isn’t in much better shape, having gone Socialist much like Greece has, and has become addicted to taxing and spending. Margaret Thatcher once remarked that “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of money.” That’s exactly how it is. Communism is a form of Socialism, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need”. Naturally, everyone was quick to have lots of needs and display very little ability, and when the wealth of the land was finally as evenly distributed as possible, that was it. No more wealth to tap. In the meantime, everyone fell into a state of desparate poverty before it all finally collapsed, as Greece is about to do now and as all Europe will also do if they don’t curb their taxing and spending for all the free entitlement giveaways. Most member nations in the EU have massive entitlement programs for so-called “migrant workers”, who are actually a horde of ignorant and untrained welfare leeches escaping the poverty of their native countries.

By taking that poverty to EU states and increasing the poverty there, there comes a breaking point.

This is going to be very racist so cover your eyes if you can’t take it. Not one person can name me one country run by blacks that is not corrupt. Something about power seems to affect something in black people more than it does other races. That anyone of any color can be corrupt as hell is indisputable but I think it ties in with the dramatically disproportionately high rate of crimes committed by blacks. I do know that our black president is likely the most corrupt we’ve ever had and it may be a hundred years before people of other colors in this country ever elect another one, and it’s a damn shame. I would have thought that our first black president would be doing his best to be a shining example of honesty for all of us instead of the incredible liar he’s turned out to be.

In his 2013 Budget, Obama wants to add in $1.5 TRILLION in new taxes on that so-called 1% of Americans. In pure Socialist style he tells us that they make too much money and pay too little in taxes and that wealth should be spread around, “redistributed”, ala Karl Marx. This is Class Warfare, pitting lower income folks against the more ambitious and successful among us, and is the classic way of getting the citizenry sucked into Socialist poverty and domination.

We all know that it’s the wealthy who provide the most jobs, create new industries, advance science and technology, build new housing developments and generally bring us prosperity. Taking their money away to give to poor people for free entitlements instead will prevent the rich from making our lives better by employing us. It’s the Poor who mostly support the drug trade. The only people who will prosper by this action are the drug dealers, and effectively, Obama is taking the money from the rich and giving it to drug dealers and wrecking the lives of all those poor people in the process.

It’s not just Greece that’s burning down. Socialism is setting fire to all of Western civilization and we better start fighting back any way we can.