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Another Look At Greece.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Thought I’d follow up on the Greek riots since the MSM is silent today on the devastating riots of yesterday for no apparent reason. They seem to have subsided but are probably not over with yet. Anyway, digging a little deeper into the cause of all the upset, it seems that the Greeks have been getting steadily poorer since the 1990’s, and Multiculturalism may be the primary cause coupled with the Socialist government.

Greece is a small country with a current population of only about 11 million people. They’ve grown by nearly a million people from immigration as a direct result of joining the EU, many of the immigrants are illegal and all of those immigrants have come in from countries a lot poorer than Greece. Greece has been a poor country for a very long time. That was made a lot worse by the Germans in WWII and never got much better afterward, and the Socialists gained popularity by borrowing from richer countries and creating entitlements for the poorest people. Just like Socialists including Obama have been doing here for decades.

Greek wages are low and they’ve barely been getting by, it seems, and the riots are over further increases in austerity by lowering the minimum wage another 22% (third time in a year) and firing a lot of people off their public-employee jobs. Pensions and welfare programs have also been cut. They just don’t have the money anymore to keep paying people to work for the government. We don’t either, which is part of our current crisis.

Greece had to accept these severe austerity measures in order to keep paying back their debt to the EU. If they default they will be booted out of the EuroZone, which is the EU countries that use the Euro as a common currency. In other words, they’ll have to go back to the Greek Drachma, which will be nearly worthless on world markets compared to the Euro, because Greece’s credit rating is in the sewer. If that happens there will be a lot of starving people in Greece and all those illegals on the dole may finally go the hell back to Bulgaria, Romania or Pakistan. We need our illegal Mexicans to do the same for America.

DEBT brought on by borrowing to support welfare programs and by having too many government employees is what is causing the riots in the streets of Greek cities. Other EU nations, such as Ireland, are also facing increased austerity for the same reasons.

So what does Obama and his horde of radicals want to do? Borrow another 1.3 Trillion Dollars to add to the $4 Trillion Dollars he’s already added to our National Debt. This year we will pay about a half-TRILLION dollars in interest as it is. Total Federal income last year was $2.2 trillion, total Federal spending last year was $3.6 trillion, the excess was obtained by borrowing it.

No, I don’t have any plan for you here, this is simply looking at Greece and Europe in general and comparing that mess to our mess.

Politics Versus Reality

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Too many things that have long been social or religious issues have become political footballs, primarily religious issues. The more that Liberals swing farther Left, the more Conservatives lean over to the Right. This may be considered a balance of sorts but it looks to me that both are actually in the process of falling flat.

I’m a Conservative in most things, but only because I hew as much as I’m able to reality. It’s the Liberals who go off on dream-inspired tangents and lofty make-believe, kumbaya, “why can’t we all just get along and love each other” mindsets that they then do their best to shove down the collective world throat.

It would genuinely be wonderful if we all could and did live in a world of peace and happiness, but that’s just not human nature, and that’s reality.

Most religions have put a heavy onus on abortion as being shameful, entirely because the priesthoods want to control people’s lives including their sex lives and the birth rate. Catholicism particularly wants as many Catholic babies born as possible as the power of the priests increases with the number of obedient believers. This has been pretty successful and the Catholic religion is now huge, worldwide and very powerful. The Catholics want NO birth control and certainly NO ABORTIONs whatever. Other faiths come in a pretty close second on that.

Okay, that’s religion. Since we supposedly practice separation of Church and State in this country, why then do Conservatives think they own Christianity and are therefor entitled to enforce Christian values, particularly concerning abortion? I can tell you that not one single politician of any party bears the slightest resemblance to Jesus of Nazareth’s views and doctrine. Not one is a Christian. To be a Christian means to FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS AND TEACHINGS OF CHRIST. There is not one who does. Tell me of even one politician anywhere on the entire planet who is a shining example of Christianity. The only person of any sort that I know of was Mother Teresa and she’s dead now.

The Liberal stance that government should be the shepard of the people is all swamp gas. What they really want is power over the people and wealth for themselves. The Conservative stance that they are the protectors of the nations morals is all swamp gas. What they really want is power over the people and wealth for themselves. There’s no Christianity in any of them.

No real point to this rant other than to express my eternal disgust at the hypocrisy of those who blat on about the “Sanctity (or “Sacredness” or substitute your own word) of Human Life. What a load of crap. They proclaim their religious affiliation and their noble righteousness to gull us into giving them what they want while screwing us and wrecking the world we live in. We know for a fact that creation never happened, no god made us or anything else out of dust or breathed life into us or created the Universe and all that priestly blah blah blah. We have become too many on this planet and we’re wrecking it by our sheer numbers. I am 100% for abortion and any other form of birth control that will reduce our numbers and if that view is unpopular with religious fanatics, bummer for them.