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Oh Well, The Water Is Orange Now Anyway….

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

The Big Kahuna Tsunami that hit Japan last year is still having it’s effects, and I’m not talking about the continuing reactor disasters that Japan doesn’t want to discuss anymore. With anyone.

I’m talking about all that stuff that was swept out to sea by the wave as it retreated back off the island and into the ocean again. This report says that Twenty Five Million Tons, that’s Five Trillion pounds, of junk, trash and general crap is floating along at different rates of speed and most of it is going to land on California beaches, starting this summer and continuing into 2014. We’re talking boats and chunks of boats, maybe a few ships even, chunks of houses, perhaps some cars that are light enough to float, and anything else that will float. Heads, legs, light bulbs, you name it, all heading for the West Coast and most of it for California.

The ocean off Southern California was literally orange even back the 1990’s, having deepened in tone from brown, because of the pumping of sewage directly into the ocean from the Los Angeles area. The water is toxic and people who have the courage, or perhaps stupidity, to fish are warned not to eat anything they catch. So now all this crap and waste and debris is going to pile up on the beaches and what I’m wondering is, will the beach cities send bills to Japan for the cleanup costs and the cost of moving it all to landfills? This is going to be interesting. I can see the Japs denying responsibility for “an act of Nature” and I can see the beach cities, or the state itself, suing Japan over this. Since California has a number of “sister cities” with Japan, that should mess up relations between the two pretty good.

What happens the first time a boat hits something Japanese and sinks and people die? And the second time. And the third. They will, you know. There’s lots of people in boats running around playing in So. Cal. waters and there’s a vast amount of big chunks of debris. Lots of sealed steel drums, for instance, to cave in the bows of boats.

And… what if some things of great value wash up, perhaps of historical significance to Japan, and the Japanese want them back and the finders want to keep or sell them?
Oh yeah, good old Mother Nature, always making life more interesting than we’d prefer.