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Obama’s Loyalties

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Getting focused in on just where Obama’s loyalties lie has taken me some doing, considering his apparently contradictory behavior in a variety of ways. It’s been hard to tell if he’s a straight, out and out Marxist, an Africa-firster, or a dedicated Muslim.

The answer looks like “All of the above” but kind of swirled together like marbled ice cream.  Diluted in all aspects, in other words.

What finally brought this into focus for me is Eric Holder’s pending explanation to Congress on why it’s okay to assassinate American citizens as long as they aren’t in America. I became curious as to just who it is that Obama wants offed.

It turns out to be anyone who is a Shiite Muslim or a member of al Qaeda. This is confusing on the face of it since al Qaeda is Sunni and Obama is clearly supportive of Saudi Arabia and its Muslim Brotherhood, which is also Sunni. The confusion clears up, however, on the realization that al Qaeda and the Saudis are bitter enemies because al Qaeda wants to get rid of the Saudi royal family and take over the government of Saudi Arabia themselves.

Al Qaeda is virulently anti-American. The truck bombing of an American military apartment complex in Dahran in 1996 is blamed on them as well as the 2004 assault on our consulate in Jeddah.  The purpose of these attacks is to drive American influence, and American protection of the Saudi royal family, out of the country. So as is usual with Muslims, their religious piety and adherence to doctrine is easily set aside when it comes to pursuing power. Should anyone be surprised?

Kenya, where Obama’s (father, stepfather?) came from, where his name comes from and where all the relatives live that he wants nothng to do with, because they might reveal things about him he doesn’t want revealed, is Sunni! THAT is why he shows so much loyalty to the Saudis. He was raised as a Sunni and Saudi Arabia is the Holy Place, home of Mecca, and the Royal Family are the Guardians of the Faith. King Saud is Grand Muckymuck of all Sunnis.

Obama is a Sunni Muslim in his heart.

In the Africa-Firster part of him then, it is the Sunni Africans that he cares about. With a true Muslim attitude, he cares nothing for the starving or oppressed Shiites but a great deal for the starving or oppressed Sunnis.

He’s also firmly convinced that Marxist Socialism has many good things to offer America, and we know this by his stated intent to “re-distribute the wealth” and his overt efforts to do exactly that, by heavily taxing the wealthy and his Socialized Medicine “Obamacare” program, among others.

How this all comes together with Islam is, Socialism is a form of autocratic, or one person, rule. Dictatorship. So is Islam. There’s very little conflict here.

We’ll see how it goes, but my take on all this is that Obama wants to see America become a Socialist state not necessarily dominated by Islam but whose wealth is supportive of Sunni nations.  So in that regard he sees America as continuing to support the Saudi government. He therefor,  for now, has to support Israel, since Israel is part of the Saudi safety net against Iranian (Shiite) aggression. Once that net is no longer needed, he’ll happily see Israel destroyed.

THAT tells me that he’ll ultimately join with Israel in the coming fight with Iran, and the reason he keeps putting off the battle and stifling Israel is to allow Iran to become as strong as possible first, get The Bomb and nuke Israel. The idea is for Israel to suffer so much damage in the opening salvos that the rest of its enemies can swarm in and wipe Israel out, but only after Israel has done so much damage to Iran that we and the Saudis can finish the job and allow the Saudis to take over the government. Once Iran is laid low, Israel will be on its own defending itself from it’s neighbors. No help from the U.S.

I do believe that’s the plan. Everything I see points to it but like I say, we’ll see how it goes. Now the reason for Obama’s refusal to open up oil drilling in the U.S., and the nixing of the Canadian shale oil pipeline becomes apparent. This isn’t about moving us toward alternative energy at all. This is about ensuring that we suffer a severe oil shortage when the war erupts. The global oil shortage that will result from this will impoverish most American businesses and most Americans, exactly the sort of situation that enables a strong government to become an overpowering one.

No wonder Obama keeps trying to squelch Israel. He wants Iran to have nukes first. An attack by Israel on Iran now would spoil all the plans. I bet he has strategists working overtime coming up with alternate plans for success in case Israel goes ahead with an attack ahead of his schedule. Plans that include both the takeover of Iran and the destruction of Israel.

No wonder also that Israel announced that they would give us no advance warning of an attack. They see what he’s up to the same as I finally do, and they just let him know it, too. The other day Netanyahu demanded that Obama make a direct military threat to Iran if they didn’t drop their nuclear program, thereby forcing Obama’s hand. Obama’s response was “Loose talk of war only plays into Iran’s hands”,  a response more assinine than anything a child might utter. 

Obama, by his overt anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian stance, his stream of lies about “having Israel’s back” while repeatedly stabbing Israel in the back, and at the same time making completely unreasonable demands of Israel to commit suicide or else, has made his intentions clear. Yet he actually thinks at the same time that he can bully Israel into meekly complying, and waiting until it’s too late.  He and the world are in for a rude surprise, and soon.

Always On Watch has this video posted detailing Obama’s selling out of Israel. You should watch it.