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China and Pakistan

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Maybe it’s just me. I had no idea of the depth of the relationship between China and Pakistan until I read a Fox News article detailing Chinese upset with Pakistan for not doing enough to quell ethnic Uighurs who “have waged a long and bloody campaign for independence from China.”

Uighurs “are a Turkic-speaking ethnic group living in Eastern and Central Asia.” (Wikipedia) They’re also mostly all Sunni Muslims. Pakistanis are about 80% Sunni Muslim. The reason for their failure to aggressively go after the Uighurs now becomes apparent. Clearly, Pakistan isn’t going to fight their Sunni brothers just because the Chinese are.

At the same time the Chinese are griping about Pakistan’s lack of assistance in dealing with a Chinese problem, they also generously spread the olive branches and rose petals, spouting this line of utter crap: “Pakistan is at the forefront of the international campaign against terrorism and has sacrificed a lot.  We believe the international community should speak highly of Pakistan’s efforts in fighting terrorism.”  Quite an outpouring of gas, considering that Pakistan is a major source of terrorists.

But here is the punch line of that article and what got me to looking more closely at China’s relationship with Pakistan: “China has emerged as one of Pakistan’s staunchest defenders in recent years, and a critical supplier of civilian and military aid, particularly as its ties with Washington have soured.”

Pakistan has nothing to offer anyone except it’s usefulness as a regional threat because of it’s nuclear bomb inventory. Pakistan is a pile of rocks and dirt and little else and it’s biggest threat is to India. The Chinese and India have always been at odds, usually over border lines when nothing else was flaring up, and the Chinese are always trying to expand their borders. So keeping a constant pressure on India is to the liking of both China and Pakistan. No wonder they’re getting so cozy.

What this means to us in the short term is the distancing of the Paki military, secret service and other apparently independently operating government services, from us. Recently we’ve seen ourselves ousted from the bases where we launched our drone planes, as well as the arrest of of some of our formerly immune operatives.

This situation can only worsen for us as  China’s influence with Pakistan increases.  We will continue to be pushed out and stymied in our efforts to battle al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and no doubt the Chinese are already abetting al Qaeda to increase our woes. I have no proof of that but that is what enemies do to each other.

This may be worth noting: Obama is Sunni sympathetic. He considers Sunni Pakistan to be an ally.  So he would be in sympathy with their upset over the civilian deaths during drone strikes and anxious to get our troops out of Pakistan. In case anyone was looking for what might be the real reason.

Whenever Obama does something in the Middle East, we need to look at the sect of the people affected to see the real reason why. Obama is Pro-Sunni and Anti-Shiite. In taking a Muslim stance, he is also anti-Israel and anti-Jew. All the other players on our world stage complicate the story line and to clearly see why our president does whatever he does, we need to ignore the relationships of the other nations involved and look only at his Sunni allegiance. In other words, looking more closely at the relationship between China and Pakistan convinced me that such relationships have little to nothing to do with Obama’s real goals.

Obama has no foreign policy other than to further the advance of those Sunnis embraced by the Saudi Royal Family, to whom he bows.

Always On Watch tells me that his primary focus is the New World Order. If that involves converting everyone to Islam in a Global Islamic Sunni Ummah, then I agree, since this is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the creation of Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Islamic states. At least, I can see how the two apparently separate goals may be entirely complimentary after all.