I Was Suspicious From The Start…

When it was announced by virtually all the world’s media that one of our soldiers had gone out and murdered 16 Afghans, mostly children and some women, I was doubtful and expressed that doubt in several posts that referred to the subject.

My doubt is growing rather than subsiding. Try as I might and look where I will, I can find no specific details on this supposed crime. Why did our government and our media immediately accept this story as gospel truth the instant the claims were made, even with the wildly disparate witnesses accounts and no investigation or proof of it whatsoever? Especially why, when the world knows that these people will lie about anything?

The purported perpetrator is still unnamed. What IS his name? Who’s his attorney? What’s he been charged with? Why is there no statement from him? Does he even really exist? Not one single claimed victim has been named. Not one home address of any claimed victim has been named.  No pictures of bodies. Why no pictures? The British tabloids especially just dearly love to post pictures of gory messes. No pictures in the British press at all and they have plenty of news correspondents over there in Afghanistan. Add to this that some of the bodies that were gathered up were charred. Oh? How did that happen? No one made any claims of homes being set on fire by anyone. Anyone want to bet that some house burned down somewhere by accident and those are the bodies of the people who died in the fire?

There have been no riots over this. No attacks on our personnel over this. Only an outpouring of ugly comments from Karzai, a statement from Obama calling this “a tragedy” when he never called the Afghan murders of our guys anything at all, and a student protest or two. Why does this come directly on the heels of the burning of those Qurans?

Does that sound like the way Afghans react to a slaughter of innocent children by an American? No way does it. It sounds like the way Afghans react when they all know what really happened, that Terrorist Ahmed or Mohammed’s house burned down and all his ammunition blew up, some of the neighbors were killed by shrapnel and his extended family died in the fire. “Witnesses” of this claimed attack say that they heard lots of gunfire, including automatic weapons fire, and their stories have been called implausible by our people because they want to pin this on some poor bastard of a soldier who was just out for an evening stroll.

If there really is this Unknown Soldier, and he really was outside his base after dark, of course he would have had his weapon with him. At all times he would have his weapon with him. Could it be that he was shot at, and fired back? At some terrorist? An explosion and fire then occurred in the home of the inbred half-wit terrorist?

Did a few Taliban slip into town and do this, kill an enemy, set fire to his home and the fire set off all his ammunition? That would explain the witness reports of gunfire at different places at the same time. Then Obama’s operatives took this opportunity to blame it on an American soldier? Who, if one was really there, was actually shooting at the Taliban?

This supposed attack on little children by an American soldier is  full of holes.  I don’t believe a word of it. This is just a setup for leaving Afghanistan sooner than our generals want.

4 Responses to “I Was Suspicious From The Start…”

  1. PALADIN says:

    I would’nt be a damn bit suprized if what you say is true ! where are the bodies ! ? Where ? Funny it is’nt being splashed on front pages around the world. That god damned Obama is such a rat, he could easily orchestrate such a plan. Geez i can’t wait for November..or till somebody grows a set and commences impeachment against that son of a B .

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    We are two.

    I also had my suspicious.

    Badly told story.

  3. Mr. AOW says:

    Yeah, the lack of reaction is weird.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire story turned out to be a fake.

    Of course, on the other hand, they care more about their damn Koran than about each other.

  4. Yeah, they should be rioting their asses off. But they’re not. Hmmm….