I’m Still Waiting

When that jihadist Muslim US Army shrink shot and killed 13 people at Fort Hood, we knew the same day that his name was Maj. Nidal Hasan.

Back when the Gulf War was ongoing and Sgt. Asan Akbar, another worthless Muslim fuckhead, fragged some tents, killing one fellow soldier and wounding 15, we knew his name the same day.

When the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq became known, the list of the accused quickly became public regardless of how high up the ranks the accusations went. The photos that exposed the abuse were quickly publicised.

Anonymity is given only to those members of the military who are accused of sex offenses, like rape, even after they’re arrested for such a crime. I don’t know the reason for this though it may be to protect the victims.

So why, then, is it that this supposed sergeant, accused of murdering 16 people, is still anonymous? What makes him special when no other American military person ever accused of a non-sexual crime had their identity obscured? Especially over in the Near East, where we’ve always been so quick to go Ow Wah and bend over before Muslim rage?

Today, Karzai announced that we must remove all our troops from all Afghan villages. What did I say about this last time? That this was likely a ploy by Obama to ramp up our departure from Afghanistan? Huh?

Here’s what I now think:  The burning of the Qurans was a deliberate setup. Stage one. Stage two was when a CIA operative went off base and organized the raiding of a morgue for bodies, or otherwise arranged the collecting of bodies, and/or joined up with Afghan operatives to shoot up the homes of suspected Taliban sympathizers. The Afghan operatives took care of spreading and embellishing the story while the unnamed CIA operative was hustled out of the country. At last report, he was in Quwait. Maybe. Or maybe not.

All I’m wondering about now is, will some poor soldier be sacrificed in the name of this farce, or will the hoopla and drum banging over our “forced withdrawal” cause the name of the Unknown Slaughterer to be somehow lost in the uproar, forever? Bringing the troops home a lot sooner than planned will make a lot of parents and wives happy, a real political boost for Obama and no doubt the reason for this bullshit.

What happens afterward is the real story. Afghanistan has lots of Rare Earths, used for all our modern technology, that so far are only being exported by China, and China is screwing everyone into the dirt with their monopoly. Afghan development will put an end to that and bring prices down. Plus, Karzai will be dead in a week if we leave because killing him will be the first act of the resurgent Taliban.

Karzai wants us to stay and protect him, he’s dead if we leave. We badly need their Rare Earths. We’re not leaving Afghanistan. This is a load, deliberately created to boost Obastard before election day and to give American troops a bad name, which is another of Obama’s ongoing projects.

We have an UPDATE! The Unknown Shooter will remain unknown! How’s that grab you? The Army and his supposed lawyer have agreed to keep his name secret “to protect his family”. Gee, what a surprise. NOT. I wonder how much the bloodsucking lawyer is getting paid to go along with the story.

2 Responses to “I’m Still Waiting”

  1. PALADIN says:

    Who knows ? maybe the guy who did it was a muslim ? Or maybe he was from another minority…either way the media (croooks and dirtballs they are ) are hiding something.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I don’t think anyone did it. No one has explained how those bodies were all burnt, when “the shooter” has not been accused of setting any fires, nor were any fires reported! Now we will never be told the supposed name of the supposed shooter. I said before that this story was full of holes, and now it’s become a gaping chasm. No American soldier went around shooting little kiddies. The entire tale is utterly a fable, concocted to get us out of Afghanistan quickly and boost Obama in the poles.