Stupid People Rant, Part V

I think I’m on a roll here. In fact I may have really found my niche. Today I’m greeted by the hilarious news that a bunch of atheists in Florida have committed an Un-Blessing of part of a highway that was blessed last year by the Polk Under Prayer religious group, who put “holy oil” on the highway to bless it.

So these atheists are scrubbing away the oil with “unholy water” to Unbless the highway.

Both acts are by idiots. There is no such thing as holy oil, holy water or holy anything else. All those appellations are applied by people, not by some deity somewhere, as we all know, and what may seem sacred to one person is just a poor, starving cow in India to someone else.

That one group should feel compelled to anoint a road with oil to supposedly invoke some superstitious “specialness” on it, is just plain stupid.

That another group takes this anointing seriously enough as an affront to their own faith in No Faith that they would actually go there and scrub the oil off the road, might even be stupider.

Hee-haw! Hee-haw!  Hee-haw! Hark! I hear braying jackasses.

One Response to “Stupid People Rant, Part V”

  1. Damn, you really ARE on a roll.

    Plenty of blog fuel for posts entitled “stupid people,” huh?