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Help Guides For The Mentally Stupid

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Fox News has done it again, published another How-To guide for stupid people. This latest one is “How To Change A Tire.” At least, at the start of this article they do admit that this is a simple chore.

Upcoming scheduled articles are “Who that face is in your mirror and how to recognize it”, “How to turn your oven on and off, even if it’s electric”, and “Dealing with the different speeds of your car’s windshield wiper control”.

It should make me laugh that Fox News sees it necessary to present articles like that, aimed at the most incompetent among us, but it doesn’t. It confirms instead what I’ve been saying repeatedly, that Americans have become a bunch of really dumb fuckers and Fox News knows it.

When I was a kid, there wasn’t one other kid over the age of 12 in the entire United States that didn’t know how to change a flat tire. Hell, my brother got in trouble with our dad for taking the lug nuts off a wheel of dad’s car when he was only six! Even girls knew how to change a tire. We were a practical people. Not anymore, boy! Now we need instructions on how to hang a picture on a wall, even, according to the Fox News people, and the hell of it is, they’re right.

I should have seen it coming back when the Bevis and Butthead cartoon show became so popular on TV. The cartoons were crudely drawn and the punch lines usually revolved over one or both of them having an erection or masturbating. Very popular show.

Now we have “1000 Ways To Die”, the grossest and most disgusting TV show ever, “The Cable Guy”, a fat, stupid man always in a plaid shirt with the sleeves cut off, who entertains by being clumsy and talking like an idiot, and who is clearly meant to represent the True American, and we have News Shows where a panel of people all talk at once and you can’t understand a single goddam word anyone is saying over the babble, and this display of utter rudeness and inconsideration to each other and the viewing audience  is supposed to be enlightening.

I read a science fiction story back when Jack Kennedy was president that now seems prophetic. The smart people had all done an Atlas Shrugged number and withdrawn from the general population, so the DNA pool was all dummies. This guy from the past wakes up from suspended animation into this society and, as the story goes on, is riding in a car and he hears the whooshing of wind as if they were speeding, when he can tell they’re only doing about 30. When he asks, the driver explains that the idea is to make the dumb bastards think that they’re going fast when the cars are all set for 30 mph to keep them all from killing themselves.

That’s proves to be no guarantee when he sees a pedestrian start out across the street in front of another car, and get struck and run over. The explanation his driver gives him for that is, the guy thought he could make it, and the driver of the car that hit him thought he could too, which is why he didn’t slow down.

The writer of that novel didn’t seem to think much of the average American’s brainpower. Back then I would have disagreed, but not any more.

CNN On “Why Blacks Don’t Trust Police”

Saturday, March 24th, 2012


Might as well stay with the current topic of conversation for another post.

CNN is the media of Communists, Marxists, Left-Wing radicals, Liberal extremists and black and Latino racists. It’s a propaganda organ that pumps out a stream of lies that anyone with a functional brain can see through if they’re paying the slightest attention.

Today’s Black Racist message on CNN is an article on Why Blacks Don’t Trust Police, which of course is based on the death the other day of black Trayvon Martin, shot and killed by a Latino man.

black racist author
Picture of the author of the CNN article.

It’s the same old sad lament, “But when you’ve been pulled over for no good reason as many times as I have; when you’ve been in handcuffs for no good reason as many times as I have…”

For no good reason? Really? When blacks commit 90% of the crimes in America? What this whining racist doesn’t mention in the article CNN was so happy to publish is that a lot of those cops who put him in handcuffs were black, and that he was stopped and held because they were looking for a crime suspect who looked like him.  When the cops are out detaining people it’s because a crime has just been committed in that area, they’re looking for the suspect, and the suspect is more often black than any other color. When the suspect is white, they don’t stop blacks, they stop whites. If whites were the ones committing most of the crimes, then blacks wouldn’t have anything to complain about, now would they?

“at a town hall meeting hosted by the NAACP on Tuesday, Sanford’s black residents said they lost confidence in the police long before because of the extensive history of prejudicial treatment in the area.” You bet they did, most blacks are racist as Hell and the NAACP does it’s very best to keep them that way. Without racism flowering in all it’s ugliness, the NAACP would wither and die like the evil weed that it is. The NAACP feeds on racial hatred and is the root cause of much of the racially motivated violence from blacks. Get rid of them and the black crime rate would likely be cut in half. So of course, CNN promotes the NAACP.

They also give positive spin to the attacks of the ACLU against our freedoms. The ACLU is a Communist organization of lawyers that was founded by a Communist  for the explicit purpose of destroying our nation, and focuses on the slightest connections between government at any level and religion, particulary and almost exclusively Christianity, on which our government is founded.

At the same time, the ACLU fights tooth and nail for the “rights” of Muslims over government. Muslims are working closely with the rest of the Left to destroy democracy in America.

This is CNN. What amazes me about CNN is that they have become the Number Two media news source in spite of the glaringly false crap they constantly spew. If you want to find the real sources and promoters of racism in America, don’t look at history.  Look at the NAACP, ACLU and CNN.