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Proof Of Intelligent Alien Life, From The Hubble Telescope

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

The Hubble Telescope was aimed at Mars in August of 2010 during our closest approach to the Red Planet in our recorded history, for virtually a once-in-a-lifetime observation opportunity.

While taking photos of Mars, an as yet un-announced number were taken of Deimos, Mars smallest moon, and now that astronomers have gotten around to this particular batch, some startling closeups have been revealed of what genuinely appears to be artificial structures on this odd-shaped rock.

Back in July of 1988, Russia launched two satellites toward Mars to explore the two Mars moons, little Deimos and much larger Phobos. The one launched toward Deimos disappeared in an apparent explosion as it neared the moon. The one aimed at Phobos did arrive safely but upon completing it’s orbital alignment with Phobos, it also “disappeared”. Not, however, before taking pictures that showed a spindle-shaped shadow between it and the surface of Mars as the satellite was in it’s alignment phase.

The Russians interpreted that shadow as being a space ship, at that time, and still do. The very last photo taken by the satellite was of a huge, approximately 20 km. long, 1.5 diameter object next to Phobos that is thought to be the object that cast the shadow on Mars. Directly after that the satellite was somehow destroyed.

With these latest Hubble observations, it looks like we may finally have proof that at least one alien race is sharing our little solar system with us. No doubt I’ll have a lot more to report on this by next APRIL FIRST.

What Do You Do, When You Can’t Trust Any Of Them?

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Rick Santorum has just compared Romney to McCain, thereby imputing an insult to both Romney and McCain, while Romney has insulted Santorum, Paul and Gingrich, Santorum has insulted the other three, and Paul and Gingrich have restrained themselves to just insulting Romney and Santorum.

I have to note that Santorum’s insult was “the work of an “establishment” pushing the party to nominate another “moderate” just like John McCain in 2008.” 

 So Santorum is saying that being moderate is bad, it’s better to be Far Right. Considering his extreme religious position, I’m sure that’s exactly what he’s saying.

Since when is talking bad about others a recommendation of oneself? “Vote for me in the Sweet-Smelling contest because the other guy stinks twice as bad”? That’s a reason to choose one over another? What kind of logic is that?

Then we have the two main parties themselves. When Clinton was caught lying about messing with Monica Lewinsky, he was hammered by the Republicans literally for months and months and months, and all the Republicans really succeeded in doing was to horribly denigrate the office of President of the United States in the eyes of the world.

Enemies of Clinton would say that it was he who did that, but that’s a partisan attitude. That whole thing should have been handled in a week. By continuously attacking, attacking, nothing got done in our government the entire time except us making ourselves look like idiots.

The Democrats are guilty of doing exactly the same, and all that is ever accomplished by it is to lock up both sides and prevent anything positive being accomplished in government while paying all those Bozos many millions of dollars to call each other names.

Beating each other up to win elections and then beating each other up for the sake of partisan politics. How very stupid. How can the end result be anything except a contentious gathering of enemies with axes to grind and wounded feelings, instead of a congress of folks ready to work together to iron out differences and promote the welfare of their country, which was the reason they gave us for voting for them?

Well, it can’t. When this country was founded, it was in defiance of a powerful enemy, and those who took public office knew where their loyalty belonged. We have gone the way of Rome. It’s a good thing knives are not allowed in the Senate.