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Unelected People

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

This didn’t have to be an issue of race. Obama could have been truly neutral toward color, he also could have been pro-America instead. But no, once gaining the power of the presidency, he set out to divide us by favoring blacks over all others and to make choices that weaken America.

Not all his choices are bad ones, just the ones that relate to his goals of ending capitalism, replacing democracy with socialism and converting the entire country to alternative energy. That’s all. Just those.

So it’s really no surprise that today he spouted off that the Supreme Court was an “unelected group of people” who should have no right to declare his primary effort to socialize our country unconstitutional.

It’s also no surprise that he “suspended” the oil pipeline that was going to run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico on the lame excuse that it was the Republicans fault because they didn’t give him enough time to ensure an environmentally safe route. The fact that the pipeline would create thousands of jobs and bring in 1.5 million barrels of oil a day, to start,  doesn’t figure in somehow.

He’s repeatedly sided with blacks and pointed a finger of blame at whites, in local matters that had nothing to do with his duties, he’s inflamed racial hatred by doing so, and he’s been premature and totally wrong in all cases so far. Now he’s got his anti-gun Leftists all fired up again over that black thug in Florida getting shot. Never let a crisis go to waste.

He’s plunged America deeper into debt than all other presidents before him, combined. He is the only American president who ever bowed to a foreign dictator or royalty. He’s done both and did both incorrectly at that. He appoints pedophiles and radical extremists to cabinet posts. He’s deeply insulted and offended our best allies and assisted and applauded our worst enemies.

He’s done all this with his trademark insufferable air of arrogance but now he’s finally showing cracks. To say what he did about the Supreme Court means that his concern over their decision outweighs his confidence in it. If they strike down Obamacare, they will deal a blow to his presidency that should end it with one term.

All you religious folks out there, get to praying he loses.