Clinging To My Guns. Religiously.

A 78 year old man in Toledo, Ohio, was attacked by a gang of six kids, black and white, aged 11 to 17, for no reason whatever. The cowardly little bastards made remarks about “This is for Trayvon” and then beat the old boy up pretty badly, according to the Fox News article.

While 3 of them were arrested, it looks like hate crime charges won’t apply here. I bet the reason is the 3 were black. I don’t know that, but that’s how this crap usually goes.

“And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion…” Quoth POS Obama. You damn right, you black piece of crap, I’m very religious about clinging to my guns, and it’s scum like you becoming president, and scum who assault old people, that makes decent people bitter. No wonder the gun shops are doing a brisk business.

In Southern California, and probably all the other Western states, the majority of the customers aren’t white people, they’re Latinos. Latinos don’t like blacks. At all. In prisons they separate into gangs, all latino and all black, and take turns killing each other. In Los Angeles the war between them has been going on for years. I would almost like to see a really big race war erupt between all those gangbangers, just to clear out as many of both sides as possible. They both suck.

Meanwhile, I’ll just sit back and cling to my guns, just in case the fighting comes to my doorstep.

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  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    “They can’t get away with making necklaces out of ears anymore, or throwing enemy combatants out of helicopters. (You take 3 of them, go way up, throw out the first two without a word, then grab the third one and say “Talk or out you go”. The guy tells all he knows, then they throw him out.”

    The Flying Taliban men…