I Wonder…..

A second American nuclear aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, is now in the Persian Gulf, and the U.S. Navy claims that the presence of two U.S. aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf region is part of a “routine” deployment.

It’s not routine. It’s the fourth time in ten years that two of our aircraft carriers have been in the same area at the same time. Routine is when two or more of our warships visit the same area together at least once a year or more. This is common, and routine. We only have 11 aircraft carriers and they’re strategically placed all over the world. To have two of them together, you have to have one of them neglect an area of importance elsewhere, so there needs to be a good reason.

That’s what I’m wondering. What’s the reason. Most people would assume that they’re there to back up Israel because of an attack on Iran by Israel that most people think is imminent.

Ah but. Assuming is dangerous. Consider that Obama just recently leaked Israel’s buildup of forces and aircraft in Azerbaijaan, which is on the Iranian border and which would make a far easier place for Israel to attack Iran from. That secret buildup was revealed to Iran to wreck Israel’s attack plans. Consider also that Obama has been stymieing Israel regarding Iran since he came into office, going so far as to ask them to hold off on attacking Iran until after the election.

Obama’s made it real clear that his political career is far more important to him than Israel’s survival.

So what are those two aircraft carriers really there for? Are they there to support Israel, or just maybe, they’re there to stop an Israeli attack. Considering recent past actions by Obama, I tend to think they’re there to defend Iran. I don’t know and I can’t assume, but I sure can wonder.

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  1. Debbie says:

    I thought they were retiring the Enterprise?