Conservatism Is Calling

Today’s article is by Ernest Ribeiro. Short of a National Disaster or some such, this will remain through voting day. Do watch the video.

Ernesto Ribeiro says:
November 4, 2012 at 4:03 pm (Edit)
As the former professional advertiser I am, it’s always a funny, happy experience watching an advertising political video like THIS:


The best summary of the last 8 years for America.

Yeah: that’s the kind of work I’d be proud to make.

BELISSIMO. It’s like a Thriller Movie Trailer. Just chilling. Pure cinema. Art direction, smart edition of images, moving subtitles, GREAT MUSIC:


The most Beautiful piece of political propaganda I ever seen on Youtube.

3 Responses to “Conservatism Is Calling”

  1. PALADIN says:

    Damn that is one good vid !
    The more i hear old clips of Reagan speaking the more i miss him.
    He was a Presidents President , and a natural born leader.

    The Son of a Bitch we have now is neither.

    He’d have to stand on his fathers shoulders, just to be able to kiss Ronald Reagans Ass.

  2. PALADIN says:

    well Bud , looks like we’re fucked.
    The Nigger won and things are gonna get really tough in the country now.
    We did’nt vote for him , but the people that did are gonna get exactly what they deserve.
    Me and the fiance made the decision tonight that it’s good bye Maryland this spring and hello somewhere in Montana or Wyoming or maybe even back to Alberta.
    You made the right decsion to head for the hills, as the populated areas are gonna be like a war zone in the very near future.
    That is if China don’t invade us first.