It’s time I told a bit more about myself.

I’ve lived a life of adventure, truthfully. I deliberately walked those paths where angels dare not tread. Where most people have life-threatening experiences perhaps a few times during their lives, I had them almost on a daily basis for many years and loved it.

I’ve come a hairs breadth from drowning 5 times including almost being swept overboard during a storm at sea. Nearly electrocuted twice, from 800 volts a.c. the first time and 200,000 the second time. There’s nothing quite like blue electric flames dancing down your arms and across your chest.

I’ve been shot at and missed, and shot back. Didn’t miss.

I’ve fended off bears, mountain lions and wild Rottweiler dogs. They all died.

I’ve built mountain wilderness homes for myself and others and was nearly killed by falling beams. Carpentry in the woods is something you learn as you go. I’ve felled trees, big ones, that suddenly snapped back at me. It’s called “barber-chairing” for those who know the term. I’ve been in the company of more than one armed nutjob who considered killing me for the experience of it. I’ve had women seek me out to make love. Even a couple good looking lesbians. You can’t hardly beat that.

I’ve gone from fortune to broke and back up again 3 times. Had beautiful cars, clothes and women and dined at the finest restaurants. Done aerobatics high in the sky, even had a personal show put on for me way out in the Arizona desert by the Blue Angels who spotted our plane down there on the sand. l’ve flown in a lot of different warbirds besides all the common single and twin engine stuff and commercial jets.

I’ve been to every continent and many of the countries. I’ve seen the leper colonies and the Riviera, the open-air market places in Africa and the plaster casts of the victims of Pompeii. I chased pirates from Europe to Belem, Brazil and stared down the muzzles of Russian cannons. Aimed at me.

I didn’t neglect America, I’ve been to almost all the states and all our territories and lived for a while in some.

And it’s all been a Hell of a lot of FUN! At 73, I have slowed down a lot, it’s true. I smoked for 50 years and while I never got emphysema or lung cancer, there’s a lot of scarring in there from all that tobacco smoke plus all the industrial pollutants I was around at one time, and my lungs really complain now when I hike up hills that are steeper than stairs. I do it anyway though.

All my little tales have a moral and this one is no different. It is — Live life. There’s only one purpose for living and that’s to be happy. To enjoy it. Fear sucks, it does, it sucks the joy out of life. You can be afraid or you can be happy. You can’t ever have both.

8 Responses to “LET THE SUN SHINE IN”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    Indiana Jones DOES exist!

    A poet and a hero.

    We are more and more PROUD of you, man.

    After reading this life-historical post, I can easily imagine you, BS, sky-surfing.

    At this right moment, I’m listening to “Who Are You” by The Who.

    But the most apropriated music for the True American Life, expressing Freedom and Adventure, is this VIDEOS:

    Peter Frampton — Breaking All The Rules — Sky Surf


    Sky Surf & Base Jump


  2. PALADIN says:

    Yes i would say you’ve had quite a life.
    The key to life …well i really don’t know.
    But my personal philosophy is Never Quit.
    Never Quit, when the shit is coming down around your ears , keep going !
    You get out of it sooner or later.

  3. Well, in comparison to your life, mine has been boring to the point of catatonia. 🙁

  4. x says:

    Think mine’s been in two halves. Lots of travel and wierd adventures in earlier days, hitched hiked round nearly every country in Europe except Spain/Portugal, including USSR, starting at age 16. Then emigrated to Oz and lived near Bondi Beech before ending up in the loony bin (ah! loony bins eh?) which I could never understand as I was having a great time.

    Much more mundane since met the missus and had kids.

  5. Black Sheep says:

    LOL. Landed in the loony bin. I never did that one but I’m sure it’s no fault of mine.

  6. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    (yes, I saved this post in my News Bleat Selected Archives)

    Interesting: For me, TOO, “Separated at birth”, describes how I feel about my relationship with the rest of the human race — or only the rest of the f@#$%*& damned, hateful, depictable Brazilian people.

    Fascinating: I was born by forceps. My very first sensation coming from the outside was the cold metal holding my nose and pulling me out of my mom.

    WHY I was born by forceps? I don’t know, nobody knows. Making a serious joke: Maybe because I FELT this world would not be a nice place to live.

    Or only this f@#$%*& hateful, abominable, depictable Third World country called Brazil.

    Since my childhood, and troughly my teenage years, I always felt me APART from this Monkey People (yes: even Argentinians called Brazilians “monkeys’).

    I always loved Rock n Roll and wear black leather clothes, includding black boots and black hats. (There’s almost NONE cloth stores here selling this stuff! Believe me.)

    I can see in the dark and hear the inaudible, low, quiet, soft, subdued sounds — even through closed doors. Right now, in my almost 40 years old, everybody call me a “boy” or a “kid” because I don’t look older than 25 — or even 15, when I make some youth facial expressions.

    I like Punk Rock because this express my HATE, REBELLION, DISGUSTING on Brazil and Brazilians.

    Then, I make this question to myself:

    “If one day I move to Deep America, or to any decent country, I will become a completely HAPPY person. So, I will become a DIFFERENT man or only my BEHAVIOR will change? I will quit smoke, smile everyday, laugh a lot, be a nice bloke. But my ETHOS will remain he same… or not? How much the circunstances make the personality. Maybe should I go back to University and complete my Philosophy studies — or am I a Philosopher, such as some people use to tell me?”

  7. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Rewriting that:

    “I will quit smoke…

    AND I WILL smile everyday, laugh a lot, be a nice bloke. But my ETHOS will remain the same… or not?

    How much the circunstances make the personality?”

  8. Black Sheep says:

    Ernest, I deleted that Separated At Birth article shortly after I posted it. I decided that was more than most people needed to know about me. I’m glad you’re okay with it. You might find this news article interesting. “The finding suggests that people’s bodies subconsciously sense the future when something important is about to happen”.

    Our environment does shape our personalities. The basic “who we are” is pretty much part of our DNA, I think, but personality is not always the same thing as that. Personalities are the life-size cardboard cut-outs that we hold in front of us around other people, they aren’t our true selves.

    I think you’re wondering if your outlook and attitudes will change in a changed environment. If you’re unhappy where you are and you move to a place that genuinely does make you happy, certainly you’ll change.

    We never know what’s going to make us happy until we try it because the picture we hold in our heads of how things will be, is NEVER the way they turn out.

    The best happiness comes from inside ourselves from being centered in our mind and thoughts.