Today is Veteran’s Day. Most men in this country are veterans, most of us have served in the military. So explain to me why it is that today is also a day when we veterans are deprived of mail pickup and delivery by the Postal Service. I mean, they used to wear uniforms too, but not any more and they aren’t putting their lives on the line doing it. Most of them are women who never went near any military uniform or had anything to do with service to their country.

At the same time, there’s special Federal laws protecting Postal workers that don’t protect us veterans, simply because those people work for the Federal government. Except that they don’t, really, because the Postal Service was privatized many years ago. These days it’s managed by a private company and backed up financially by the Fed.

The reason for that change was that the Postal Service was losing money under Fed management. Now it’s losing money under private management. Good job, everybody, and thanks a lot for respecting our military service on VETERAN’S DAY by refusing to deliver our mail today, you bunch of pandered-to civilians.

I’m glad that our country sets aside a day to honor all those who served in her military. I’m not honored at all that our government uses this day as an excuse to shut down a vital service, that reaches all of us, and blames it on Veteran’s Day. What the Hell kind of an honor is that? To give a big break to people who aren’t serving, when it inconveniences all the rest of us including us veterans?

How about if we shut down all the gas stations so no one can buy gas today, in honor of veterans? How about we close all the grocery stores in honor of veterans?

Yeah. I am SO honored. Federal employess  get to  have the day off with pay. Screw that and send them back to work, where we veterans already are.

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