Ever wonder why men would hang out at union halls waiting for a short-term job? I did. I wondered why they didn’t seek a regular, full-time job instead of waiting for days for one that might last only a single day. It turns out that employers who need a short term union worker have to pay 2, 3, 4 times the normal wage for these part-time workers.

My neighbor back in Washington is one of these. I asked him once why he didn’t get a full time job in his trade as a welder and he told me how much more he got paid hourly by taking those short term jobs.

As it is, unionised shops have to pay much higher wages than non-union businesses, plus there’s benefits packages and retirement funds that eat another huge chunk of what would otherwise have been profits for the business owners.

Unions came into being as a means of protecting workers from harsh and unsafe working conditions and unfairly low wages, and were a good thing that helped make America a much better country. The Unions brought the monopolist industries into line and had a lot to do with the creation of the middle class in our country.

Nothing ever stays the same, though, and Communists and organized crime saw big opportunities in controlling unions, and the unions were taken over. The Communists wanted the “Workers, Unite” political power of being able to influence millions of American workers, while organized crime wanted their hands on the membership and retirement funds, as well as the power that the unions gave them over the unionized shops. They could and did call strikes to paralyze businesses and force the owners to cave in to what were often very unreasonable demands, or shut down entirely.

The practice of striking makes the employees suffer as much or more than the companies. The constant demands for higher wages that companies simply aren’t making enough profit to pay, has caused the demise of a lot of businesses, and now another big one has bit the dust.

Hostess,¬† the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, is shutting down after 82 years of continuous business, because of The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union’s strikes and unreasonable demands that Hostess is simply unable to meet. They have no choice but to go out of business, it’s 18,500 UNION employees are losing their jobs, and their UNION bosses say that it’s not their fault but the fault of Hostess.

OF COURSE it’s the fault of the union bosses, you cavilling sons of bitches! You thought you could get more golden eggs from that goose if you just squeezed harder, but you killed the poor bird instead and now all that gold you were getting, you’ll never see again. You stupid, greedy pigs! Thanks a lot for making prices higher and our recession deeper. Do you think all those 18,500 people are still going to be paying union dues to you when they have no money to eat and pay rent with?

There may still be a few unions that have honest leadership and really are out to protect their members, but most of them long ago started using the members as badly as the monopolists did. By continally pushing for higher wages, they only benefitted themselves in charging higher union dues. For all the rest of us, including the workers, higher wages means higher prices, so nothing is really gained.

Unions have served their purpose. That was then. Now they’re nothing but parasites on America, holding us down and keeping people out of work instead of opening up the job market, and they need to be tossed into the dustbin of history.

It may be an urban myth that Hostess Twinkies have a forever shelf life because of all the preservatives in them, but buy one and put it on a shelf and see if it outlasts unions.

Wouldn’t that be fitting if it did?

50 Responses to “WHY UNIONS SUCK”

  1. I used to make strawberry shortcakes out of Hostess Twinkies. A lazy approach, but a great treat and easy to put together.

    The time of benefits resulting from unions is gone. Now we have unionocracy! In other words, a thugocracy.

    This morning, the liberal anchors on CBS news show were rejoicing in the demise of Twinkies. “Less obesity and diabetes!” they crowed. Idiots. Without Twinkies and like Hostess products, I’ll just go down the street to Dunkin Donuts.

    I will miss Hostess’s Beefsteak Rye Bread — my favorite off-the-shelf brand of seeded rye bread. I bought a loaf just last week for my turkey sandwiches.

  2. Chris says:

    Your publication is based on half truths. Unions used to make up roughly 40 percent of the work force in this country, and now it is down to about 11 percent; and yet you suggest that “unionacrocy” is a growing threat.

    The reailty is that history is repeating itself. Millionaires are becoming billionaires; not through merit or hard work, but by misappropriating middle class tax dollars. (Note: Union workers pay taxes!!) Government bailouts, nepotism and political slants in the controlled media against unions are the current trend in America. I am a union worker and have not seen a cost of living raise in almost 4 years, and yet the unrepresented CEOs and other upper echelon personnel who cannot manage themselves, let alone a company or an organization have received steady raises and bonuses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These people accept their bonuses as the infrastructure collapses and gleefully point the finger at the union worker who is working harder for less for their companies demise. Cost of living and taxes increase, but the union worker paycheck does not.

    This is the reality of the middle class, whether they are belong to a union or not. Your rant is without merit or integrity.

  3. Black Sheep says:

    My rant is without merit or integrity. Really! Boy, are you full of it!

    If unions are so wonderful, then why has their membership fallen 29%, as you say yourself? You haven’t seen a cost of living increase in 4 years? Then why are you still in a union? Self-hatred? Stupidity? What IS your problem?

    Millionaires have become billionaires not because of stealing middle class dollars, and you have no proof of that. You’re just parroting the Leftist, Marxist line. The fact is, inflation has made a million dollars common. Homes that sold for $1500 in 1955 sell for $200,000 now. Do the math.

    I don’t blame you for being jealous of those who climbed the corporate ladder and got rich, instead of doing like you and being just another worker, but you chose your course in life. Bummer that you didn’t go to college or marry the company president’s daughter, but there’s only so many top jobs and daughters to go around, you know?

  4. Unions forced me to move from Catapiller dominated Peoria, Il. I was a non union worker in sales and I couldn’t afford inflated health care costs, inflated food prices, etc.

  5. FriedSpareRib says:

    Yes Unions Suck, I have been a strong anti-union individual for almost 20 years now, and was raised in a union household, I remember the steelworkers and teachers strike in the mid 70s, how Wisconsin was held hostage and the schools closed, I have worked as a contractor in many union companies over the years, and know first hand the inner workings of these companies, have seen Great Companies close due to strikes, labor disputes for as petty as a nickle raise, have had windows shot out, family threaten, verbal abuse in break rooms against me, tools and equipment stolen or drop into dumpsters, factory equipment destroyed, but I remain steadfast because I believe in America and your right to have an voice, I think union members have forgotten why we left Europe many years ago, don’t stress over cupcakes, they will return and it wont be a union company, did I mention Michigan in now a right to work state, yep, home of the UAW, forced to become a right to work state out of survival, one thing I can share over my years of experience is that you don’t have to fight the unions, sit back and watch them die by their own hand, self inflicted wound.

  6. We The People says:

    Those damned anti-union Republicans! They don’t understand… Us working men and women need all of the money made by these thieving billionaires so that we can spend it on pot, porn, and abortion operations! Those so-called hard working business owners need to realize that we the people are entitled to have every cent they earn, even if we don’t work for it in the first place! The rest of the money needs to go to the government so that we can get more free stuff and Obama’s family can go on more awesome vacations and golf tournaments!

  7. Black Sheep says:

    Damn right! Now you got it! Skreech, flap flap flap. Free stuff. Gimme more free stuff!

  8. Texan says:

    Loved your article! I used to work in a union environment.

    I went to college- and went to work for a production facility that was union. My views are my own, and of my own experience. Unions protect lazy people. The reason union employees are so mean and paranoid, is that God forbid anyone works hard or thinks for themselves to make a decision- because then, “the company would expect that from all of them”.

    You are correct, unions were needed at one time to protect people from long hours and harsh work environments in the 1800’s- but are no longer needed!

    Loved the Hostess paragraph.

  9. My two cents says:

    I do have mixed emotions about unions. First off, yes some of them are plain disgraceful but we can’t generalize them as a whole because there are some honorable ones out there. My wife and I (both 25) work for the same grocery company (Roundy’s) while we finish our last year of college (Nursing students). We’re both assistant managers because we actually try at work. My wife actually started working at a union location and says she has never worked with such a lazy group of people. They’re slow, unorganized, and they slack off because they know they are protected by the union. She gives orders and they look at her like “how dare you”. I, myself, work in a corporate-run environment (Don’t ask me how some stores are union and some are not because I simply don’t know and it makes no sense and I never bothered to look it up so if any of you know then feel free to enlighten me) and frankly this environment is not much better. Though we are witnessing an increase in customer volume and profits, labor costs are being cut and while the list of tasks grows longer and I can see the frustration and exhaustion in my co-workers. Her union store receive their raises like clock work while mine are either late, or never come and they have imposed a wage cap. At one point wage increases were frozen due the economy’s decline a few years back. As you can see, same job, same company, two different worlds. I don’t really have a point to this, I just wanted to tell my story and receive feedback from the general public. Your thoughts?

  10. My two cents says:

    Also, forgive any typos. I didn’t bother to proof read. Thanks.

  11. Black Sheep says:

    You’re talking about the Walmart Syndrome, though Walmart is probably not nearly the worst offender among corporations. Mega-companies tend to strive for maximum profit at the least expenditure, because they’re political. They have shareholders, who elect Board Officers, who set company policy, and those Officers make lotsa moola and want to keep their jobs. They do that by giving good profit reports to their shareholders.

    In our current job-seeker economy, workers are plentiful and wages thus can be kept low, but everything cycles and this sort of greed comes at a price. It’s precisely poor wages and working conditions that inspired both the rise of unions and the rise of independent entrepreneurship simultaneously. The unions improved the lives and incomes of workers, as did all those new privately owned enterprises, but then the unions moved to incorporate the private-enterprise workers into their membership.

    In some cases this was a good thing for the workers, but in others it was bad all around, as Hostess is only the latest example of.

    Now it’s just about full circle, only with the corporations behaving much like the unions, and the only thing holding back a whole new wave of entrepreneurship is just a little more improvement in our economy. This is coming, mostly because Chinese worker’s lives – and wages – have risen so much. The picture of Chinese streets jammed up with people on bicycles is history. Now they’re all driving cars, competing heavily in the petroleum market, and building lots of modern skyscrapers, all with the money they made by copying our products while causing our factories to close.

    Their per capita income has risen so high that we’ve become competitive again, and already there are new start-up factories here that are competing with Chinese imports. If those new companies can stay union-free, more will keep opening and the day will come when America is back on her feet again. Though I have to add that we won’t really get a good shot at this until Obama is out of office. I never thought anyone could actually be worse than Jimmy Carter, but I was oh, so wrong.

    Something to keep in mind about present-day unions is that most of them work hand in hand with the unionized corporations, taking big kickbacks for preventing strikes and pay raises. Corruption is ultimately its own worst enemy, however, which is why the unions are dying. Decay becomes rot.

  12. Unionssuck.com says:

    I’m sorry. Power to the people that brought this country back to its feet working union jobs for a fair wage. But unions today are a joke that just makes this country look bad. Lazy workers who get paid at least twice the wage of a full time worker for doing half the job. And god forbid he do any more than that or else they strike. Unions workers are the f’ers that have run this country into recessions and into debt. Their greediness is what has driven up costs on domestic products and driven Americans to buy from foreign resources. Too bad our government is too full of liberal dimwits who don’t realize what this pathetic organization called a union is destroying our country. This country was born off hard work and equal pay for all citizens. Not greedy, lazy pay because you happened to screw your company into the union. You can call it what you want , but unions are nothing but lazy people who work the hours they want and love thriving off the system. You are no different then people on welfare.

  13. jethrow says:

    Unions are killing this country, even at its 11%! This is evident in several key elections in the past few years. Everyone knows most union members mean well when they first get the job but quickly get corrupted by fellow employees that are lazy and buck the system! It happens so quick that the new employee gets a self inflated sense of importantance to the company. Most get so comfortable, they get cocky. You ever notice how most quickly get new items( house, car, motor cycle) and get the sense of entitlement? Most gain weight at a rapid weight. Then when a slow down hits the company, they get angry, scared and act irrational if they think a raise to earnings won’t be met. They begin to believe the chants the union bosses tell them at their meetings. Then they rally. The members show up and get a speech from from fat, old union boss that sounds like they are getting ready to charge a hill in battle! It’s disgusting! The members are all mad, shaking their fist. Many wearing red shirts with Che Guerra pics on them, banging drums, acting like ass holes! The dangerous thing is they get sympathy from the public for their ridiculous demands. They even work to get out the vote. All provided by union dues!

  14. Kel Kelly says:

    “Unions came into being as a means of protecting workers from harsh and unsafe working conditions and unfairly low wages, and were a good thing that helped make America a much better country. The Unions brought the monopolist industries into line and had a lot to do with the creation of the middle class in our country.”

    Keep doing your research and you will learn that these too are myths.

  15. Black Sheep says:

    Oh? Well, where’s yours, then? What do you mean, “Keep doing your research”? What I said is historically true. If you disagree, state your case, don’t leave us hanging….

  16. Lou says:

    It’s worse for airline employees , I live in the right to work state of Texas ans am forced to join because of the Railroad Act. Continental merged with crappy United and we got the IAM.

  17. Alsnwdrlnd says:

    I also live in Texas and worked for Continental in a non-union, worker-friendly environment for 18 years pre-merger with unionized United. Now, I will get to pay dues for port work rules, an oppressive work environment and little union protection because the union is too busy padding their paychecks and flitting around the country at my expense. If I leave you with one thought: NOT ALL UNION MEMBERS ARE HAPPY THEY ARE UNION MEMBERS!

  18. Michel says:

    Most union members don’t care to get involved with the process for various reasons, including fear of ostracism and thuggery retribution from the very people who promised to protect them.

  19. Union Member says:

    Many truths in this article. I am a union member in a weak state and its been an uphill struggle since I got involved. Favoritism, nepotism, poor management, weak leadership, etc. Those of us that are highly skilled (the few) are outnumbered by the lazy simpletons that are just looking for a paycheck. The higher ups bend the rules in their favor, and they continue to do so even as the available work dwindles year after year because nobody wants to ‘deal’ with unions anymore. Not surprising considering the amount of corruption. It’s sad considering what it could be, but it isn’t getting better, so it’s better off a thing of the past. On the positive side, some of the greatest people I’ve ever met happened to be union men, and I’ve gained many high-dollar skills along the way.

  20. No unions says:

    Unions are a thing of the past. They will be completely gone in the next 10 years that is why the liberal politicians are scrambling to work up a new base. Even the liberals know it’s a dead end fir the unions.

  21. Mike says:

    I generally only deal with unions at convention centers, and primarily in Chicago where there is no getting around hiring union workers for audiovisual services. In my experience it has been a mixed bag of skilled, unskilled and lazy.

    The skilled folks seem to take their jobs seriously and are well-trained.

    The unskilled were selected from a pool of workers, and often have no training on current technology and/or have no work ethic whatsoever, going as far as giving the customer back talk when asked to perform a task.

    The lazy go beyond the unskilled, occupying either positions in which they sit and read the newspaper or do things like fall asleep because they are obviously bored by the work.

    So there is the good, the bad and the ugly.

    I’ll hire a good skilled union worker any day of the week, knowing I’ll get good value for my money.

    Problem is you often get who you get, pay the same rate, and don’t always get good work for the high price you pay. And the system seems to be setup to keep this going.

    Some hotels have a requirement that for every outside technical crew person you bring in, you need to hire an in-house union worker, whether you use them or not.

  22. tom says:

    me and my brother own a union shop,we steel all the mens benefits and split the $ with the ba and ourselves,

  23. j Annie d says:

    I think Texas Unions or Unions in general are spiteful. I work at a grocery store in a (right to work state) and have a shit job ( highly overqualified for) and deal with all these bully larger than mouth people bitch, complain, and manipulate others over a stupid bakery job. I had enough END UNIONS and place everyone at a fair level so that jobs can be starter jobs THEN PLACE PEOPLE WHO ARE HARD WORKERS and move them up! !!!!! and pay people more than a measley sum of money and STOP THEM EFFD UP BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!! TIRED OF IT!!!!! FUCK UPS!!!!!!

  24. mike marino says:

    I have worked for a Union for 34 years. Now at the end of my tenure , i see how ineffective and corrupt they can be. The people who do the most work efficiently get the same salary as those who do shit and hide behind or are defended by the Union Reps. In some instances employees who write the most grievances demanding more overtime get it even if they are the worst workers . Its Just to keep them quiet so to speak. But years ago it was necessary. Almost 80 percent of the supervision years ago within the Union ranks at the time were alcoholics or druggies. They new someone in management and were assigned management positions dictating and enforcing company policy. I work for a major Public Utility in the North east Foreign owned right now. Its ridicules and I’m happy that I only have 4 more to go. Many of our new employees make sht money $ 13 dollars an hour with no pensions and poor rate grade increases. I could honestly say that I was treated better by management than Union. I want to ad that I worked part time for an Autozone as a manager. Autozone a fortune 500 company only pays its workers 9 dollars to start and maybe 13 dollars after 6 years. That’s a fact. So for an American company an fortune 500 company like autozone, its terrible greed on their part. All the employees all the full time employees of that company I worked with all hit me up for some major dollars just to pay their rents. If you ask why I joined the Union???? I had to inorder to work for the company. I remember asking or inquiring if I could not be Union.

  25. we were made to join the union -are whole shop-50 men-the union could be good with good bosses and good workers–that’s not the case-the BA use to get a double pension-and they appoint the next BA -to cover there stealing of medical pension anewity –the workers that are good and don’t kiss ass get nothing –no work–and to stay with a shop you must be quite while they steal your $ it is thugs it is no experience–it’s who the fagots blow-then they think ill be the block captian –there as fucked up as goverment –police–corporate —-only way is opws—protest them all—go to the halls protest offices—all bloney —-all are like your conor nigger drug dealer—-roches at work—–20 years with a-holes–the only way TO COUNCER A UNION IS VOTE EVERY POLITIAN OUT 1 term and DONE should be a dem-pres and a rep-vise pres-1 term and done a the bottom a full pension is $4000 a month in 2015 or more mayor $10,000 a month we the people are stupid—-VOTE all out 1 and done if 1 man dose good then the next should finish —-UNIONS ARE ALMOST DONE 5 years no more —-

  26. Byron koehn says:

    U ducking idiots and u union bashing shit kills me I make four grand a week doing fuck all and work when ever I want with the benefits and pension in the in tire North America and unions are the reason u punks making 20 bucks a hour with a family have weekends off and sick leave and overtime anyone who thinks different is either jealous and need some history lessons

    • stan says:

      Geez Dude, You have the education level of a third grader.

    • F The Union says:

      Bahahaha!!!! 4 grand a week, and this dude can’t even spell!!!!! Good for you bro, I hope you stay a lazy FUCK your ” IN TIRE” life!!!!Hahaha!!! DICK!!!!!!!

  27. Byron koehn says:

    The minimum I’ve ever made since I was 20 was thirty bucks a hour with full dental 100 per cent prescriptions and 6 bucks every hour worked in my pension and got four kids and they all have the same and since I’ve been ticketed for six years I’ve made 43 to 47 a hour with double time after 40 hours and ur gonna bash me and unions U have no clue u broke clowns. Check my house cars boats sleds and say u don’t wanna be union. Just as a trades men. Hahahahahaha. Non union scabs

    • Tom H says:

      I live in the Commieweaith of Massachusetts where the MBTA is sucking the life out of the state because it is a public sector union. People with GEDs should not be making six figures without further training yet here they do. Be proud of the bamboozling of your fellow citizens if that’s your deal but I sincerely hope you choke on every last dollar you’ve swindled out of our society.

    • stan says:

      My guess is you are up to your neck in debt if you have a boat and other things.

  28. Black Sheep says:

    Nice, Byron. You’re proof that the unions suck, and you help make them suck. I’m sure it never occurred to your greedy ass that when you “make four grand a week doing fuck all”, someone has to pay for your excessive wages and guess who that is? All those people who work for a fair wage and then get stuck with high prices for things assholes like you got overpaid to build.

    This is exactly why unions suck. They’ve driven a lot of companies out of business with their excessive wage demands and put millions of their own members out of work by doing it, and you’re an idiot for helping them. You’re tearing down your own future but I know you’ll never admit it, then when the money stops coming and you’re too old to get a regular job because you pissed all those years away ripping people off, and you have to sell all your toys, it will all be someone else’s fault. The government, or the corporations, anybody but you.

  29. Crabby Patty says:

    This is such a great article! I hear all the time how unions are the backbones of the industry. Well, at one time I was special education teacher. Not anymore, thanks to the union and seniority rules, I lost my job. As long as I live I will never, ever pay dues to another union. It should be choice and non a forced due out of your paycheck. Many states have the National Right to Work coming to them. I hope New Jersey is one of them. I seriously hope that it continues.

  30. Tom H says:

    Excellent article. Cannot believe the power and influence these clowns still hold over low information people. Some folks who vote Democrat really don’t understand the meaning of unsustainable.

  31. Sprinkler Fitter says:

    Fuck you scab. Its rats like you that ruin it for everyone. Ifind everyone was unoon we wouldn’t have to fight as hard for a decent wage. Do your homework. The unions primary purpose is to protect its members from unjust and injurious competition. That means keeping some piece of shit from under bidding a job and paying his workers half of what they deserve. Unless your George Bush that’s taking food out of your kids mouth.

  32. Black Sheep says:

    FUCK YOU, SPRINKLER FITTER. It’s selfish ASSHOLES like you who drove all our industry out of the USA and into China and Mexico by jacking up the cost of our goods to the moon with your goddam high wages and demands and perks. You fucked our country bigtime so you could have big wages for a few years before your house of cards caved in, only IT CAVED IN ON ALL OF US AND NOT JUST YOU, YOU ASSHOLE.

  33. Jay says:

    Wow…. You just made the point of how useless unions are. The fact that you make 4 grand a week and have the intelect of a three year old just proves the anti-Union point. Your a f#cking idiot and make more than people who actually work. Wonder why jobs keep getting outsourced overseas. Any thoughts moron?

  34. Jay says:

    You want more money? Go to school like the rest of us. I’m tired of hearing that a person stamps a piece of paper deserves 35.00 per hour. Takes a lot skill for that one………hence, outsourcing dumbass.

  35. Dave says:

    I cannot stand the Union, I have worked for non union companies my entire life and then when I went to the union in 2013 In Detroit Michigan it drove me insane. The working conditions suck, the starting wage sucks at $13.60, the healthcare and benefits suck, not allowed to strike per contract, so I’m not really sure why they even have a Union at this Government based job. Lazy ass employees that come in late, want to leave early, take an extremely long lunch break, and sit on their ass all day doing nothing because they are pissed off everything has been cut or reduced. Holidays at double time, second shift/double time and a half. Plenty of overtime where mostly everyone that is topped out at $29 an hour makes 6 figures a year with nothing but a High School Diploma. Taxes, Union dues and Deductions keep going up while the place sits corrupt and top heavy. Try and get anyone to do something around here they will look at it and leave it for the next shift…. All these people want to do is come to work and be left alone as they get paid to watch movies, shoot the shit, surf the internet and fuck off all day. This place just cant get right, everything they attempt to do gets fucked up. I recently looked at a guy and said damn dude you’ve been doing this for 20 years along with everyone else around here no wonder this place is so fucked up but yet you want better pay, benefits, and contract. Greedy ass mother fuckers!!! It really pisses me off that fast food workers want $15 an hour and they cant get your change or order right. Unions suck end of story, they develop and breed laziness.

  36. Dave says:

    Vacation time, sick time, personal time, Birthday leave, paid out sick and vacation time, uniform allowance but yet they’re all still complaining… People with 100 write ups in their file but nothing is done to discipline them…

  37. Jim says:

    You people have no idea what your talking about watch another Walmart anti union video. Your welcome for all ur paid holidays and sick days who the hell you think got that for you ? You think the employer just gives you that ? Noo unions made that possible. Oh but who cares if the union guys don’t get any of that stuff. I don’t mean shop guys I mean real union member. Your all hypocrites you take what’s given to you by others who don’t get what you do and complain. Shut your mouth and be happy you republican puppets.

  38. Black Sheep says:

    Ahhh, REPUBLICAN PUPPETS. You’re not a Union enthusiast, you’re a Communist. Thanks for telling us. Jim, unions did a lot of good, ONCE. Not anymore. Now they’re corrupt as hell and are harming our economy. The days of Unions improving the lives of downtrodden and abused workers are long, long gone, and that’s why they came into being, if you know any union history at all.

  39. Deltadropout says:

    Have been a union member for years now. All I’ve learned is that I pay dues for worthless employees to bitch about everything. I’ve even had them bitch about my home. I’m sorry my personal life has nothing to do with my work life. Hopefully waiting for all states to become right to work. I’ll be first in line to leave the union and laugh as dead weight gets dropped from the company.

  40. Union Pissed says:

    I can only concur with your statements! Union Public Schools in Tulsa Oklahoma is a perfect example of this. I have been there 30+ years and have yet to see a cost of living increase.Yes, I am a member of a Union and a leader none the less. Administration has gone t great lengths to take control of the contract due to a past president who kissed so much ass, he caved to side with them. Now, our contract is strictly in favor of what administration wants employees to have. Benefits, yea there is benefits but they suck as well. Low bid gets it….. You get the picture here? I would like the world to see the BS they provide. Unions do suck! as ours has no legal recourse to the sellout of the past. The past president continues to suck ass and climb the ladder, hopefully a rung will collapse and fall on the ASS he really is.

  41. Union Forced says:

    I work for a railroad, therefore I am FORCED to be in a Union by the Rail Labor Act (a byproduct of the 1800’s). I pay $100/mo for Union dues. I have no choice. The Union makes concessions constantly, doesn’t stand up for the rights in the contract, sells us over the river for measly bonuses to give up rights and claims we would be out of a job without them. The Union Officials are highly paid, comfortable and slick- they are a bunch of crooks. If you speak out against the Union at work you get looked down on and accused of being a management shill or rat. Even in “Right to Work” states you have no choice but to be in the rail Unions. They have brainwashed the membership and its sad. They all say we would be underpaid and abused, but I have worked at other jobs which had no Unions and we were paid well, got raises based on PERFORMANCE and the joke that is seniority system didn’t exist. I am college educated unlike 99% of my fellow workers, so I can see through the lies they sell to those who for the most part barely finished high school- those are the only people that believe the drivel the Unions sell them

  42. Union Forced says:

    Your argument is as tired as the Unions you support. Its very easy to make claims that without Unions workers will be abused and “downtrodden” but the fact of the matter is there are no Union shops that have de-Unionized for us to examine so you cant really say that for sure….the places that have de-Unionized have also gone out of business which is the only reason they lost their Unions- Unions are like ticks they hang on until their host is dead. Look at the UAW and what they did to the Auto industry- they KILLED it! Job Banks that pay workers their full salaries to sit at home and do NOTHING!!? Really!!?? Are you SERIOUS??!! Unions are parasites that leech their business to death, holding back hiring and expansion, promising that jobs will disappear without them and supporting screw-ups and the lazy who know their jobs will be protected. Many Union members would be fired at non-Union jobs for the stuff they pull in Union Shops.

  43. Diane says:

    Come to Northeast USA, and unions are still run by those mob mentality assholes. I cannot stand the disgusting men that run these unions and bid the work here. They’re ALL low life Union assholes here.

  44. HandsOnME says:

    Graduated college with my engineering degree and have been working as a Manufacturing Engineer with a Union shop company for 2+ years. Until recently my feelings have always been more or less neutral towards the union, my dad being a union telephone worker for 35 years who told me to be smarter than him and get a degree. I have found in my experience that there are a select few union guys in the fab shop that I deal with regularly and I find to be genuinely hard workers and good ole boys. I learn from them, they learn from me, we shoot the shit, all is good. That said the vast majority that I deal with hide behind the union as an excuse to complain and do the bare minimum at work.

    The final straw came today when I was helping to assemble a fixture that I designed for the shop workers to make their assembly process easier. Turns out one of the union electricians (of all people) filed a complaint because they didn’t like me turning a wrench on my fixture. The A-hole didn’t even come to me and express their concerns to me in person, they went straight to their manager who reluctantly notified me of the complaint. After I pryed the name out of the manager of the person who filed the complaint, I went and found them to basically ask them “what the hell” in more cordial verbiage. I asked them why the hell they filed a complaint and they said that it is not an engineer’s job to turn a wrench and “get dirty”, and that it opened up the possiblility for an engineer to take someone’s job. Several of my requests for additional justification were met with this same phrase. Finally I gave up and asked them how they expected a manufacturing engineer to help make their job easier when they are even allowed to be a part of the manufacturing process and experience first hand the problems that union workers are always bitching about. These people are the reason why there is such a disconnect between exempt and non-exempt employees. This attitude has literally cultivated a lame duck society in manufacturing in which nothing gets done because of red tape. Before this incident I would have moved heaven and earth to get this person the tool they needed to do a job or a better workstool to help their ergonomics, but now WHY THE FUCK WOULD I HELP YOU WITH A SINGLE GODDAMN PROBLEM YOU HAVE YOU MORON!!!!!

    Bottom line is I am so pissed that I try so hard to make their job as easy as possible and am met with such bullshit hostility. It’s a shame for me to say that I hate the unions because I know the guys that really work hard that I have a good relationship with understand that I help them and I believe they deserve protection from unfair employer practices. That said it seems the vast majority aren’t smart enough to know the difference between someone trying to steal their job and an engineer who genuinely cares about making their job easier…I guess make that “cared”.

    I would really like to read up on what rights I have to “getting my hands dirty” because it’s the whole reason I became an engineer. I am also curious about where I can find information on how to deal with the dumb union employees and consequences that a union can impose upon me. Any resources where I could find information on these questions would be appreciated by any and all.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

  45. Black Sheep says:

    Your best bet is to simply use search engines like Google to find what you want to know. You can’t be alone in this quest or in your situation, and there’s no doubt that you’ll find plenty of company on the Internet, people who have already found the answers and posted them. There’s probably more than one forum you can join and compare notes with others about this.
    Good luck and happy hunting.

  46. Union Starver says:

    Tons of Stickers, Tons of vague responses from the BA’s Tons of time “training”
    Tons of expense burdened on member only to work 2 days here , 3 weeks there, maybe a half season . Yeah the pay is good up front but when you subtract the non working time, The sugest you will make more working at a fast food restaurant. Rising dues to compensate the lack of working members to pay for twice as many retirees. Its all a scam and means noting. They have mastered the methods to blame the member for their short falls . Heard a instructor say , dont buy anything you cant afford on unemployment.