Like a bird standing stupidly frozen before a snake that it knows is going to gobble it up, I can not turn away from the spectacle of that woman with the dozen face-lifts,  … what’s her name? Oh! Yes. Hillary! Acting like she’s wielding the power of a great nation in trying to get Israel to stop defending itself against attack.

A CEASE FIRE HAS BEEN DECLARED, blat the headlines. What is this, cease fire number 268? The conditions are, that Hamas stop the rocket bombardment and in return Israel stops killing off the ones ordering the bombardment. Yes, those are the terms, no one else is putting it quite that way but read the reports, that is the deal.

Oh GOOD WORK, ummm uhhh Hillary!

How many reporters will take any real note that Hildy, I mean Hillary went to Egypt to do her dickering? Not Hamas in the Gaza Strip, but Egypt. Does anyone besides me find it odd that Egypt, which supposedly had no hand in this fight, was the place to go to get a cease fire? I find that very odd, especially since Hamas is really just a proxy for Iran. Does that tell you that Egypt is now siding with Iran? It does me.

Oh Glorious Arab Spring, bringer of Democracy and Freedom and Openness to the Middle East, sayeth Hussein Obama, largest purveyor of goat shit on the planet. Egypt now has an openly Islamist government. We ARE still sending them lots of money, right? Yep, right.

Let me tell you what REALLY went down.

Egypt allows Iran to funnel munitions through the country to the smuggling tunnels on it’s border with the West Bank, where the stuff is sent on to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. GOP congressmen are threatening to cut off the money to Egypt if they don’t show more cooperation. Meanwhile Hamas is about to be hit with a full-scale ground attack. The Israelis want Egypt to stop letting Hamas have tunnels in Egypt to smuggle stuff in. Faced with attack by Israel, Hamas agreed to stop shooting rockets in exchange for nothing except their worthless lives, and Egypt agreed on paper to close the tunnels. You’ll only read all that stuff here.

They won’t keep their word nor will Hamas and soon the rockets will start flying again, with Hamas claiming exactly as they’ve done repeatedly before that those rockets are from groups unconnected with them. After so many rocket assaults, Israel will mass  troops on the border, rinse and repeat.

Hilderly, um no, uhh Hillalally, oh hell, that’s close enough, actually did nothing except take all the credit for accomplishing nothing, which is exactly what this latest cease fire is. So why am I so fascinated? Because this non-person masquerading as someone actually important represents my country.

I watched an Indian snake charmer do the cobra in the basket bit once, and it’s the same deal. Watch the snake. See how the snake weaves and bends. Will the snake ever strike? Is the snake really powerful, or did the snake charmer remove its fangs a long time ago? What do you think?

2 Responses to “FASCINATION”

  1. Mr. AOW says:

    A Middle East cease fire that will last? My ass!

    I gave up on the idea of peace in the Middle East a long time ago!

  2. PALADIN says:

    The Hildabeast did’nt accomplish shit….just a brief lull.

    Why the Israelis agree to anything with that **** , is beyond me.
    I know she told Morsi to do something to make her good, otherwise the cash pipe would get plugged.
    Probably told the Israelis the same thing, stop bombing the hamas shitbags , or we will cut off spare parts for the F-16’s and other goodies.

    These worthless bastards , all of em in Dhimmicrat party are enablers of these Muslime Annimals.