My God is better than your God. My God is bigger and meaner and can kick your God’s ass. Your God isn’t even real, your God is just something you made up because you’re jealous of my God.

My God is benevolent and merciful. To prove this, if you bow down to my God, He won’t make me kill you.

My God says you have to give him ten percent of everything you make, and I’m to hold the money for him.

My God is more wrathful and jealous than any other God, so you must follow my God and no other God, and do what I say as I am the Voice of God. Otherwise you will probably be tortured to death or at least suffer horribly.

My God says that if you believe in Him, you will live again after you die and you will be happy and live forever and hang out with angels and it will all be really groovy. He tells me this stuff so I can tell you this stuff so you will be afraid not to believe in him because you’re afraid to die and want to live forever even though you know in your heart that it’s impossible bullshit fantasy, and I tell you this stuff because I want all of you to give me control over your lives, not to mention that ten percent. I mean, God told me to tell you. Right.

I am so sick and tired of religions, all the fighting over them, all the misery and death and hatred. Religions are for the cowards and the stupid. Religions are for people who are too fucking stupid to figure things out for themselves, too fucking afraid and cowardly to accept that they die the same as everything else does and that’s it, and too fucking lazy to find their own path. It’s so much easier to do what everyone else does, to follow the crowd.

It’s so nice to feel so very righteous and smug, neener neener, I’m going to Heaven because I’m Saved In The Eyes Of The Lord and you aren’t, neener neener, because YOU follow a FALSE religion.

I don’t care which religion you follow, you’re a fucking weenie, a follower, a sheep.  You have no mind of your own, you suck up everything you’re told and you probably believe with all your heart that you have a soul, that’s there’s a Hell “down below” and a Heaven “up above”.

You’ll fight and die for this stupidity because you know you’re right. You’ll give up your life for something you believe in, actually thinking that you will live again in Paradise if you do. You will hand over your children to be indoctrinated in the insanities of your addiction so they can be the next mind-slaves after you’re dead and gone. Really gone. Forever gone.

Manifest Destiny is what used to be preached to Christians, if you include Catholics. What that was, was that humans are Gods Chosen Creatures and all other creatures are there for his consumption. God said so. God doesn’t say so anymore, you know why? Because we’ve made extinct so many of Earths’ creatures in our contempt for them. Religion did that, religion is the cause of that.

The preachers and priests are able to justify literally anything by referring to some passage in some book, and since the book is Holy and Sacred, well then, that’s that.

You may be a really nice person who only wants the best for everyone, but if you believe in a religion and are in any way supportive of that religion, to the point of just saying, “Bless you”, then you are guilty of supporting war, torture, misery, starvation and all the ills of humanity. You are. Deny it all you like, you know I’m right.

Christianity used to be the dominant religion, forcing itself on people violently, torturing those who “blasphemed”. Now it’s Islam, forcing itself on people violently and torturing those who “blasphemed”.  Religions aren’t humanity’s worst scourge, greed for riches and power is our worst fault, and more wars have been fought because of that, than over religion. Religion is just such a handy tool when someone seeks power.

All those Muslim priests are nothing but power mongers seeking more control over the people than the other Muslim priests, just like all the Christian preachers do. They’re all a pack of liars, no different than the politicians all over the world.

In the jungle, the biggest apes fight for the dominant position. In primitive tribes, the bravest warriors fight for the dominant position. The apes use teeth, the warriors use spears, and the priests and politicians use lies.

I’d like to see them all fight to the death and the survivor wins. That way, the losers wouldn’t keep coming back. Humanity might become a little more grown up and peaceful but even if we didn’t, there would be less fucking priests and politicians.

You want to fight? Fight for Truth. Fuck religion. Religion is not God. Understand that. Religion is a whole bunch of rigamarole for the worship of God and it’s all crafted by men who saw a chance to lead, to sway the minds of the people. Minds like yours.

3 Responses to “OWNING GOD”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    Once again, you wrote an Ultimate Statement.

    The “power mongers”. That’s the exactly words written by George Orwell to define The Party (such as The Church) in his masterpiece “1984”. The Ultimate Totalitarianism is an earthling Religion, whose God is the Big Brother.

    I had written and edited near 70 pages about Anti-Religion in 26 Essays for the last years.

    But you got summarize ALL I think on that issue — in just one page!

    Man, I’m going to publish this thoughts. Sooner or later. The Free People NEEDS to know the Truth.

    “Free Your Mind.”

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I seem to do my best when I’m most pissed off about something. Like all the misery religion and the lying bastard priests who sell it has brought to our world.

  3. x says:

    We need to bring in some rational laws:
    a) Every drink, foodstuff or medicine sold must contain pig and alcohol.
    b) Weekends will be changed to Tuesday and Wednesday, requiring people to work on Saturdays and Sundays.
    c) Churches, mosques and temples etc should be obliged to double up as markets, shopping centres, youth hostels or car parks.
    d) Any husband who requires his wife to wear a burqua should have to wear one himself. Preferably made of barbed wire.

    Old Enver Hoxha had the right idea on religion. Pity about all the Marxist crap. Goes to show that, even without religion, people will still find other rubbish to believe in.