It may surprise some people, but there are many types of agate and jasper that are pretty valuable. Agates have always been considered “semi-precious” but on the really low end scale of value. Not any more. Two things have happened, almost all the material there is has been found and dug out, and the best of the best has become scarcer as the material was cut up and polished into finished stones.

I started collecting rocks when I was 3 years old and never lost the fascination for them. Today, thanks to ebay, field trips and rockhound powwows, I have an extensive collection of the best of the best from all over the world and many beautiful cabachons cut from it. Some of the moss and plume agates, you would have to see to believe.

So when I take my daily exercise hike up the mountainside behind my home, you can see why the common rocks laying around wouldn’t hold any interest for me. After so many of those hikes, though, I found myself wanting something new to look at, and so started looking more closely at the granite and quartz and shists. And what do you know. There’s some pretty interesting stuff laying around after all.

Today I brought back a piece of plain quartz that, when I turn it over, had crystals laced on the underside, and a chunk of granite that was somewhat decomposed, filled with shiny black crystals of some unknown mineral. Several days ago I found what looks like a couple small dog turds but proved to be limb casts, petrified wood in other words. Those and other specimens are forming a line along the top rail of my deck now, along with a nice, very ancient square spike  about a foot long that dates to the 1860’s. No, none of it is anything worth setting in a ring, but they are pretty neat to look at.

A bit back I found a small chunk of milky-clear agate, and I’ve been finding a few small flakes of similar rock here and there that may have been chipped off to form a spearhead. Native Americans roamed these hills long before we ever came here. Who knows what discoveries lie ahead?

It’s easy in any situation to become so used to looking at it that we don’t really see it anymore. Take a fresh view, there’s treasures all around you, just waiting to be seen.

4 Responses to “TAKING TIME TO LOOK”

  1. x says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my rock specimens anymore. The ones I collected as a kid my parents threw out when they moved. Didn’t even ask me if I wanted them, the bastards! Then the ones me and the missus collected during our pre-kids years were lent to someone for a school display and I never got those back either! Bastards!

    Only thing we find in our garden, apart from clay and sandstone, are victorian glass and china. On couple of occasions found a complete earthenware pot, not worth anything but quite interesting. Keep my pens in them.

    Anyway, off topic but getting fascinated by conspiracy theories. They are all starting to come together in my head into one massive coordinated conspiracy theory. Best lay low, one chap is convinced Obummer is after your hide!


  2. Black Sheep says:

    I looked, or should I say, I came, I saw, I collapsed in hysterical giggles.
    That ours and all governments are rife with conspiracies, local, national and international, is undoubtedly true. Also true is that all of them have power-seekers behind them, which automatically means that they’re all working against each other. After all, there can only be one King Of The Hill at any one time.

    This is why we have wars more than any other reason. One big power makes a strong move for more power and other powers fight back against that and there you have it. Then we commoners all have to pick up guns and go get killed to see which cowardly fuck sitting in a high place wins. I liked it a whole lot better when kings had to take to the battlefield too.

    Obama’s conspiracy is to Socialize/Islamacise America. True, most people have their heads stuck in the sand or they never would have elected that piece of shit. He will probably succeed.

  3. PALADIN says:

    I had a look at that site too, and Obastard will try but he will end up failing , unless we get another Dhimmicrat elected after him, or a RINO bastard like that fat sack of shit Chris Christie, or God forbid Jeb Bush !

    People in the west, and America in particular have become undisciplined, ignorant, lazy, and in effect stupid .
    The cause is being brainwashed by media, and being too damned lazy and useless to go for the facts rather than listening to the media and feeding on all the bullshit they spew.

    Dammit people READ ! Read and study , don’t be so damn ignorant to believe everything all the Liberal/Socialist , Social Engineers feed ya !
    Just like the article i read over at Debs blog, by Pravda which said Obastard was elected by illiterate imbeciles.
    (I don’t like Pravda, but they may be on to something ! )

  4. My paternal grandmother had a regionally-famous rock garden called Flint Hill. We have a lot of that kind of quartz in Northern Virginia.

    The boulders that Grandma had hauled in there — with a team of mules, no doubt! People came from miles around to see what Grandma had done! I vaguely recall the garden. It really was quite something, and it cut down on mowing the yard too. 😉

    When the new road came through when I was about 5 years old — right through the middle of the rock garden — Grandma offered those rocks to anyone who wanted them. I still seem them around the area because people placed these boulders in their own versions of a rock garden. In fact, outside the post office here, there must be 10 of the huge boulders. Another household put one of the boulders in their front yard with a fancy sign telling where the boulder came from.

    I have a few of Grandma’s flint rocks, but none of the boulders. I couldn’t figure out a way to haul those huge things, so I have to settle for smaller rocks, which I’ve placed in various strategic places in our yard and even on our porches.

    We don’t have many interesting rocks around here now. All the damn construction.