It’s just a fable that lemmings, Scandinavian rodents similar to mice, run off cliffs to their deaths in their drive to migrate. They do migrate, and sometimes cross rivers and streams where some of them end up drowning, which is where the “suicidal lemmings” tale comes from. For this article, however, we’ll assume that it’s true and that lemmings do leap off cliffs and thin out their numbers, because they make a perfect example for what I’m about to say.

Lemmings aren’t very smart, being creatures of little brain, and they breed like crazy and run themselves out of sustenance. So if they do end up jumping off of cliffs, that has to be a good thing, both for the lemmings and everything else that eats what they eat.

Our government is yapping about a “fiscal cliff” that we’re racing toward. What that means is that the government is running out of money to pay for all the stuff they voted to pay for, and if they don’t get the amount of money they want for all those projects, some of those projects will have to be discontinued. Oh My God, say it isn’t so!

Our lemmings, I mean Congressmen, creatures of little brain, have eaten the rest of us out of house and home and now are frantic, looking for ways to keep money flowing in unchecked even though we’re in a depression.

Pres. O’Blather was blithering away tonight all about what a terrible state we’re in (I wonder why he didn’t say that during the election campaign? Very strange.) and how we  have to raise taxes and cut loopholes (they used to be called “deductions”) and basically squeeze us harder than squeezing cheese for the whey, to get the last possible drop.

The very best thing that could happen to America is for us to leap nimbly off the fiscal cliff and crash in a broken heap at the bottom.  If our government has no money to spend, millions of Mexicans will have to go home to find a job and rebuild their country. Millions of Americans will have to stop being obese. Millions more will have to get off their lazy asses, stop popping out welfare brats, and start learning how to support themselves.

Millions who truly need food stamps and free medical won’t get them any longer and will suffer, yes they will. Freedom doesn’t come free. Poor kids will be poorer, no more free dental plates for grandma and grandpa, black people especially will be rioting in the streets and looting and burglarizing, because more of them are on welfare than anyone else except possibly illegal aliens.

The best thing that could happen to my country is for its government to go bankrupt.

Right now I have that strange, almost guilty, almost hoping, thrill of looking way up at the man on the ledge, as I join the crowd below that’s yelling “JUMP!”


  1. The best thing that could happen to my country is for its government to go bankrupt.

    I can’t argue with that.

    But I don’t see that the politicians up in their ivory towers will let that happen. Instead, they’re going to do everything to keep feathering their nests — and to hell with the rest of us.

    You know what? We seem to be living in the Age of Mass Delusion. People are acting wackier and wackier now that Obama has been re-elected. Shakespeare had it right: “Something is rotter in Denmark,” and the feces is trickling on down.