Back in 1967 I was riding with some L.A. Chapter Hells Angels, – in a car, not on bikes – to a Love-in up around San Diego. I’m not quite sure why they went to love-ins unless it was to meet up with some drug dealers, but in any case I was invited along by a friend in the Angels and being the adventurous type, I couldn’t pass it up.

Along the way, a young gal in the car, an Angels wanna-be, started running her mouth about how “if you ain’t one of us…” and the guy driving snarled at her that she wasn’t one of us and to shut the fuck up. Ahh, peace and love. I should tell you about the time they shot the player piano to death, but that’s really a different story.

Anyway, that little confrontation stuck in my memory, because it’s pretty much how everyone is. We form our groups and cliques with their attitudes and boundaries, and if you aren’t for ours, then you must be against ours.

This morning I see that another Christian/Atheist confrontation has made the news, with the atheists suing over a Jesus statue that’s supposed to be a war memorial in Colorado. There’s a lot of people who’ve converted to No Religion/No God, or else simply rejected the religious teachings that were stuffed into their little, vulnerable, developing minds, and most of these atheists are around college age. They’re primarily the ones leading the anti-religion crusade.

Christians are claiming that it’s communists who are trying to destroy Christianity and bring down America, and maybe some are, but it’s reality and common sense along with all the clashing preachers and the insanity of Islam that’s waking people up, if you ask me.

We’re in a transitional period now. Religion is on it’s way out even as Islam is trying to convert the world, and if you want a tougher person to convert to Islam than a Christian, it’s an atheist. Atheists have already rejected all gods and faith, and they did so through rational thinking and not because anyone forced them into it or boggled their minds as children with a bunch of ceremonial horseshit.

Religion couldn’t last forever. This is a tech world now where superstition is silly and things that go bump in the night all have factual explanations. Our Western world is steadily dividing between those who believe and those who don’t and won’t, and the division is growing.

I see this as a good thing for the Christian types, as their final battle isn’t against atheists, it’s against Muslims, and they couldn’t ask for a stronger ally in their cause than millions of atheists. In this battle, the difference between the numbers of atheists and Christians doesn’t matter at all. It’s the total of the two as a combined force that matters, and I really think the atheists have a much stronger hand.  They don’t accept ANY god. How do you convert that?

The Christians have a choice. They can bow down to the god of Islam and not be killed, so many of them would cave in. Not so the atheists, they have no choice. It’s kill or be killed with them. So for me, a person who hates Islam, the more atheists the merrier.

The animosity between the Atheists and Christians will all be forgotten when they have to face the Muslims. Hard to say how it will all end, but if the Muslims lose, who knows, maybe the Atheists and Christians will find a new tolerance for each other.

I’m not either one, you see. I know there’s a God because I met it, and I can tell you that the real God has no use at all for religion.


  1. PALADIN says:

    I fully support anyone’s right to choose…as long as that faith is peaceful, including atheism.
    It’s written in OUR constitution the right to believe or not believe .
    I choose to believe , that’s my choice.
    That’s what makes this country what it is, our freedom as free men and not slaves.
    But ! Islam on the other hand is NOT a peaceful religion and seeks to destroy that freedom that you and i hold dear, so in my opinion we ought to banish it from this country period.
    Outlaw it and make it’s practice illegal.
    It’s a cult of subversion and blood….you can’t really call it a religion like Judaism or Christianity, it’s founder was an epileptic maniac who suffered from delusions and would put himself into a hypnotic state before he revealed his so called versus in the Koran.

    I know one fucking thing…i’ll be killing lots of Muslim bastards if they ever try to convert by force ….guarantee it.
    Or if they ever gain the upper hand here in this OUR USA, you can count on a lot of em being buried in pigshit.
    Believe it.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    LOL, I wouldn’t doubt you for a second. I notice we have a couple Muzzie types running a seedy local gas station/convenience store, looks like father and son, so there’s probably a half dozen wives at home. I was in yesterday getting gas and paying cash, since cash gets you 10 cents a gallon discount, and heard this foreign gabble-babble behind the rows of stuff, took a peek and it was Pop. Mean looking sucker, too. I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

  3. PALADIN says:

    Hey Blacksheep, hope your doing fine.
    Believe it or not, when i got outta the Army in 89 i ran with a guy i served with who got out a year ahead of me, and was in the Grim Reapers M.C.
    I was bummed out and walking a fine line in those days, drinking like a fish and i had a 76 electra glide i bought with money i saved.
    I never was a member , but i hung out with this guy who was a good friend, and he invited me to their parties at their clubhouse once in a while.
    They asked me to become a prospect and it was tempting, but somehow i refused . Like i said, i was walking a fine line, and had a few issues i needed to put to rest, which with some help from some fellow veterans i did.

    They told my friend who i served with , not to have me around anymore if i was’nt interested in becoming part of their org , and i’m glad they did.
    I’d probably be dead like him if they had’nt.

  4. Black Sheep says:

    Yeah, we’re birds of a feather in some ways. I walked a whole bunch of fine lines, my family was abusive as hell and I was the youngest and smallest, so you can figure that one. But I’m fortunately the kind of person that “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” and by the time I was in my 20’s I was one tough little son of a bitch.

    I have dead friends too, who died young. That I didn’t was luck as much as anything.

  5. PALADIN says:

    Yeah i did some stupid things in my lifetime .
    About the only thing that kept me sane in those days was the fact i had some horses i dealt in and trained , and i rode in rodeos.
    I had a 2 horse trailer a Dodge 1 ton dually and the Harley.
    And i was never home, lived on the road going here and there , rodeos, fast horses, beer, the Harley , and lots of fast women !
    I’d get tired of a girl, i’d dump her and get a new one .
    If a horse fetched a good price , i’d sell em and buy another one.
    If somebody pissed me off, i’d smack him.

    Well after living like that and a failed marriage and countless failed relationships , i woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and did’nt like what i saw …plain and simple.
    I know it had a lot to do with what i experianced when i was young and a father i could never please , and some to do with the fact that i had experianced off and on bouts of PTSD.
    But ya know what…ultimately i came to the conclusion it was time to grow up.
    If i was gonna get anywhere in life , it was up to me.
    and a belief in God . (don’t worry i’m not telling anyone how to think and i don’t think i’m better than anyone)
    My mother was praying for me steady at the time , although i did’nt know it at that time.
    I still feel angry a lot of the time like you, when you have “experianced ” life , and know about whats going down , it’s hard to understand why people are doing what they do now a days.
    Whats that saying that Victor Hugo said? With Knowledge comes sorrow ?
    But lately i’ve basically said to heck with it, i’ve kind of had it with the bulk of the human race lately.
    You can’t fix stupid, they’ll have to learn the hard way.
    Sometimes thats the best teacher.

  6. maybe the Atheists and Christians will find a new tolerance for each other

    My long-time best friend (since 1970) is an atheist; I’m a Christian. Our difference with regard to religion has never interfered with our friendship. Maybe because I don’t run around advertising my religious beliefs.

    Religion should be a personal matter. Period. As my father used to say something like this: “Your soul is your business. I have enough to do taking care of my own soul without butting in to take care of your soul.” Dad was one of those fellows who stayed the hell out of other people’s personal business — very wise, IMO.

    Dad (b. 1911) had little use for organized religion — maybe because he was a Mennonite/Brethren preacher’s son and got sick and tired of the church trying to interfere in everything instead of, as Dad put it, “preaching the Gospel and serving others.” He did not classify do-gooders as serving others. Dad believed that service should be done quietly and privately — tending the sick, helping out the old man down the road, etc.

    Dad died in 1998. I miss him and could use his wisdom now, particularly his wisdom with regard to world history. I’m willing to bet that he knew one helluva lot about Islam and Muslims; Dad studied history like nobody else I’ve ever known. Of course, before 9/11, many of us did not have occasion or reason to discuss Islam.

    Some years ago when I was commenting at Jihad Watch, several Christians were beating up on the Objectivists, one of whom was Jason Pappas. I said then, and I say now, “I will stand shoulder to shoulder with ANYONE who recognizes the threat of Islam.”

    A few weeks ago, Jason and I chatted by phone — the first time in a long time that we had done so.


    I don’t think that religion is on its way out. But I do think that Christianity is wilting. Many Christians today are nothing but sheeple — if even that high on the intellectual totem pole. They turn some preacher or writer into an idol and follow that preacher or idol in a cultlike manner, practically worshiping the ground that their “leader” walks on.

    I grew up in a brand of Christianity that required study of the Bible and a very intellectual approach with little to no ceremony involved — not reading the likes of Rick Warren.

  7. Black Sheep says:

    “I will stand shoulder to shoulder with ANYONE who recognizes the threat of Islam.”

    Which is why you and I understand each other. If there was just one form of Christianity and it was all about being kind and decent to each other, and teaching strong moral values in the home – and enforcing those values – I’d be a supporter of it even though I don’t believe. When I was a kid, that was the basic impression I got from the religion, and I was a believer. I quit being one when I saw how many preachers were complete hypocrites. That’s when I really started questioning everything I believed.

    And that is why I always look at all sides of a thing today before making any assumptions. Assumptions don’t just mislead us, they can ruin us. A little knowledge really is a dangerous thing. We need a lot of knowledge of a thing before we act.

    I wrote an essay on that, many years ago. On the nature of knowing versus believing. Maybe I’ll publish it here. Who knows, it might actually wake one person up.

  8. Black Sheep,
    I do think that my upbringing was a bit unusual. I was lucky to have the parents that I had!