The United Nations has voted to recognize the Palestinian territories as a state and the Palestinians are celebrating wildly right now. The UN has been taken over by Arab and other Muslim nations, so this is no real surprise to anyone watching.

Logically, the “new state” will now start setting up diplomatic relations and opening embassies everywhere they can, and demanding free air traffic to and from their “state”. This will include an immediate demand to end Israels blockade of their ports. Israel has no choice but to refuse this recognition and the demands, as otherwise they’ll have a growing hostile military power in their midst. Right now its been a steady rain of exploding rockets, but with the Palestinian gates wide open, things would get much worse in a big hurry.

This move by those running the UN show now is designed purely as an attack on Israel. More and more pressure is being brought to bear on this little Jewish state, and one hell of an explosion is unavoidable. People never think ahead. Those fools in the UN are only thinking about their Islamic hatred of Jews and not about what comes of their actions. They think that this will speed up Israel’s demise, but if it does, don’t they understand that it wil mean their destruction too?

That’s the problem. They probably do understand it, but Islam worships death.

Other ugliness in the news and no, I’m not going to link this one either. Look it up if you’re really interested. A 64 year old guy in Minnesota had his home burglarized last month and the thieves took cash, over $10,000 in gold and coins, and a bunch of other valuable stuff, according to the owner.

It may have been the same thieves returning, and from what I’ve read of the male culprit’s history, it’s likely. In any case, the home owner wanted revenge, and who could blame him? So when he heard intruders in his home, he sat there in the basement with some guns and when the thieves came down the stairs he executed them both.

It was a guy and girl, she was 18 and he was 17. A thief is a thief and if one gets caught rifling someone’s home, and they get killed, too bad. The sad part to me is their ages, for one, and that the homeowner will undoubtedly go to prison for the rest of his life for killing them.

This is one of those moral delimma things for many people. Personally I don’t think I could have gone so far as to have shot them both in the head as a coup de grace, after they were already riddled with bullets, which is what he did. But if I had, I would never have gone to the cops afterward, since you can bet the thieves didn’t advertise their intentions before setting out to steal. He could have planted them somewhere on his farm and that would have been that.

What really strikes me about this more than any what-ifs or moral choices, is the mind-set of the old farmer. We know that robberies increase during bad economic times, but what about the victims also ignoring the law?  The police were never able to find out who robbed him and he never got a thing back. So when he had the chance to put an end to the thievery, he took it without regard for the law. I can see why he did and what I’m wondering is how many others are taking matters in their own hands too?

It’s not just the economy that’s going downhill. My mailman was telling me just yesterday that people are following the United Parcel trucks and stealing the packages they leave on peoples porches.  Crime is growing. Citizens are arming themselves. The legal line is always a thin one at best and if you can get away with dealing with some thug your way,  why not?

5 Responses to “DECISIONS”

  1. PALADIN says:

    I read about this too a couple days ago.
    He shot the boy in the legs and when he fell down the stairs, he put one between his eyes.
    Then the girl who was on meth (they both were) came down and he shot her once, and right before he put one in her head, he said she was laughing at him.
    To me he did commit murder, when he did the coup de grace.
    But i can see him being really pissed off, who would’nt be ?
    They ransacked his place the first time and took basically everything of value in the house.
    Fucking meth heads get what they deserve, although it’s a damn shame about their age.
    Why would ANY young person do meth ? Life would have to be really bad….or is it a lack of morals and discipilne? me thinks the latter.
    I did’nt have an easy time growing up on the farm , we had to work like damn dogs just to survive. , and we were far from being rich.
    Yet i always knew that drugs were a dead end street.
    It’s bad enough i used to drink like a fish when i was in the Army , but i still had the discipline to not make it a lifestyle.
    Just wait until all the bastards who are now living off you and me cause that worthless S of a B Obastard has nutured them into beliving we owe it to them, stop getting ntheir entitlements because the cupboard goes bare after Jan 1.
    Then the shits gonna really hit the fan, they will feel they are entitled to what we as private citizens have .
    They will show up wanting your food and your belongings..because Obastard said so.
    Better be prepared for that day, and have lots of ammo.
    Good thing you moved to the boonies , at least there you have a chance at survival. (Have a look at the videos i found on youtube about this subject…found em yesterday. )

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Ah. Meth freaks. Well, it’s better that they have short lives and be done with it. I’ll tell you, it’s not that drug that drives them to burglarize people, it’s their character. The gal I bought my latest 20 acres from is a meth head and it really shows, but she works for a living. I’ve known others, second-hand, who were honest, they’d just gotten themselves addicted and couldn’t break it. These kids just proved the Darwin principle and the world is a lot better off without them.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Here’s the most offensive picture showed by The People’s Cube — and the most hateful against Obama’s voters:

  4. Black Sheep says:

    Yep, shit for brains. But all conservatives already knew that. 🙂

  5. As one who has been robbed twice at my home (years apart), I cannot fault the 64 year old guy in Minnesota. Something really does snap when you’re the robbery victim in your own home.

    As to the United Nations, the organization is all about trying to establish a new world order. This has been the push since God knows when. I fail to understand why any human being believes that the establishment of a utopia will do one damn thing to improve mankind. Every utopia has been a consummate failure.