Bullshit Alert:
“Covert CIA drone strikes have killed a series of senior Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders in Pakistan’s tribal region over the past few years. But the attacks are controversial because the secret nature of the program makes it difficult to determine how many civilians are being killed.”

If we shoot a missile at someone whom we secretly planned to shoot, why does that make it harder to count the bodies? Are they saying they can’t tell if it was a drone attack or if a terrorist’s bomb misfired?

This is really about the policy of protecting civilians from being killed during attacks on terrorists.

Where do we get soldiers from? From civilians. Who do we get guns and ammunition, field rations, uniforms and money from? From civilians. Wars can’t be fought without civilians making them happen just as much as soldiers do.

When part of any people declares war against others, and the rest of the people don’t stand against that and stop it, then they are supporting it and have declared their lives forfeit just as the soldiers have. They’re all in it together.

I think this avoidance of civilian deaths policy that Western nations practice now  is the result of some Kumbaya idiocy at the United Nations years ago. Anyone who knows, feel free to post a comment.

The high number of civilian deaths in Lebanon when Israel hit back at Hezbollah, besides the massive destruction, is what’s really kept the peace ever since. You can’t keep on just taking out a leader, then the new leader, then another leader, and expect the attacks and violence to end. You have to smash the people flat, kill lots of them indiscriminately, and make it take years of hardship and misery before they can get back on their feet again.

Do that, and those nations won’t fight again for generations, if ever. But if all you do is keep picking fleas off the dog, that dog will never stop scratching.


  1. PALADIN says:

    I agree 110 % !
    We did it in WW2, we flattened Dresden with fire bombs, and we did it again to Tokyo in 44.
    Not to mention Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    What makes these Muslime shitbags so special ?
    We could have flattened Mecca right after 911, but we had a worthless scumshit running the show then too.
    If we would have flattened Mecca, it would have been a lesson the Haji shit would never have recovered from.

    Yep , when you hurt your enemy and his people, thats how ya win.
    It even happened here during the Civil war, Shermans march across the south was what broke the back of the Confederacy.

    Thats what any Muslime country should like when we are done there….. Shermans March !