Saccharine, for those unfamiliar with this now obsolete sweetener, is a byproduct of petroleum distillation and was used in the 1940’s into the 70’s as a sugar replacement. Only a tiny amount has the same sweetness as a heaping teaspoon of sugar, and full strength it has a cloying, almost a bitter taste. So the expression came about “saccharine sweet” to describe something that was emotionally overly sweet.

That’s a good description of the hunt now on by the Feds for a couple of people who were seen riding on a whale. It turns out that the whale was sick, and later died, and the Feds want to prosecute, fine and imprison the whale riders for … what? Annoying a whale? I mean, what the hell? Yeah, pretty much. “harassing a marine mammal, which carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a fine of up to $100,000. ”

Excuse me. The Japs go out and kill hundreds of whales every year and sell the meat in sushi restaurants and claim that they’re doing whale research. Really? On which ones taste better, maybe? Marine World captures killer whales, seals, dolphins and rides them, pets them, teaches them tricks, but taking them out of their natural habitat and doing all that crap to and with them isn’t harassing them?

These goo-goo eyed animal lovers with no sense of reason who get into positions of authority in our Federal government need to be promoted to Washroom Monitor and other positions that make better use of their unique talents. The worst that should happen to our whale riders is to explain to them that, Gee, the poor whale was sick and it would have been nice if you’d left it alone but hey, fellas, you took a big chance, that whale could have killed you. So please don’t do it again.

Come on. If they were out there throwing rocks at the whales or feeding them fish with lit firecrackers in them or something really harmful like that, then yeah, slap their hands. But climbing onto the back of a whale took some guts. That was pretty awesome. People ride Namu the Killer Orca but you wouldn’t get me up there. 

Once again we have a case of Federal agents making a big mess out of damn near nothing. You all remember David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas? They were buying a lot of guns and the Feds got all nervous, so they came at the Davidians with a horde of armed agents, shot inflammables into their house and killed a whole shitload of children along with all the adults. They did this to save the women and kids. And then we have Ruby Ridge, another similar horrible mess courtesy of Janet Reno, Atty. General, who presided over both disasters.

We keep getting homosexual bull dykes in charge of Federal forces who don’t have any grasp of human nature or any sense of reason. They have power and they want to use it at every opportunity, no matter how stupid. That’s all we need, a bunch of female Barney Franks holding the reins of power. Lord, spare us.

4 Responses to “TOO MUCH SACCHARINE”

  1. PALADIN says:

    Damn whats this country coming to ?

    The worst clipped hair mean spirited ruglicker in DC is that fat worthless dyke Janet Reno.
    She missed her calling in life…she would have better suited to be a prison guard in Butthole Misissippi.
    The woman errrr…. i mean “thing” is a radical lesbian Liberal man hater and she’s dangerous.
    in fact she’s an Enemy of the American people plain and simple.

  2. These idjits who are hunting down two whale riders should be “promoted” to Permanent Latrine Orderly (See the film No Time for Sergeants for the origin of that term).

    I’ll be linking to this in my weekly “Nincompooery” post on January 5.

  3. Um, “Nincompoopery.” I can’t type very well until I’ve drunk a gallon of coffee. 😉

  4. Mr. AOW says:

    Casing down whale riders is a government priority? That is f*cked up!