In Iceland, parents have to choose their newborn child’s name from a list. There’s 1,712 male names and 1,853 female names that are allowed according to law. None others unless you apply to the government and they grant approval. The idea is to protect children from names like Condoleezza  and Dweezil.

Of course, we’re more tolerant with our freedom of speech, and a law like that would never pass here. Kids will continue to be saddled with stupid and embarassing names that will arouse intolerance in others because of the tolerance of our society.  We do have to make some small sacrifices for our freedoms, though, because freedom is never free.

The Daughters of the American Revolution, the DAR, which has been around since the revolution and which has always been a Christian organization, has now removed all references to Jesus and Christianity from it’s Ritual and Missal books in order to be politically correct.  So the question arises, is this tolerance for other religions or intolerance for the Christian religion?

Political Correctness comes down to intolerance for those with less tolerance, but there’s a limit of tolerance when it comes right down to it, and there should be.  That’s what societies are all about. All societies come into being because of shared views and values, and those who decide against some of those values should go form their own society or shut up and live with the majority view instead of trying to force the society to abandon the values that work for it.

Because we are all different with different values, we are expected, and we’re supposed to, tolerate each other’s views, even when those views are outside the purview of the law.  We can express the view that all people of some certain type should be exterminated, as long as we don’t try to actually carry that out.

But with political correctness, expressing some views aren’t at all tolerated by the P.C. crowd while other’s are promoted. This is why there’s outrage now among many members of the DAR, who see a cultural war being waged on them personally by the politically correct Left. America has gone from being a tolerant society to a very intolerant one, and that’s entirely due to the Politically Correct movement, which attacks anything to do with Christianity and promotes anything that assaults our social values.

Any current American Freedom that is at odds with Political Correctness is under attack. Under the guise of Tolerance, it’s dividing our people like never before.

I look at the little country of Iceland and I see a people with strong government control, but that also practices reason. Then I look at our nation and I see a people with a weak, corrupt and unreasonable government, and it makes me want to move to Iceland.


  1. x says:

    It’s the one sided nature of this PC stuff that gets up my nose.

    Surely multiculturalism should mean everyone can have their own culture? Doesn’t apply to whites obviously, taxpayers in the UK shell out for an Asian Channel but there’s a big fuss if one minor TV program does not have enough ethnic minorities in it.

    We are supposed to give equal opportunities to all but to see any ethnic business with a white person working in it is almost unheard of. I can only rceall seeing one in many decades. Nobody mentions that obviously.