Fabled Timbuktu is in Mali (your geography lesson for today) and the Muslims trying to take over Mali have burned the library there because it contained ancient Sufi writings. The Sufi’s are also Muslims, just a different sort,  but they’re not Sunni’s and therefore all must die and every vestige of their existence wiped away.

I wonder how many ancient Korans were wiped away, too? It seems that the library contained all sorts of stuff, including writings going back to the 12th Century of the history of Timbuktu, which was an Islamic center of learning. The morons are fighting against their own history and wiping out not just Sufi history but their own.

Islam is based primarily on the Old Testament of the Bible, with all its jealousy, violence and gore, and with lots more added, of torture and sexual perversion. Where it deviates from Christianity is that Christianity has a NEW Testament, about forgiveness and love. None of that love and forgiveness stuff for Muslims, for them it’s all Old World kill kill kill, and I’m real happy to see them burning their own history and religious writings.

Burn it all, kill all of your history and take yourselves with it. Islam is a spreading, self-destructive cancer and the larger and more threatening it gets, the more fire is going to rain down, and much of that fire will be set by the Muslims themselves. Cancer is mindless.

3 Responses to “BURN IT ALL”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Evil eating itself. Snake bitting skake. Cancer devouring cancer.

    Nothing can be more fair.

  2. PALADIN says:

    I agree ….the French Air Force should use Napalm on the bastards.
    The Muslime mindset is such that they try to re-write history when it does’nt suit them.
    That these writings were lost is really no loss, considering the authors.

  3. I don’t hear many of the multiculturalists squawking like crazy. The same multiculturalists who are ever pushing the glories of other cultures — both ancient and modern.

    I do wonder why Morsi and his cohorts have allowed the pyramids and the Sphinx to stand.