This woman is described as a “model” with hips 8 feet around. I think she models 8-man tents. The fatty measuring her must model the 2-man tents.

Texas is soon to stick a needle in a murderess on death row, who has the distinction of being only the fourth woman to be executed in Texas since the death penalty was re-instated nationally in 1976. She liked to stab really old people to death. Bye bye.

Next year our gummint will be testing lasers as weapons, aboard fighter jets. Some of our Navy ships are already being fitted out with them. Next there will be laser satellites, I have no doubt of it.

In an obscure bit of generally unreported news, Obama just announced he’s sending another $155 Million in “humanitarian aid” to Syria, making a total now of $365 million. The people who get this aid are the rebels, who happen to be the Muslim Brotherhood. Hello. Anybody paying attention? The whole map of the Middle East is turning one color, Muslim Brotherhood. Israel looks like a little white spot in the middle of it.

And a good day to you all.

3 Responses to “TUESDAY TOSS-UP”

  1. PALADIN says:

    LOLSSSSSSS ! He’s probably saying to her…ooooo baby…yooz so sexxxxxy babeez !

    Now i know where the saying “sheboon” came from…lolsssss !

  2. x says:

    Getting your own back eh? You nicked the news about that utterly gorgeous lady from me. A woman’s bum can never be too big, it’s just a complete impossibilty.

  3. Black Sheep says:

    I did no such thing. I saw that bit on the news several days ago, came across it again and decided to blog it. So there. Neener.