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Just for clarity, when you move into a different country, you’re immigrating, and when you move out of one, you’re emigrating. 

Thanks to California’s increasingly high taxes, millions of the wealthiest residents have emigrated to other states and even other nations where the taxes are low to non-existent.

Manny Pacquiao, boxing superstar, has announced he’ll no longer fight in the U.S., Tina Turner is renouncing her U.S. citizenship and moving to Switzerland, and the list is rapidly growing. Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder of Facebook, renounced his U.S. citizenship and moved to Singapore, because of Obama’s tax increases.

In England, in one year after a “millionaire’s tax” was imposed, 2/3rds of Englands millionaires left. In France, former president Nickolas Sarkozy is leaving because of the high taxes. Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, the UK and France are all heading into another deep recession, and the identical cause for all of them is high taxes. All  the wealthiest have fled those countries and taken the tax base with them, and now Obama is doing exactly the same thing to the United States.

Renouncing United States citizenship used to be unthinkable. Citizenship in the US has always been precious and coveted. Not so much anymore. With Obama and the Socialist Left’s attacks on the wealth of the richest Americans, the trickle of their departures is going to become a flood, just as it has in Europe. The result will be all of us who stay behind getting poorer and poorer as our Big Government spends more and more.

Greece, Spain, Portugal and etc. have been kept from collapse by free money from other EU members, but they’ve reached their charity limit. Permanent poverty may be the best of possible futures for them, if they don’t collapse entirely.

With the wealth of the world moving to other nations, the balance of economic power is going to move with them. While we keep leaving our doors open to the poorest people from Central and South America, people who take more than they contribute, those who are being called on to support and feed the swarming masses of poor are fleeing before the flood.

Socialism is a program of oppression. Keep the people down, keep them poor, keep them ill-fed, and they won’t be able to fight against their oppressors. Communism is merely a type of Socialism and the world has seen what happens to freedom when a government becomes Socialist. Freedom disappears and suffering and poverty begin.

No wonder the Socialists embrace the Islamists.

3 Responses to “LEGAL EMIGRATION”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    GOSH !!!

    Even you, Tina?

    Et tou, Nikolas?

    Até você, Eduardo?

    Socialism is an International Evil.

  2. I’ve thought about emigrating. But with Mr. AOW’s physical condition as it is now, I don’t think that our emigration is possible.

  3. PALADIN says:

    Well i know we’ll be emigrating soon…to a red state , and if the economy don’t improve back to Canada.
    Living in liberal infested / radical negro Maryland is a real pain in the ass, as everytime ya turn around the Government has their hands in your pocket.
    Yep out west are more red states , and not as many liberals and i don’t blame those California cats one bit for leaving.
    They got tired of paying the “Mexican bill ”
    Every Conservative should move to a red state , let the Liberal moronskis have their utopia .

    They’ll find out very soon that it will be a lean existence.